Dr. Sebi Diet Plan List Benefits, Side Effects | Dr. Sebi Food List Complete Review And Guide

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Dr. Sebi diet or Dr. Sebi alkaline diet both are same and emphasized on plant based diet which is introduced by late Dr. Sebi. The formula of Dr SEBI diet is based upon the elimination of toxic and waste matters from the body and to rejuvenate your self buy alkalising your body and your blood.q

This diet is restricted of so many food just approved foods can be taken. However there is a lack of medical evidences about its efficacy but it’s very popular amongst so many diet plans.

Here in this article you will come to know about brief description of Dr. SEBI diet plan food list with complete do’s and don’ts. But first of all before moving to know about Dr. SEBI that plan we should know about Dr. SEBI.

Who is Dr. Sebi?

Alfredo Darrington Bowman is the real name of Dr. SEBI. Dr SEBI was practicing as self proclaimed herbalist healer in United States in last 20th and early 21st century. Although Dr. Sebi had not done any formal medical training but he was very famous and proactive amongst the celebrities his clients included Michael Jackson, Liza left eye, John Travolta.

Dr. SEBI born in Africa and was treating his all own illness by Allopathy like asthma, diabetes, impotency and Visual impairment and he was confirmed that he is going to die. Then he started his own research about herbal extract, spices and natural things and came to the conclusion that so many chronic diseases can be treated permanently with this diet formula including cancer and AIDS and he called therapy as “African bio electric cell food therapy”.

It’s best suited if we say that the herbal knowledge Dr. SEBI was having was God gifted to him, however it was lack of medical evidences, researches and theories. After knowing about Dr. SEBI in short, let’s discuss about what is Dr. Sebi diet all about.

what is the dr. sebi diet | dr. sebi diet review

Dr. Sebi diet is based on African bioelectric cell food therapy which was self studied and introduced by self educated African herbalist Alfredo Darrington Bowman who is better known as Dr SEBI now, although he didn’t have any medical professional degree or any PHD but very effective diet formula in many cases.

This diet is about alkalizing your body by using alkaline foods and eliminating acid from the body which is not good for us at all. 

According to Dr. SEBI there are so many diseases which cannot be cured or treated by allopathy or Western medicine therapy can be cured permanently by natural things and improves overall health and lifestyle.

According to Ayurveda there are three factors that trigger any disease are Vaata, Pitta and KaphaAnd Dr. Sebi worked on this theory. He claimed that Kapha (mucus) can be produced in any part of your body. If it is produced in lungs it triggers pneumonia while when it is produced in your pancreas it triggers diabetes. As per the Ayurveda each and every disease creates, triggers and cures by these three factors only i.e. Vaata, Pitta and kapha.

In Dr. Sebi diet plan there is a list of approved and recommended list of specific vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, oils, herbs, seeds and animal products and its by products like any dairy products are restricted. That’s why Dr. SEBI diet plan is considered to be as vegan diet.

As per Dr. Sebi claim body has its own healing power, if we give time which is the resting period of our body than body goes into self healing process and in the self healing process many of incurred diseases can be cured automatically. Now the question arises how body will undergo in self healing process? Let’s discuss it now:

Self healing process of our body

When we eat heavy food like animal food or it’s byproducts which take longer time to digest our body continuously working on digesting food only and it doesn’t remains extra time for any other work to perform. Then we need medicines from outside in allopathy or any other popular medicine to cure diseases to rectify the problems in our body.

But if we eat food in such a manner in which it can easily and in a very short period of time can be digested then it consumed in energy at the right time and save time of body that again can be utilised in any other activity which is called self healing process when digestive process completed body undergo in self healing process and find where is the problem and rectification is required as our body is like a machinery when it find the area of improvement and rectification then it find it on way body finds it on way to cure treat and rectify the problem in this way include diseases can be treated itself. 

The food we should consume is all natural which is given by nature to us is vegetables grains seed fruits nut these all are naturally given to eat there as animals are not given us to eat if we follow this Wagon diet it same our bodies time in digestion which further utilised in rectification and to cure diseases without any medicine. 

By eating Begampur body gets alkalize and by eating animal food it becomes acidic. Its better to keep your body alkaline for a good health rather than acidic. Now let’s see how to keep your body alkalize:

how do alkalize your body

There is no any scientific reason or proven evidence claiming that pH of blood effect health in any manner. But sticking on vegetable and fruit diet keeps you healthy and you live longer in comparison to non vegetarians.

