Activated Protein C Resistance Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment | Everything in Detail Explained About Activated Protein C Resistance

Activated protein C resistance (APCR) is the increased or over activity of blood to make a clot. This happens by lack of response by activated protein which actually helps blood to stop over caugulant.

This communication gap ultimately leads to blood clot in veins called venous thrombosis. This can happen in any part of the body but it actually happens in legs usually. If it takes place in pulmonary vein then this clot may lead to death as well.

So it’s very important to know the symptoms to how to judge that is it has started in anybody’s body or not. We can not judge from the outside of body that what’s going on innerside, unless we know the exact symptoms and findings. 

The problem will not solve by just knowing the symptoms of Activated Protein C Resistance, but we have to understand and find the triggers also. So we will discuss in depth here about Activated Protein C Resistance symptoms, causes, treatments and more over the precautions. The explanation will cover all the possible aspects in very simple language so that you don’t need to go anywhere to find any thing about Activated Protein C Resistance. Let’s discuss one by one.

Activated Protein C Resistance Symptoms

  • Purple patches will start appearing in the body. The number of patches will increase by days.
  • Cramps or pain in the leg or arm
  • Tenderness
  • Swelling
  • Painful area will get warm and sooner discoloration will take place and purple colour starts appearing on the affected area.

If these symptoms start appearing you should consult to your doctor about it without further delay to take medications.

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Now we have understand about Activated Protein C Resistance symptoms and how severe it is. Before moving to further discussion about Activated Protein C Resistance, first of all we should understand what is Activated Protein C Resistance actually, how it became in the picture and what’s the role of it in our body?

Activated Protein C resistance chart

what does Activated Protein C Resistance mean?

Activated protein C resistance is a disorder of poor response to anticoagulant of the blood to activated protein C, resulting in the high risk of Venus thrombosis. Venus thrombosis is a condition in which blood starts creating clot inside the veins. It’s not very much harmful if it takes place in legs or hands but if this thrombosis takes place in pulmonary vein then it may lead to life risk as well. To understand this phenomena very well now we should understand what is activated protein C actually, let’s discuss:

What is activated protein c

Activated protein C is a kind of a protein produced and secreted by liver to the main bloodstream. It is found in very low concentration and it needs vitamin K to activate itself otherwise it remains inactive. The main role of Protein C is to prevent blood to clot.

You can understand it by a simple example that when you get injured and starts bleeding, after few seconds or a minute or two- clotting starts taking place. This happens because vitamin K prevents activated protein C to stop it’s blood thinning function and to clot made.

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But this function can be reverse If body starts showing activated protein c resistance. At this point the main function of this protein C is to prevent blood to clot gets reversed and clots start making in the veins. This could lead problems or sometimes very serious problems or emergency calls if untreated timely.

Hyper presence of protein C in the blood doesn’t create any health issue. But it may increase delayed clotting while bleeding and may lead to increase blood loss.

Activated Protein C Resistance causes

There can be various causes of activated protein she resistance or protein C deficiency in your body. Let’s see what are these:

  • Vitamin K deficiency- Vitamin K plays an important role to activate protein C to keep blood flowing and thinner. If vitamin K is not available in your body or blood in desired quantity then it may lead this problem.
  • Hepatic failure- Hepatic or liver failure can be the cause of this problem as protein C is produced in liver itself and if its not functioning properly then the production of protein C gets affected.
  • Hereditary- If the parents are positive to activated protein C resistance or having protein C defficiency then the chances are very high. Approx 50% chances are there that if parents are positive then children will also be Inheritant of this issue.
  • Severe infections or illness- Sometimes if you are prolonged ill and taking medications sometimes your body get Rises to eat or you may get any sort of severe infection that may lead to Protein C resistance or deficiency. 

How activated protein C resistance get diagnosed

Well it can be easily diagnosed by a simple blood test you can go any of the laboratory recommended by your doctor ask for activated protein C resistance test your blood sample will be taken and after a short period of time you will receive your report. And you will get to know if you are activated protein C resistance positive or negative.

how is Activated Protein C Resistance treated?

The major problem of activated protein C resistance in the body is- blood starts getting or creating clot, blood thinner medications can help in this, if taken under the guidance and prescription of medical practitioner only. As these medications things your blood and it doesn’t allow to get bigger your clot.


  • Exercise regularly 
  • Drink plenty of water 
  • Have juicy and seasonal fruits 
  • Don’t stand or sit in the same position for prolonged period of time- just change your position.
  • Always consume proper medication as advised by your medical practitioner.
  • Don’t ever try to have any of medicine without prescription.
  • Try to be as active as you can as it will help to remain your metabolism high and will reduce the risk factor of getting blood clot.

Frequently Asked Questions About Activated Protein C Resistance

What is the common cause of activated protein C resistance?

According to the science direct journal the major factor of activated protein C resistance in the body is the mutation of factor 5 gene, FV Arg506Gln or FV Leiden and it has been identified as the most common risk factor of Venus thrombosis.

How is protein C deficiency inherited?

Inheritance of any disease or symptom is done by gene structure. If any of the behaviours or risk factor symptom reach to the gene and make a carbon copy of that particular thing and stored in it. Then it will be inherited and if the person inherited 2 altered copies of it then it may lead to severe activated protein C deficiency

What is the normal protein C level?

The normal range of protein C levels in the body of a normal healthy person is 70- 150 %. Below to the lower normal range shows protein C deficiency in an individual. 

What if protein C activity is high?

Highly active protein C does not create any health issue usually. The concern point is bleeding for a long time than usual in case of injury.

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