Ashley Piercing- Jewelry, Scar, Pros And Cons – Detailed Explanation

Ashley Piercing is a single piercing done on the middle of the lower lip, starting from outsite and exiting to the inner part of the lip, inside the mouth.

Now we have understood, what Ashley Piercing is? Now so many questions are born, right!… like ashley piercing procedure, pain, jewellery, healing time, scar etc. Let’s discuss all one by one about Ashley Piercing. You will definitely get the answer of each and every question on this topic. But with condition… you will have to read till last. Ok. Let’s start.


What Is An Ashley Piercing?

An inverse verticle labret is placed at the middle of the lower lip by an expert, this procedure is called Ashley Piercing. 

Though you can opt any one either single ashley piercing or double ashley piercing. In single Ashley Piercing your lip is pierced from the centre of the bottom lip, whereas in double Ashley piercing your lip is pierced from the both sides of the lower lip at the same distance from the centre. This is called Ashley Piercing double.

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Ashley Piercing Procedure 

Finally when you decide to go to an ashley piercing just go to your near and professional piercer. Usually preappointment is not required. 

There you will be assisted by a consultant and you will be briefly guided about the procedure of ashley piercing and to select the labret jewelry for you. Then you will have to fill up a form. 

Now finally you will meet to your professional piercer. Your piercer now select the location at the center of your lip and will push the labret needle through the center of your lip and will make a capillary from center of your lip outside to inner part of your lio inside the mouth. Now the piercer will let your labret jewelry on.

Congratulations!!!   You, finally, got your Ashley Piercing Done.

Read ashley piercing precautions and complications here for your healthy and attractive looks.

Ashley Piercing Age

There is an age restriction. If you are under 16 you can’t get your ashley piercing done as your skin is very soft and sensitive, just feel that you are looking very beautiful as you are at present and wait to cross the age limit. To proof your age you have to carry your id along. 

Ashley Piercing Price

Ashley Piercing price may vary between $30 – $80, depending on the location of your piercer centre and the labret jewelry you choose for you, which you will on after getting your ashley piercing done.

What Jewelry Is Used For An Ashley Piercing?

For ashley piercing the “labret stud” is used, which is the same jewelry as we use to pierce your nose or your ear.

This is a threaded jewelry which is flat at the bottom(so that it make less or no discomfort in the innerside of the mouth) and ball shaped from the front(which is appeared on your lips as a jewelry). These stud balls may be metallic or any colourful stone inlaid to it.

These labret studs can be made up of stainless steel, gold, silver or platinum. You can also choose between either the stud or a small ring as per choice of look. You can easily buy them from any reputed online ecommerce website.

Ashley Piercing Size

Ashley piercing labret jewelry size is measured in gouge. Which may be vary from 10g to 20g. The lower the number… thicker the needle size as numbers increases needle thickness will decrease. So 12g labret size is thicker than 14g labret. 16g labret jewelry is more thick than 20g labret.

Ashley Piercing size may vary in between 1.6mm to 3.5mm. As ashley piercing swells most than the other piercings, so you need to change your jewelry accordingly considering your comfort level.

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Ashley Piercing Pain

Though ashley piercing is done on a very sensitive area of the body but most of yhe people says it creates mid level pain which ruins quickly. It also depends on the person’s pain tolerance capacity. 

Always go to a professional and expert piercer. As your piercer will guide you to do some breathing exercises and will finish this piercing procedure as quickly as you can’t even think, so that you feel less pain.

However discomfort will remain for as longer time as it heals up and untill it convert in to your habit.

How Bad Does Ashley Piercing Hurt? 

See! Lip is one of the most sensitive part of the body. These are so soft, supple and most active part of our body. 

There are somany nerves which ends at the lip, and there are so many blood vessels also. All  these make your lips very sensitive organ.

If i have to give the rating to pain of ashley piercing somewhere between 0-10…. then i will definitely give it 5-6 rating as far as intensity of pain is concerned. 

So if you are having less tolerance capacity then deffinatly you should not go for it, o’wise you can take a chance. However most of the patients report a midlevel tolerable pain they experience which goes away quickly.

Ashley Piercing Swelling 

Post ashley piercing you will definitely face discomfort and swelling. Considering the swelling your piercer will already on the bigger size of jewelry because as professional your piercer knows well about what consequences will happen next.

However your labret jewelry is longer in size but you have to monitor the level of swelling. If your labret jewelry feels you tight or it push back your lips, then immediately rush to your piercer, to ask to change your labret with the longer one.

It will take around 2-3 months to ruin your lip swelling. Once your swelling settles down again change your labret and opt any smaller size and ofcourse of your choice,  so that it less rub your teeth or gum whenever you talk or you eat.

Ashley Piercing Healing Time

Usually, Ashley Piercing takes approx. 3-4 months to heal completely, but it depends upon the person’s healing power of the body and aftercare routine.

Newly pierced lips heal up sooner from the outer side and takes comparatively longer time to heal from the inner area. Always consult your piercer to confirm that it healed up completely. 

Does Ashley Piercing Leave A Hole?

Definitely ashley piercing leave a hole behind as your lips are punctured by a needle to make a passage to wear a jewelry on your lips. A labret stud is pressed though the needle of it for making a hole. That’s why ashley piercing leaves ahole behind.


Ashley Piercing Scar

Ashley piercing leaves a scar behind and it’s notability is depend on for how long pierced jewelry was inserted. If freshly pierced and you have removed the jewelry. Then it will rarely be noticeable.

