Cracked heels: 50 home remedies to treat cracked heels

Cracked heels not only look ugly but they can be painful too.  In the worst case, the cracks become sore and bleed, and even lead to serious infections.

Reason’s of cracked heels

Do you know that by the age of 70 a normal person would have walked the equivalent of four times around the world? A pair of feet has 2.5 lakh sweat glands that can produce a cup of moisture every day? And that afternoon is the best time to buy footwear, as your feet tend to swell the most during that time of the day?

Generally, cracks in the heels are caused by insufficient moisture, which is due to various reasons including:  cold winter weather, dehydration, lack of moisturization, soaking your feet in hot water for too long, scrubbing feet dry, overexposure to pollution. Some medical conditions such as eczema, diabetes, thyroid, and psoriasis may also lead to dry and cracked feet.

 Cracked heels home remedies

Here are some home remedies that will help soothe your cracked heels and relieve your pain. These include ingredients that you can easily available in your home.

  1. Foot Mask

    Take a tub of warm water and add lemon juice, raw salt, glycerine and rose water in it. Soak your feet for 15-20 mins. With the help of a pumice stone or a foot scrubber, scrub your heels gently. After washing and drying your feet, apply a good moisturizer.

  2. Glycerine, rosewater, and lemon juice

     You can also make foot mask by mixing glycerine, rosewater, and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on your cracked heels and leave it on overnight. In the morning, wash off with lukewarm water. You can see the result instantly. Repeat this procedure until your heels become soft.

  3. Apply vegetable oil

     After washing your feet, apply a layer of vegetable oil on the cracked heels. Leave it on overnight and wash your feet in the morning. Wear a pair of thick socks to avoid stain on the bedsheet. Do this before going to bed until you get the required result.

  4. Banana Foot Mask

    You may be surprised to know this, but banana works as a moisturizer. It can make your skin softer and smoother. Apply banana pulp on the cracked heels, keep it for 15-20 mins and wash off your feet with lukewarm water.

  5. Honey treatment

    Take half bucket of warm water and add one cup of honey in it. Soak your feet for 15-20 mins. Gently scrub to remove the dry skin. Honey is a natural antiseptic that helps heal cracked parts and softens the skin.

  6. Coconut oil

    Simply apply coconut oil on your cracked heels before going to bed. Apart from moisturizing the dry skin, coconut oil helps remove dead skin cells. It can penetrate deeper into the skin and nourish them.

  7. Baking soda remedy

    Add baking soda half bucket warm water. Let the baking soda dissolve in the water. When it is done, dip your feet and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Always scrub gently with the pumice stone after soaking in warm water. This helps remove the dead cells. Baking soda acts as exfoliant and removes dead cells. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help soothe the skin.

  8. The magic of aloe vera gel

    Apply aloe vera gel on your clean feet every night before going to bed. To achieve best result, soak your feet in warm water and pat dry before applying the gel. Aloe vera gel will help heal the ridges and cracks, and increase collagen synthesis. The plant contains amino acids that helps in softening the skin. Here we are with our Best Foot Cream for Cracked Heels 2019 especially for this winter and some Home Remedies with most common products. Which will relieve your torn ankles and at the same time it will make your feet look even more soft and beautiful. Because we all suffer from many foot problems in winter and one of the most common are cracked heels. That no one likes. Here is some of the most effective way to give your feet the best care.

  9. Vaseline (Skin Care Balm)

    Petroleum Jelly is considered as a better Skin Care Balm. Applying it to torn edges causes the bees to soften. You can use it with:

  10. Lemon juice and balm

    Mix lemon juice and Skin Care Balm with a light massage on torn ankles every night before going to bed, you will soon get relief.

  11. Boric acid and vaseline

    Another solution is to put half a teaspoon of boric powder in one spoon of Vaseline and mix it well. Now apply it to your torn ankles. With this, your edges will begin to heal soon.

  12.  Coconut Oil

    After Foot Cream Moisturizer there is no better option than coconut oil to moisturize dry skin. It removes dead skin and provides moisture by going deeper. If you want to get soft and shiny heels, then apply coconut oil in the feet of your feet every day and then wear socks. You will soon see its effect.

  13. Vitamin E Capsules

    Vitamin E capsules will be easily available at any medical store at less cost. Open this capsule before sleeping at night and mix it with a little amount of Foot Care Cream (for better results), remove its oil and apply it on your ankles and massage for a few minutes. It nourishes the skin, as well as hydrates. This will make your torn heels soft and soft soon.

