Double Helix Piercing- Pain, Healing, Infection, Jewelry- A Complete Safety Guide

Double helix piercing is done on the outer upper cartilage of ear. It involves two piercings adjacent to each other on the same ear. Here are some safety guidelines which you need to follow, when you are going for a double helix piercing to avoid infection or to prevent any complication to be occur.

Double Helix Piercing Meaning

Double helix piercing is similar to helix piercing just a difference that in helix piercing there is 1 piercing in the cartilage of ear and in double helix piercing two piercings getting done adjacent to each other on the outer upper cartilage of ear. But if piercing involves three times on the same Helix of ear adjacent to each other, it is called triple helix piercing.

How To Do A Double Helix Piercing 

Following is the step by step procedure to get a double helix piercing:

  • There is no need to prior appointment for double helix piercing. 
  • Your ID should be with you, while going to get it done.
  • You will need to select two pairs of helix piercing jewelry, if there is no piercing done yet.
  • First of all your ear will be cleaned up and sanitized.
  • Now a hollow needle of somewhere between 14-18 gauge will be pressed by your piercer on your helix cartilage to pass by it. 
  • Now your choosen jewelry will be inserted and locked.
  • Same process will be repeated two times on the same ear in double helix piercing and three times in triple helix piercing. 

Now you have done your double helix piercing. Freak out with your funky look.

Double Helix Piercing Pain

There is no straight answer on how much it will pain to you, while double helix piercing. It is totally dependent on the pain tolerance capacity of yourself. But you can make an idea that if a cartilage will be pierced twice at the same time then it will definitely give you some amount of pain. 

The extreme and quick pain passes within few seconds of piercing. After that the pain becomes manageable and bearable. You should talk to your piercer when we are going for it– how to manage pain–  will definitely guide you and give you some tips so that it hurt you less a bit.

According to the experienced piercers– if one has to give rating between 1-10. Then double helix piercing’s pain will get somewhere between 4-7 ratings. And it varies from person to person that how much pain is tolerable to you. 


Double Helix Piercing Guy

Double helix piercing amongst men is very popular and trending especially in youngsters. As it give them an option to insert a jewellery to their ear.

The process of it is similar as in women. They also have to bring their ID along while going for double helix piercing getting done. After selecting the jewelry, your ear will be pierced by pushing a pointed hollow needle through the cartilage and you are done. Now your choosen jewelry will be inserted and locked up.

Double Helix Piercing Healing Time

Double helix piercing healing time is about 6 months to 9 months. Depending upon how much you care of it. But be cautious because it looks as healed up from the outside but takes longer time to completely heal up from innerside also. So take an advice of your piercer to ensure whether completely healed up or not.

How To Take Care Of A Double Helix Piercing 

  • First of all do not twist or play with your piercing jewelry. 
  • Keep your hair tied to avoid to tangle it with.
  • Clean your pierced location with salin solution 2-3 times in a day with the help of cotton.
  • Follow all the instructions of your piercer untill it heal up completely.
  • It looks as healed up from outside but consult your piercer before stopping aftercare.
  • Do not remove or try to change your pierced jewelry without consulting your piercer.
  • If pain or swelling increases beyond tolerance immediately consult your piercer.

Double Helix Piercing Infection

Infections may occure to your cartilage if it’s roughly treated after piercing. Usually infection develops when unsterilized needle used for the piercing. Following are some of the symptoms you should note to know if it’s getting infected:

  • Redness
  • Tenderness 
  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Swelling 
  • Pain
  • Puss like yellow or transparent liquid secreation from the piercing. 

How To Take Care Of Double Helix Piercing Infection 

  • Do not tightly lock your piercing jewelry, give it some space to breathe.
  • Clean your hands before touching pierced area otherwise you are inviting the infections.
  • Clean your piercing with salt water atleast three times in a day. You can use H2Ocean spray also which is available online to avoid touching and infection. 
  • Clean it on both the sides and pat it with dry napkin or towel to dry.
  • Do not remove your jewelry because it will close the wound and will take longer time to heal up.
  • If swelling and pain increases with watery secreation then you will need to take antibiotics also.
  • If your jewelry stick with your skin and doesn’t move, swelling and redness increases with burning along with fever then you should run to doctor.
  • In some severed infection cases patient needs to hospitalize also.

