Does Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to Follow

 Straightening your hair deffinatly damage it, it is as simple as if God or nature has given anything to us and if we disturb it’s original entity, it will harm in any way. So this question should not be asked, “Does Straightening your Hair Damage it?” Rather it should be asked “how can we protect hair from damage while hair straightening?”

Does Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to follow while straightening hair

In this article we will see how straightening your damage it and how we can protect them or least damage our hair. Before moving right to the answer, first we should understand the hair anatomy a little bit, so that we can relate the terms which will be using to describe.

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Hair Anatomy

Hair is consist of three layers:

  1. Cuticle:  Cuticle is the outer most layer of the hair shafts. It is a protective layer and flipped over one another. If your hair is shiny means this layer is tightly flipped thus maximum light reflects back and they look shiny. If you hair looks rough it means these flips are slightly open or slightly separated from each other thus light do not reflects or least reflects and looks rough and unshiny.
  2. Cortex: Cotex is the second layer of hair shaft and covers greater area. This is responsible for Hair colour also as melanin pigment is present there and hair looks black of melanin lacks they become grey.
  3. Medulla: Medulla is the inner most layer of the hair shafts, it is very thin and the only living of the hair. However the exact function of medulla is not known as of now.

Healthy hair and damaged hair picture

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Does Straightening your Hair Damage it?

Now we come to the topic, Does Straightening your Hair Damage it? Answer is yes. The reason behind is, when you straighten your hair your apply hot iron on it which damages the cuticle. Once cuticle is damaged, it’s flips get open and inner cortex layer exposed out. Cortex is not used to to handle outer atmosphere as is was not exposed before. Thus it leads to damage. 

If this process of hair straightening repeated very often your hair got damaged. If you have very heavy curls or have frizzy hair and you want to lock your hair straight to look beautiful. Then you need to follow some tips so that your hair keep protected while you apply hair straightener on them.

Does Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to FollowDoes Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to Follow
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Does Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to Follow

Tips to follow while applying hair straightener 

There are some tips you can follow while using hair straightener to protect hair from damage.

1.   Completely Dry your hair

Whenever you are going apply iron on your hair, it is very important to let your hair dry completely. It should not dry for 1 or 2 hour. Rather the correct method to perfectly dry your hair is, you wash your hair let them towel dry, then leave them over night to dry. So that no water drop leave behind.

 If you apply hot iron on wet hair the water present in the hair will boil and vaporize. These vapours then find the space to get free in the air and they will break cuticle flaps, thus damaging your hair. So the first step is to completely dry your hair before applying a hot iron.

2.   Apply a heat protectant before iron your hair

There are various heat protectants and hair serum available in the market. It is very important to apply hair protectant after drying your hair, when you are going to iron your hair, So that they stay protected from heat and do not damage. Spray the hair serum or hair protectant is a good choice and to make a barrier between heat and hair.

If you don’t want to buy chemically prepared heat protestant from the market. Then you can prepare natural heat protectant at home also. 

Does Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to FollowDoes Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to Follow
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Does Straightening your Hair Damage it? Tips to Follow

Method to Prepare Natural heat protectant at home

Take a spray bottle and fill 180 ml (6 onces) distilled water in it then add 24- 30 drops of avocado oil mix them well and apply on your hair. Adjust the quantity of avocado oil as per your hair volume and dullness. The ratio should vary 4-6 drops per ounce (30ml). Adjust accordingly.

If avocado oil is not available near you, you can use sunflower oil, Agran oil or macadamia nut oil instead of avocado oil. 

Shake well before spraying it on your hair use comb or your fingers to make sure each strand is coated well before applying a hot iron. 

3.   Select the right iron or hair straightener 

When you go to buy a hair straightener in the market, you will get at very low price, which are made up of metals. But metallic irons heat quickly and they can even burn your hair. So don’t opt the low quality and a  cheap hair straightener for you. You will deffinatly have to pay a little high cost to get a high quality hair straightener. 

Ceramic plated hair straightener, Always prefer ceramic plated iron for your hair. As ceramic irons heat quickly and evenly, they protect your hair to be burn. Rather they produce negative ions that gives your hair more shiny and smooth.

