Does The Ashley Piercing Leave A Scar- Tips To Remove & Enhance Beauty

When you remove your unhealed or healed lip piercing jewelry leaves Ashley Piercing Scar behind. Some tips can be followed to hide or to remove Ashley piercing scar.

There are some tips which depend on certain conditions on which they can be applied accordingly. 

Lips showing ashley Piercing Scar

If you have removed your ashley piercing labret, it will leave an ashley piercing scar behind. How noticeable is ashley piercing scar, will totally depend on the time when you have removed your lip jewelry. And healing process will be followed accordingly. 

Following are some conditions- check which one is best suitable for you as your condition and follow tips accordingly. But before taking any severe decision, consulting your piercer is recommended. 

Ashley Piercing Scar Conditions

First of all we have see- How Noticeable And Deep Is Your Ashley Piercing Scar. Because hiding process will totally depend on it. Following are some scenarios which should be considered before starting ashley piercing scar healing process.

1.  If you have removed your ashley piercing jewelry before it healed up completely, then the hole will start filling up quickly and be blocked with in few days like in 2-3 days. Now if you will try to insert jewelry, you will have to give extra trauma to insert.

If few more days will pass without inserting jewelry then your hole will be block completely and you cannot insert labret in it. In this situation hole fills up completely remaining a minor scar on your lip which is very light and can be hiden by applying any lipstick or other Cosmetics on lip.

2.  This another situation is completely different from the above. When you remove your Ashley piercing jewellery after it healed up completely, then your hole starts thinning up but will not be blocked completely. 

A hole will appear on your lip which is more prominent and noticeable than the above. Here you need an expert advice to hide it or to remove it completely, as it cannot be hidden by any lipstick or other cosmetics.

How To Remove/Hide Ashley Piercing Scar

Ashley piercing scar is not the normal one like tanning or Acne scar. 

If your pierce is fresh and unhealed, then the hole will fill up by the time passes. And it can not be noticeable. As collagen, which is present in lips, will acquire the entire hollow space and will fill it up completely. 

In this case you do not need to do any extra effort to hide your scar. Just apply the ointment given by your piercer and carefully follow the cleaning procedure. 

Healed Ashley piercing leaves a hole behind on your lip which cannot be removed or filled by applying any sort of cream, remedy etc. Now what to do?

Here you’ll need to consult any dermatologist, will examine your lip and will guide you too. That it can be removed by stitching only. Then after your agreement your Dermatologist will make a couple of stitches on it to align your lip skin. You can be given local anaesthesia, it depends totally upon you and your consultant doctor.

After getting stitched up your lip piercing you’ll  have to take care of it. It should not be hurt by anything like you should eat soft food which can be eaten without extra effort. If possible take liquid diet for few days. Follow the instructions of your Dermatologist and do not leave following it without consulting again and book a checkup to ensure whether your stiches are healed up.

Boom! Now Your Ashley Piercing Scar Is Removed.

If you are taking out ashley piercing jewelry from your newly pierced lip. Then the chances of leaving scar after healing up is zero. As your skin will automatically fill up all the hollow space and will not leave scar behind.

To avoid any such situation go for Ashley piercing only then when you are prepared yourself mentally to show your jewellery. Otherwise do not go for getting pierced your lip and to face these traumas.

Ashley Piercing Jewelry

What Is An Ashley Piercing?

 “Ashley piercing is done on the centre of your lower lip from outside to inner side. The jewellery you insert goes from outside through your lip to inner side of lip in the mouth”.

Are Ashley Piercing Safe?

Ashley piercing is quite risky in terms of infection and can damage your teeth also bcause of it’s location. Ashley piercing jewellery material may lead to swelling and tenderness to your lips. Of course it can be healed up by following some aftercare. But the point of concern is your teeth. If your Ashley piercing jewellery is long and not tightly fited on your lip it can hurt your teeth enamel by rubbing it. Enamel can be damaged, thus it can lead to your teeth damage too.