How To Take Out Double Helix Piercing

  • At least after 8 months you should think to remove or change your piercing jewellery. 
  • Wear gloves first in hands before touching pierced area.
  • Now follow clean up process.
  • Unlock your piercing jewelry and remove it.

Keep remember within a day or two to your piercing area will start Healing up and your hole will start to close. Although it will look like open from the outside but you will need to give extra pressure and trauma to insert jewellery again.


Double Helix Piercing Jewelry 

There are two types of jewellery you can select for double helix piercing one is stud and other is ring or hoop.

1. Stud- Stud is a needle like structured jewellery a small ball or a design on the top and followed by slightly long and thin tail. Design of a stud will appear from the front and this tail will be locked on the another/opposite side or on back of the ear.

2. Ring/Hoop- Ring is a rounded hollow and soft jewelry. It can be inserted separately to each piercings or single double twisted to both the piercings.

How To Clean Double Helix Piercing 

Clean it with saline solution 2-3 times gently with the help of cotton on both the sides. Then allow it pat dry with a towel or a dry napkin.

How Painfull Is A Double Helix Piercing 

Double helix piercing’s pain depends on one’s pain tolerance capacity. It may vary person to person. So definite answer cannot be given of this question, but it may vary some where between 4-7.

How do you sleep with a double helix piercing 

If you have pierced both the ears same time, then you’ll have to sleep on your stomach or on your back. You can also use travelling pillow which will keep your head at one place by resting it without hurting your ear.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Get A Double Helix Piercing 

One should be atleast 16 years old to get helix piercing done. To prove your age ID is mandatory to show to your piercer after that only you can get your helix piercing done.

Can I Get Two Helix Piercing At The Same Time

Getting two helix piercings at the same time is a good idea because your time of taking care of them one by one will save. As both the piercings will heal up simultaneously. 

What Does A Double Helix Piercing Say About You

If you are getting your double heling piercing done, it means that you are a fashion lover and you want extra attention towards your looks. You love stand yourself highlighted in the crowd.

Should I Get A Double Helix Piercing On Both Ears

Yes you can definitely get a double helix piercing on both ear even at the same time. As all your pierced locations will be heal up simultaneously and your time will save to take care of it one by one. Just you have to be cautious while sleeping.

How Expensive Is A Double Helix Piercing 

Cost of double helix piercing may vary and depends upon the location of pierce center and and the piercer, How experienced and expert is? Before going for double helix piercing always do research to reach out to best piercer according to your budget. Because chances are high to lead to any complication if newbie will do it. As two pierced will going to be done altogether so experienced experienced piercer is must. 

It is totally depend on the piercer if cost increases for double piercing or same as single piercing. Single helix piercing cost’s somewhere between $30-$50.

Can a helix piercing paralyze you

Helix piercing does not create any severe health issue like paralysis. Some minor complications may appear like infection, fever, swelling and redness. But it heals up after a certain time and aftercare. To avoid or least getting these situations trust on an expert piercer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  How long does double helix takes to heal?

Ans. It takes approx 6 to 9 months to heal up completely, your double helix piercing. 

Q2.  What to know before getting a double helix piercing?

Ans. You should know the complete process and after care before getting a double helix piercing. That how to clean up your helix, at what time you can remove or change your piercing jewelry, how to do aftercare and for how much time these instructions you’ll have to follow. These are the focus points and essential for you to know before getting it done.
So that you can be prepare yourself mentally and once you are prepared to take care of your piercing for at least for 9 to 12 months then go for it, finally.

Q3.  What gauge is a double helix piercing?

Ans. Double helix piercing needle’s gauge may vary between 14-18, depending upon the ear cartilage thickness of your’s.

Q4. Does Claire’s do double helix piercing?

Ans. Yes claire’s do double helix piercing. But double check if they are using piercing gun or not. Initially they used to use piercing gun which is not recommended for best practice. Just be cautious on this and ensure.

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