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We love to share Ayurvedic and Natural remedies to minimize the expense of money in the treatments with the help of natural things.

The Author, Ruchi Sharma, is a Dietitian Nutritionist and having decades of experience in Nutrition and Ayurveda Industry.

She has been researching on Ayurveda and naturopathy since years. She thought, people are searching for the same on various sites so concluded all information in common window to share the effective solutions and treatments in ayurvedic way. You will find all remedies in Ayurveda & Naturopathy for any disease or illness and for beauty too.. Dedicated to giving you the best of knowledge in Ayurveda & Naturopathy. I have gone through various factors and analyzed what works best in which problem and aim is to minimize the expense and provide effective and permanent treatment. This platform is purely created to help people who are really struggling with the health issues like Weight loss, Hair fall, Constipation, Immunity booster, Diabetes, mental health and other products reviews which are organic products, and 100% Natural and made of Ayurvedic herbs. I do all research at several platforms available about minor points related on the topic, we are going to publish. We do refer ayurvedic books, medical journals, knowledge at Wikipedia, then we combine all the research to deliver right and authentic information through our blog post.


Ruchi Sharma

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