Best Method To Study And memorize

However, best method to study and memorize is a challenge, but here we will describe the best method to study and memorize to make this challenge so easy.
There are many various Method To Study For A Child at home with the aim on to teach a toddler how to read. It’s not easy for a child to read so instantly. Some methods of study could actually cause reading difficulty in a child and get him irritated.
Best way to study and memorize
Best Method To Study And memorize


Learning to read may be a critical step towards future academic success and afterward success in life. Study is very important, If you cannot read, you cannot succeed.

The Best Method To Study And memorize

There are various ways that can help you in the learning of your child following are a brief explanation about best method to study and memorize:

1. Active Interaction

Active interaction is the best way method to study and memorize because child involve seriously and actively going this. For doing this you can do some practice, as you ask your child to play a game and act like a teacher, when your child play the role of a teacher he involve fully himself into it and understands better.

2. To teach someone else

Ask your child to teach someone else, he will memorize better whatever he’ll teach.

3. Slate practicing

Give your child slate and chowk and let doing practicing on it. When child start playing with, then he ‘ll definitely love doing so.

4. Hand free drawing

Give your child pencil and paper and let him draw anything like lines, circles. Let him involve himself in to doing this. It will fine his motor skills.

5. Enhance motor skills

Envolve your child to in some physical activity and exercises . This enhances motor skills of your child and sharpens the brain. So that it can catch the things better.
Best Method To Study And memorize
Best Method To Study And memorize


Phoenic Sounds and Phonemic awareness 

There is an amazingly a mixture of two methods – which will teach anyone to read, even children as young as 2 and three years old start reading by following these the best method to study and memorize.


The combination of these two methods has been utilizing in the children learning method to study and memorize successfully, teach thousands of young children to read. So what are these two methods?


Best Method To Study And memorize
Best Method To Study And memorize


Most of us have probably heard of phonics sound, but phonemic awareness may be a new concept and less documented.

It is not something that you hear about. Undoubtedly, phonics sound is very necessary to develop fluent reading skills. Though, there are different types of phonics sounds including 
  1. Embedded, 
  2. Analogy, 
  3. Analytical, and 
  4. Artificial phonics. 
Using phonics sounds is the best method to study and memorize your child than not including any phonics instructions, you’ll achieve much better results by adding synthetic phonics, which is by far the foremost easy and effective method for teaching a child. Multiple studies also have supported it.

In a 7 years of study conducted by the Scottish Department of Education , 400 students were taught using either analytic phonics or synthetic phonics.

The results found that the synthetic phonics group were started reading in 7 months and spelling in 8 to 9 months before than the opposite phonics groups. At the top of the 7 years study, the children were reading 3.5 years before their age .

Amazing course to Teach your child to read Review

If you are facing trouble following the best method to study and and memorize your child described above. Here is a course in the form of a video,, you can simply follow that to implement ion your child to read and study and memorize..
Through this amazing course of study , the creators (Jim & Elena – parents of 4 children and reading teachers) have taught all of their children to read phonetically by 3 years old and have helped thousands of other parents to successfully teach their children to read as well! Some of them are small 2 to 3 year old toddlers, others are young 4-5 years old preschoolers, and others at age 6, 7, 8 or maybe older.


To observe amazing videos of young children reading,
and see the amazing results numerous parents are achieving with their children.


Best Method To Study And memorize
Best Method To Study And memorize


Scientifically Proven best method to Study Method and memorize 


The Children Learning course of study is one of the best scientifically proven study methods and works so well that a lot of children achieved reading skills at the ages far before their age .

Best Method To Study And memorize
Best Method To Study And memorize


Take Jim & Elena’s children as an example: 

Their oldest child, Raine, was reading phonetically at 2 years 11 months age, and by the time she went kindergarten at 5 years old, she was reading quite well as 5 level with a reading age of 11.9 years old child – almost 7 years before to her age . 
Their second child, Ethan, learned to read phonetically at 2 years 9 months, and at the age 3, he was reading at a grade 2 level with a reading age of 7.2 years child – progressing at a quick pace as his older sister. Find that hard to believe? You can watch the videos by clicking on the links posted here.

There are many phonics sound programs out there, but you get rarely one ever mentioning of phonemic awareness (PA), and PA is completely an equally critical component to developing reading skills in children. What makes the children learning course of study so unique and amazingly effective at teaching young children is that it seamlessly combines the teaching of synthetic phonics along with phonemic awareness to enable children to develop superb reading skills.

Best Way To Study And Memorize

Above and beyond simply teaching children to read and best way to study and memorize and decode effectively, this approach of mixing synthetic phonics and PA instructions works to assist children to achieve reading ages far above their chronological ages, as the Scottish study had demonstrated with synthetic phonics. 

The amazing effects of this sort of learning increases dramatically with time and age. Even more noteworthy is that this approach to learning reading immensely enhances a child’s spelling abilities as well! In fact, during a report published by the National Reading Panel (NRP), the NRP had found that learning through synthetic phonics and phonemic awareness instructions greatly enhances a young child’s ability to spell out.

Best Method To Study And memorize
Best Method To Study And memorize
Whether you have a toddler, a pre-schooler, a kindergarten child, or an early grade school child, the Children Learning Reading program will enable you to effectively teach your child to decode and read phonetically. The lessons are taught in a logical and sequential order of learning, and therefore the step-by-step lessons make it super easy for you to show your child and enable your child to become a fast and fluent reader and a learner too.
To learn more about the Children Learning Reading program
Best Method To Study And memorize
Best Method To Study And memorize
So, here I described the best method to study and memorize for a child and reviewed a best study program to help you out.
If you have any question regarding this, just leave a comment below and we’ll try to give you solution as soon as possible.
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