Opt the lowest temperature of hair straightener 

Temperature of hair straightener ranges between 170- 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Always start from the least temperature and increase slowly. Normally 300- 310 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is enough for hair to lock straight or curly. Judge the appropriate temperature that work well to lock hair and do not increase it further. Many people adjust the hair straightener at the highest level straight away which is not recommended as far as protection of hair is concerned.

Hold your hair tightly 

Always take a small portion of your hair and hold it tightly with the hot iron so that your hair make curl or go straight at the minimal exposure to the hot iron. Remember always keep your straightener away from your body.

Apply hair mask

You should apply a hair mask once in a week or fortnightly so that it restore your hair and rejuvenate them to stay healthy for a long.

Which treatment is best for hair straightening?

There are various ways to straighten your hair. Best ways to straighten your hair are described below as per their ratings to least effect on straightening your hair damage it.

1.   Hot Iron or flat plated straightener 

This is very popular way to lock your hair. It is user friendly and good enough for beginners. It’s effective untill your next shampooing. Always let your hair completely dry before hot ironing and spray a heat protectant too to have a barrier between heat and hair so that hair keep protected from damaging. Don’t apply this technique of hair straightening very often, if not necessarily needed.  Give your hair time to repair also. This process is described above in-depth. 

2.   Chemical Rebonding of hair

This is typically a chemical process of hair straightening in which hair losses it’s original texture and rebonds to create shine and smoothness. This process can’t be performed in a normal salon or parlour rather it is performed by a licensed practitioner. 

In this process chemicals are applied on the hair for long hours and hydrogen present in these chemicals break the bonding of hair by breaking the cuticle flaps. After that a chemical formaldehyde is usually used to straighten the hair at this time. This leaves permanent straightening until your grown by an inch or two, difference will be noticeable. 

Hair damage, hair breakage and roughness are common side effects of this process. After getting it done additional hair care is required to repair the damage.

3.  Chemical straightening or hair relaxing

This technique of hair straightening is used on very tight curls. Certain bonds are broken in this technique so that hair straighten out. The process takes 1-2 hours to be done.

It’s effect lasts upto 3 months.

4.    Japanese Straightening or Thermal Reconditioning

In this method both chemical and heat process are followed for the straightening of hair. This process restructures the protein bonds and leaves permanent straightening by reshaping or rearranging the hair cells. This is very lengthy process and runs approximately upto 8 hours. For those who cannot sit such a long time it is not recommended for them. After getting the process done you have to revisit the salon after a week for final touch. Your hair would be straighten for upto 6- 8 months but in several cases effect may last for upto 2-3 years. 

Repeating this process very often is not recommended.

5.    Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Straightening

This process is in limelight since past few years. Keratin Treatment is one of the best treatment for straightening hair as it’s near to the natural process. In this method keratin is applied to the hair and our hair also contains keratin naturally which losses day by day as age grows or followed by poor nutrition. 

In this process of hair straightening keratin applies on hair and hot flat iron over 400-450 degree Fahrenheit is used to lock keratin with hair permanently. This processing leaves hair straighten for 6 months or in several cases it lasts upto 2 years also. 

You can repeatedly follow this process as it is safer for hair. Your hair looks naturally thick, smooth and shiny. 

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Frequently asked questions 

Q1.  Is it ok to use hair straightener everyday?

Answer:  No, it is not recommended to use hair straightener everyday as it damages your hair. Don’t use it daily if it’s not necessary and give some time to your hair to repair and rejuvenate also.

Q2.  Will hair straightening cause hair loss?

Answer:  Always use hair straightener away from your body so that it could not harm the root of hair and provoke them to fall. It you are facing telogen effluvium then it is recommended to postpone to use hair straightener for several months. Otherwise when you hold your hair firmly in the hair straightener your will see a severe hair fall.

Q3.  Can straightening your hair make it permanent straight?

Answer:  When you treat your hair to become straight it will last for some times in some cases your hair remain straight till your next shampoos. But using some other methods it may be long lasting. 

Q4.  Is straightening good for your hair?

If you follow the steps described above like completely dry your hair and spray heat protectant before using hot iron.  Then chances are very less of damaging your hair.

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