Corona Virus:Treatment of Corona Virus in Ayurveda

There are 15 medicines in Ayurveda and in Unani to treat Corona Virus effectively and its quite cheap and safe also to treat Corona Virus by these ways.

Google announced the move on Thursday, January 30, after the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the corona virus outbreak an international public health emergency.

The process of making important and reliable information more accessible in Google Search is powered by SOS Alerts, a system launched by the company in 2017 to help deal with a human-caused or natural crisis.


WHO announced that Corona Virus is a global health emergency

It means that now, if you go on Google to search for information related to the corona virus, at the top of the page you’ll find the latest tweets from the WHO followed by links to the organization’s offering an overview of the current condition of the virus, advisory information, and Q&A material. Below that you’ll also find a drop-down list of useful safety tips, with a link to additional material from the WHO on how to reduce exposure to, and transmission of, a range of illnesses that includes the corona virus.

With plenty of misinformation doing the rounds on social media and other online channels, Google’s effort to highlight links to reliable information should go some way to helping concerned folks stay on top of the fast-developing situation. Other useful sources that use official statistics linked to the corona virus outbreak include an online tracker from the Center for Systems Science and Engineering at John Hopkins University in Maryland.

How it is transmitted?/ How Dangerous Corona Virus is?


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The dashboard shows a frequently updated count of the number of confirmed and suspected cases of the corona virus globally, as well as the number of deaths and those who have recovered. At the time of writing, it lists 213 deaths from the corona virus, all in mainland China where the outbreak began, and 9,776 confirmed cases, the vast majority of them in China. Six cases have thus far been confirmed within the U.S.

Both the dashboard and Google’s SOS Alerts system are important samples of how online tools can help to stay anyone with an online connection up so far with reliable information when a crisis such as the corona virus occurs.

Google’s decision on whether to deploy its SOS Alerts system for a specific incident depends on a variety of things , including the supply of verified content from governments and other authoritative organizations, and the impact of the crisis on the ground.

In other efforts, Google said it has donated $250,000 to the Chinese Red Cross to help it in its efforts to deal with the virus.


Yes, your pets can get effected by corona virus.

But it’s not the scary one. And they can’t give it you.

Research shows that many animals are susceptible to CORONA VIRUS, a large, hardy and sprawling family of pathogens.


Following type of Corona Viruses are there on their hosts:
  •  Birds get avian corona virus.
  •  Pigs get porcine corona virus. 
  • Cows get bovine corona virus.
  •  Horses get equine corona virus
  • Dogs are sickened by canine corona virus disease. 
  • It’s a fast but miserable disease, causing diarrhea, vomiting and intestinal distress. It spreads through feces, when your pup eats poop.
  • Dogs also can be infected by a respiratory sort of corona virus, which causes coughs, sneezes and mobs of mucus.
  • When cats get corona viruses, it’s usually not a big deal. They may suffer flu-like symptoms or feel perfectly fine. But every so often, in 5 to 10% of infected cats, the virus mutates and causes Feline Infectious Peritonitis — which is progressive and almost always fatal. It’s a heartbreaking disease, usually striking kittens.


Corona viruses from various animals can swap genes, making them more easily interchangeable. Some of the cat corona viruses, for example, have incorporated genes from pig and dog corona viruses. This gene-swapping happens when they infect the same animal simultaneously.


Infection from some animals is possible when we share similar receptors on the surface of our cells, according to Peter Daszak, president of Eco Health Alliance, which studies the origins of viruses. If an virus can bind to a person’s cell receptor, it makes us sick. That’s probably what’s behind the present outbreak; we share similar cell receptors with bats, known carriers of the new virus.

But cats, dogs and humans are just too different.

There are no reported cases of pets getting the new human virus. And there don’t seem to be any cases of people giving the human virus to their pets.

That’s yet another reason to keep Fido and Fluffy as friends.

15 ways to treat corona virus in Ayurveda

In accordance with Ayurvedic practices, there are a couple of Prophylactic measures and Immuno-modulatory drugs which will even be followed:

  1. Strengthen the system through a healthy diet and lifestyle practices
  2. Take 5 gm of Agastya Harityaki, twice each day with warm water
  3. Take 500 mg of Samshamani Vati, twice each day
  4. Take 5 gm of Trikatu (Pippali, Marich & Shunthi) powder and three to five Tulsi leaves boiled in water, as and when required
  5. Pratimarsa Nasya: Daily within the morning, put two drops of Anu taila/Sesame oil in each nostril

*However, these advise should only be followed and adopted after consulting a registered Ayurveda practitioner only.


Unani Medicines which will be consumed which may help within the symptomatic management of corona virus:
  1. 10-20 ml of SharbatUnnab, twice daily
  2. 3-5 gm of TiryaqArba, twice daily
  3.  5 gm of TiryaqNazla, twice daily
  4.  3-5 gm of KhamiraMarwareed, once a day
  5.  Massage scalp and chest with RoghanBaboona or Roghan Mom or Kafoori Balm
  6.  Apply RoghanBanafsha in the nostrils
  7. 4-8 drops of ArqAjeeb in freshwater, fourfold daily
  8. just in case of fever, take 2 pills of Habb-e-IkseerBukhar with lukewarm water, twice daily
  9. 10 ml of SharbatNazla mixed in lukewarm water, twice daily
  10. Chew 2 tablets of Qurs-e-Suaal, twice daily

However, users on Twitter have received the advisory with scepticism and have asked the Ministry to also supplement the claims of treatments using Homoeopathy and Ayurveda with studies and medical reports. Consult your doctor is advised.

NEW DELHI: An advisory by the Union Ministry of Ayush to treat Coronavirus through Ayurveda, homeopathy and Unani on Wednesday evoked strong reactions from public health specialists who called it “misleading and dangerous”.

Apart from advising on practicing good personal hygiene, the advisory advocated various concoctions from Ayurveda and Unani that little or no evidence is out there in fighting such serious infections.


The ministry advised people to require homoeopathic medicine “Arsenicum album 30” for 3 days on empty stomach “as a prophylactic medicine against the infection”.

Experts, however, said that such an advisory might be detrimental just in case of an epidemic in India.

Advisory of medical practitioner’s about CORONA VIRUS


“While the preventive measures mentioned within the advisory aren’t specific to any sort of medicine, such prescriptions from alternate sorts of medicine are problematic as there’s no scientific evidence in the least ,” said Anant Bhan, who specialises in bioethics and health policy.

Public health expert said those advocating these “preventive measures” are possibly hoping that the virus doesn’t spread to India.  

So friends, in this article i described about Corona Virus and 15 ways to treat corona virus in Ayurveda and Unani, and in Homeopathy too. You can be benefited by these for sure.
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