  14. Lemon and Glycerin

    Lemon juice has acidic properties, which prevents the skin from getting dry and glycerin keeps the skin soft and shiny. If you mix these two on your torn ankles, then your heels will soon start looking soft and beautiful. Or you can find amazing results with Foot Healing Cream with these ingredients.

     For this, mix one teaspoon glycerin, one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon rose water in it, if you want, apply this mixture on the ankles and after a while drying, keep the socks on overnight. Wash your ankles with light lukewarm water in the morning. In a few days, your torn edges will look soft.

  15. Mango Leaves

    If there is a wound in the ankles of the feet, then grind the mango leaf and apply it. These wounds heal quickly and it also provides relief in the pain of the ankles.

  16. Honey

     Honey is considered a natural antiseptic. This quickly fills the cracks of your torn ankles. All you have to do is fill the honey in the crevices of your heel and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then keep the feet immersed in lukewarm water for 20 minutes. It will make the soft.

  17. Aloe Vera Gel

    Aloe Vera gel works wonders to fill the cracks of the ankles quickly. For this, after thoroughly cleaning your ankles with water, dry it. Then apply aloe Vera gel on it and wear socks. Allow the aloe Vera gel to remain on your feet overnight. Soon cracks will start filling in the ankles.

  18. Pumice stone

    The pumice stone is that the surface of the pistil stone is ruff so that the dead skin of the ankles is easily removed and the skin remains healthy and gentle. With this, you can clean your heels while taking bath every other day. But do not forget to moisturize the ankles after this.

  19.  Raw Papaya

    The milky juice of raw papaya is works effectively on cracked heels.

  20.  Raw potato

    crush the potato and take it’s pulp. apply on your dead and cracked heel area. Leave it for some time and remove it by rubbing. It eliminates all dead skin and leaves supple and soft skin.

  21.  Aloe vera gel with turmeric 

    A recommended Ayurvedic remedy is the application of a paste made by combining one teaspoonful of aloe-vera gel with half teaspoonful of turmeric.

  22.  Vinegar 

    Soak a small piece of cloth in vinegar and bind it on the affected area.

  23. Tips to Prevent Cracked Heels
  24. Must use Foot Cream Moisturizer in winters
  25. Before sleeping in the night, oil meshes also gets rid of the problem of tornadoes.
  26. Do not leave your legs open in winter, wear socks.
  27. If possible, get a pedicure done once a month.
  28. Once a week, remove the ankles’ dead skin from a piston or scrub.
  29. Consumption of foods rich in calcium, omega-3, iron, and zinc
  30. Best Foot Crack Cream –If you are looking for Foot Cream Moisturizer for winters to relieve your cracked heels, then you can use Foot Care Cream By Derma Essentia with their amazing Foot Cream — Shea & Kokum Butter with Silver Protection.
  31. There is a mixed with all the essential oils to make your feet soft, healthy and cracked free. 
  32. Purified Water, 
  33. Stealth-2, 
  34. Stealth-21, 
  35. Cetyl Alcohol, 
  36. Dimethicone, 
  37. Allantoin,
  38.  Glycerine, 
  39. Shea Butter,
  40.  Kokum Butter, 
  41. Saccharide Isomerate,
  42.  Urea, 
  43. Lactic Acid, 
  44. Lavander Oil, 
  45. Silver Citrate, 
  46. Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, 
  47. Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Extract,
  48. Spirit
  49. Benzyl Alcohol which will heal your ankles deeply and make them soft and beautiful.
  50.  Cinnamon(dalcheeni)

     How to Use Best Foot Crack Cream

    Before sleeping at night, clean the feet thoroughly with lukewarm water and then wipe it with a cloth and dry it. Now apply Foot Cream Moisturizer on your Heels and leave it open for 15 minutes. After this, put on socks and sleep. Do this until the crack of your torn ankles is filled.Wish you happy and healthy Feet

It will be news to many that our feet are made of 52 bones, 100 ligaments and 38 muscles to carry our weight. And nine out of 10 adults suffer from foot-related problems, with women being the majority.
Though everyone starts their life with trouble-free feet, they do not remain that way forever. Many are afraid to put their best foot forward because they want to hide their cracked heels, untreated corns or callous, bad odour, even while wearing premium footwear like Florshiem or Bata.
These ailments, if left unattended for long, result in serious health problems. For instance, the common cracked heels wear down the natural fat padding of your feet, making them vulnerable to added pain and pressure. This in turn determines the way we walk and which in turn results in joint or back problems.

So friends, in this article I explained 50 home made herbal and Ayurvedic remedies to treat your cracked feets.
Thank you.

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