On the other hand if ashley piercing area healed completely then it will definitely leave a hole. Here you need a dermatologist to remove it. Read here the complete process in depth of Ashley Piercing Scar.

Ashley Piercing Aftercare

The location of Ashley piercing is the most used area in your body and you have to be very attentive for aftercare of Ashley lip piercing. You can follow the following guideline to aftercare your piercing:

  • You have to be very strict on your tooth brushing habit. Since it creates the hole from outside to inner side of your mouth, so it is very important to clean your mouth immediately just after the meal to avoid any sort of infection.
  • Since the location of Ashley Piercing is mid on your lower lip. So if you are having the habit to chew your lips or to suck your lips, while working or doing anything or just nothing, then you have to take extra care for this and you have to leave this habit to avoid any complications to occure.
  • Close monitor your labret jewelry and swelling. If swelling increases your labret will get tight. Then you have to get it change by the long one with the help of your piercer.
  • Avoid touching your labret frequently to avoid causing any trauma to surrounding area. 
  • You have to to avoid applying lipstick for at least three to four months and till your pierced area get Heal up. But remember that outer area heals up faster than the inner area inside your mouth healing process takes longer time so if you feel it Heal up completely then you go to your piercer to confirm whether uh it is completely healed up or not.
  • If it is head up then you can apply any bold lip colour, as your Labret makes better appearance with bold tones and avoids applying any non branded products on your pierced area.
  • When you are newly pierced you should eat soft, semi liquid food or easy to eat food to prevent accidental biting to your labret jewelry because it will take time to habitual with it.
  • Avoid having spicy food as it will more hurt on your swelled or pierced area.
  • Avoid taking alcohol or smoking and even don’t use alcohol based mouthwash as well.

Ashley Piercing Pros And Cons


  1. Ashley Piercing is very trendy at present and it’s on a boom. So you can make yourself trendy by doing this.
  2. You can increase your fan following on insta or on any other social media by getting it done.
  3. It will make your lips extraordinary, so will grab the attention easily.
  4. It will make you feel more confident all time about your appearance. 


  1. As ashley piercing is done on very sensitive part so it’s more painful than any other piercings. 
  2. It swells most as it is on a highly active and sensitive body part.
  3. Dark scar may appear surrounding the hole which you have to escape by applying any dark lip colour.
  4. It can infect your teeth enamel, so you have to be very cautious every time to avoid it’s contact with your teeth.
  5. The labret can effect your gums also, so be cautious.
  6. You have to choose the best and experienced piercer to get it done as it will remain you for the lifetime and an expert can do it with minimal pain and minimal complications. 

Ashley Piercing Side Effects 

It takes longer time to heal up. You will have to wear jewelry every time o’wise a hole will appear. If it is not done correctly by the piercer, your any nerve or blood capillary may damage and resulting in severe bleeding. 

You will have to take extra care of your teeth enamel as it will be scratched out by the rubbing of your ashley piercing labret. Your teeth may also become weak as your gums may also get affected by it.

Ashley Piercing Precautions 

  • Always use sterilized jewellery and do not forget to sterilize the area before getting pierced to avoid any infection.
  • Trust on a professional and expert piercer only to avoid any complications.
  • Use lukewarm salted water to clean your pierced area on your lip with the help of a cotton ball, wool ball or clean and soft cotton cloth.
  • Use alcohol free mouthwash.
  • Carry toothbrush and toothpaste along with you to your workplace or you are going out for lunch or dinner, so that you can clean up immediately as  bacterias grow faster in mouth rather than other parts of body.
  • Sometimes it may irritate you to take care of it all the time, Especially if you are a mother of a toddler. Because small kids have the habit to snatch your earrings, nose pin, neckless and also your hair. So you have to be very careful for your labret while babysitting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the Ashley piercing ruin your teeth?

Ans. Yes, ashley piercing can affect your teeth and gums both, so you have to take extra care to both these. If your labret bar is too long, it can be catch by your teeth in this case your teeth enamel will damage, thus tour teeth. So always use a smaller labrat bar so that it cannot be catch by teeth. Regularly clean your Ashley jewellery by mouthwash to prevent any infection to be occur, in this way you can protect your teeth and gums both.

Q2. How do I know if my Ashley piercing is rejecting?

Ans. Your body tends to reject any foreign substance. It’s just like artificial jewellery does not suit to many of the people. They can wear only gold and in the same time other people can put on artificial jewellery with out any problem.
Some signs will start appearing if ashley piercing is getting rejected, like:

Redness and irritation can be increase during first few days. 
Piercing jewelry can be more outside or it can be more inside to the hole. 
The jewelry can be looking as just hanging and movinv freely to any direction. 
The pierce hole may start appearing bigger in size.

Q3.  How do you apply lipstick with Ashley piercing?

Ans.  First of all keep in your mind that you do not have to apply any lipstick or other foreign substances to your lips until your pierced area Heal up completely.

To apply your lipstick you can use your tongue to just push your labret a bit out and you can easily apply lipstick over it and after getting done, you just release your tongue. Now your pierce jewelry  will set on your lipstick to enhance it’s attraction.

Q4.  Is ashley piercing safe?

Ans. Yes, ashley piercing can be safe if you avoid using nickel in your jewellery. Choose the jewellery made up of gold of at least 14 Karat or above, so that it can be soft a bit to your lips and to your teeth too. And ofcourse to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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