To avoid this situation to be happen, find any expert and experienced piercer and select good material for jewellery like stainless steel, Titanium or Gold. Ashley piercing jewelry should not be hanging and floating here and there. So that it can not damage your teeth enamel and couldn’t be catched by your teeth while eating something or even while speaking.

How Does Ashley Piercing Hurt?

If you have to give it rating in scale then Ashley piercing you will get 4/10 rating as far as pain is concerned. As Ashley piercing is done on your lower lip in the centre which is very sensitive area of your body. Of course there are some other sensitive areas too in your body like nipple piercing, belly button piercing and so on which are more painful than the Ashley piercing. 

What Can You Not Eat With A New Lip Piercing 

You should avoid hard food to eat because it will give pressure on your lip muscle and with hurt you more. If you will continue to eat hard food then it will take longer time to jeal up and other complications will likely to occur as swlling, tenderness.

So best is to eat semi solid food untill your piercing heal up completely. In initial 2 days liquid diet or semi liquid diet would be the best option to have.

Do Ashley Piercing Affect Your Teeth

Ashley piercing is done on the center of lower lip. The chances of getting contact of your ashley jewelry to your teeth are high because of it’s location. The inner part of your jewelry touches your teeth off and on. Thus it worn the teeth enamel. This enamel is the outer most layer of the teeth which protects it to get infection of any bacteria.

Once your teeth enamel worn it starts getting direct contact with bacteria or any other infectious agent. Chances are high to get infection followed by decay of your teeth. It you start hurting by hot or cold in your teeth, you should understand that your teeth enamel is worn. Consult your practitioner to protect your teeth.

Do Lip Piercings Get Infected Easily

Yes, chances are high of getting infections in your lip piercing because when we eat something then chances of bacterial growth are high if we neglect cleaning up. Follow the practice to clean your mouth and your lip piercing area after every meal to avoid getting infections. 

Do Ashley Piercings Heal

Ashley piercing takes approx 2-3 months to heal up. It depends upon your aftercare too. If you don’t play with your piercing jewelry and follow the instructions of your piercer and keep it clean then it will heal up soon. 

Keep in mind that your piercer will insert slightly big stud initially, considering swelling. Once your swelling settles down- go to your piercer to change it with smaller one. As if you continue to wear long piercing jewelry, it will hurt your teeth and will damage it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Hide My Ashley Piercing?

If you want to hide your Ashley piercing you can use retainer which is a type of jewellery. Similar to stud but smaller than it. Retainer can hide the hole of your piercing on your lip. Another option is you can use a small piece of bandage which can just hide the hole. Then apply lipstick to hide it. But this trick will work for few hours only.

How Long Does It Take For Are Healed Lip Piercing To Closed?

If you are not inserting jewellery in your pierced lip then it can be Heal up with in a month or two completely. As your lips are filled up with collagen which is continuously generating in your body. Thus this collagen will start taking place in the hollow area of lip, it will start filling up. As soon as collagen fill up the hole of your pierced lip your piercing will be closed completely and naturally. 

How Do You Reopen A Lip Piercing?

If your lip piercing is in fresh healing phase then you can insert your piercing jewelry by warming your lip either by putting it in the the warm water or under a warm shower. As by warming lip tissues will become soft and you can easily insert jewelry after applying any cream or oil on it. But do not push forcefully, it may lead to pain and swelling.
If above trick does not work then consult your piercer. Your piercer may insert jewelry by some special expert tips or you may undergo to repierce if any trick does not work. Your piercer will do it again for you. But do not forget to follow aftercare instructions. 

Can I Take My Lip Piercing Out Overnight?

Yes, you can but only then, when your piercing is healed up completely. If you remove jewelry from freshly pierced or unhealed piercing, it may lead to infection, pain more swelling and it will hurt again to re-insert it. So better is to, do not remove if freshly pierced or unhealed piercing. If it is healed up completely then you can remove your piercing jewellery for overnight.

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