To keep your body alkaline you have to stick on more on vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, seeds, non dairy products. And far away from processed food, readymade beverages, animals and it’s byproducts.

If you strictly follow this routine you will definitely able to keep your body alkaline. There are some Pacific food items that you must include in your diet to keep your body alkaline as well as healthy, which are explained next:

a plate of veggies

what foods make you alkaline

While following any of the diet plan whether it is e2m diet plan, paleo diet plan, pegan diet plan or Dr. Sebi diet plan, it is very important to give all the nutrients and essential minerals to your body to keep it healthy, protective and active.

It is very important to add some specific food items in your diet, especially when you are going to stick on vegetarian diet plan. As there are limited sources of protein in vegan diet and it is very important for our body to give protein in required amount in everyday meal so that you can stay healthy and keep protective yourself from getting sick or weak.

Considering all these aspects there are some specific foods which you should include in your diet when you are following Dr. Sebi diet so that your protein requirement, nutrients requirement and all the vitamins which are required to your body should be included in your meal. Some of this specific and essential such food items  list is given below:

  • Sprouts, 
  • Legumes, 
  • Lentils and beans,
  • Tofu,
  • Sweet potato,
  • Kiwi,
  • Fresh coconut,
  • Broccoli,
  • Cauliflower,
  • Soy beans
  • Juicy fruits

dr. sebi diet food list

There is a recommended Dr SEBI diet food list that you have to follow when you are following this diet plan, i.e.:

  • Fruits: All fruits having speed are permitted and recommended in Dr Sebi diet plan in which Apple, papaya, seeded melon, berries, mango, plums, peaches, guavas, dates tamarind are included. That means all fruits having seed in it can be eaten.
  • Whole grains: Wild rice, quinoa, Amarnath, fonio, rye, spelt are the grains which are recommended. Wheat is strictly prohibited in Dr. Sebi diet.
  • Seeds and Nuts: Raw Tahini butter, raw sesame seeds, walnut, Brazil nuts, Hemp seeds are allowed to eat
  • Natural vegetable oil: Avocado oil, olive oil, uncooked coconut oil, grape seed oil, Hempseeds oil, sesame oil can be eaten.
  • Vegetables: Mushrooms, avocado, capsicum, chickpeas, Kale, olives, squash, cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini, lettuce, cactus flower these are the vegetables which you have to use maximum following Doctor SEBI diet.
  • Herbal or Green tea: As dairy product and its by product like milk cheese butter all are restricted in this diet plan so you have to stick on herbal tea or green tea instead of milk tea. You can use Ginger, Raspberry, cinnamon, Tilla to prepare your herbal tea.

dr. sebi food list to avoid

There is Dr. Sebi food list to avoid following its diet plan which are:

  • Process food including cakes chips restaurant foods
  • Wheat
  • Packed Fruit and Vegetables
  • Seedless fruit 
  • Dairy Milk 
  • Fish meet 
  • Poultry 
  • Soy product 
  • Meat 
  • Sugar alcohol 
  • Fortified food 
  • Butter
  • Eggs 
  • Energy drink 
  • Filtered or packed juice
  • Any type of beverages or soft drinks
  • Bakery products in which yeast or baking soda is used.

What are the rules to follow Dr. Sebi’s diet 

  • Rule 1: You will have to stick on plant based food.
  • Rule 2: You can eat foods which are listed in the recommended Dr. Sebi’s food list.
  • Rule 3: Animal products and its by products are restricted.
  • Rule 4: You will have to drink at least1 gallon or 4 litres water in a day.
  • Rule 5: You will have to take Dr. Sebi’s supplement 1 hour prior medications.
  • Rule 6: No processed food can be taken.
  • Rule 7: Alcohol or any sort of beverage isn’t permitted.
  • Rule 8: You will have to forget microwave cooking or baking. As it will kill your food. Even you cannot have baked items in which baking soda or yeast are used.
  • Rule 9: Seedless or packed fruits are not allowed, you can have only those fruits which have seeds.
  • Rule 10: Wheat is in the list of restricted food items in Dr. Sebi’s food list and you can have naturally grown grains only. You can take a look of it in recommended food list.

Can Dr. Sebi diet help to lose weight

Dr SEBI diet plan is not a weight loss diet plan or designed to weight loss rather it is especially designed to cure as many diseases as you won’t think about and are incurable using Western medicine therapy. 

This diet is designed as treatment therapy whereas weight loss is it’s byproduct, as you are restricted of following Western diet culture, processed foods, animal food, dairy products, extra added salt and sugar and of course oil. 

As all these things in excess results to weight gain and when you are restricted by all these, your body starts losing weight naturally by burning stored fat to produce energy. As plant based or vegan diet does not produce fat or obesity.

A study was conducted for a year on 65 people who feed veggies whole grains fruits seeds and nuts and they shown tremendous result for weight loss as compared to the normal ones’ who wanted to but didn’t follow the same diet plan. 

After 6 months only these 65 people loosed approx 12 kgs weight on an average. Where as others only 4 kg.

dr. sebi diet for weight loss

This diet cannot be follow for a long for anyone and if anyone looses weight by following this diet plan will get to normal when start eating normal diet. So it’s better to start doing workout when you reach to your desired body shape to maintain it for a long rather than to force yourself to stick on this diet.

Benefits of Dr SEBI diet

  • This diet is strongly emphasized on plant based food.
  • The food you take in is rich of mineral vitamins and other essential nutrients.
  • It help to reduce inflammation.
  • Reduces oxidative stress.
  • Moreover, this diet reduces digestion process, thus body utilises this excess time to heal and to rectify the problems or ailments itself naturally.
  • Food items permitted in doctor Sebi’ diet list are rich in nutrient like potassium, Vitamin C, E, Omega 3, vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron, calcium and beta carotene. Dr. Sebi claiming that it can fight with even some specific cancer as well as AIDS.
  • Checks you from eating processed food, excess salt and sugar and oil, in this way it helps to reduce your weight and body fat in natural way.
  • According to a study it lower the risk of cancer and heart attack.
  • Since the diet you eat in Dr. Sebi diet plan is plant based and rich of fiber and other essential nutrients, so it keeps your digestive system and your gut healthy and helps in constipation.
  • Keep you active and energetic all the day. 

Side effects | Drawbacks of Dr SEBI diet

  • It’s highly restricted to follow Dr sebi’s diet as small numbers of food items are allowed to eat.
  • Animal products or its by products, dairy products, lentils, some vegetables, seedless fruit, wheat all these are restricted and you cannot have while following Dr. Sebi’s diet.
  • If you spend most of the time out from the house then its very problematic to follow this diet plan because all processed food packed, beverages, bakery items all these are in restricted food list. You will have to carry your food all the time for you.
  • Protein sources are limited.
  • The food items which are recommended to use are excellent source of nutritions, vitamins and minerals. But they are lack of protein so its very important to add protein rich food like Tofu, soya, sprouts so that your skin, hormones, muscles, enzymes and your entire body can maintain its performance and functionality uninterrupted.
  • There is no scientific evidence available to advocate the efficacy of Dr sebi’s diet.
  • It’s difficult to follow this diet plan for a long time.
  • As Dr. Sebi’s diet is highly restrictive and its not recommended to use or to follow for a long time because iron rich food, protein rich food, Omega 3 fatty acids and calciums are really present in these food item list.
  • You can get sick by malnutrition if you follow it for a long time.

Dr. Sebi’s Diet During Pregnancy 

Dr Sebi’s diet is unsafe while pregnancy and you should not follow it if you are pregnant or willing to be pregnant. As its very restrictive to the foods and you will have to take nutrition in a rich amount at this time so that a new one which is growing in your body can utilize it to grow healthy and fit.

Not only in pregnancy but you should avoid it if you are a nursing mother or on lactation. As your foetus get nutrients from you and if you will not take nutrition in a good amount then it will directly impact on your baby’s overall growth and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Food Is High In Alkaline?

There is no food that can make your body alkaline as your body maintains its own acid balance and stay keep it at the range of 7 – 7.45 pH.

Is Salmon Alkaline Or Acidic

Salmon is very good while taking it in alkaline diet or low acid diet. As it is full of nutrients and excellent source of protein. It contains Omega 3 fatty acids which is very essential and beneficial for heart, joints and Eyes. It’s also having the fighting capacity against some kinds of Cancer cells. Salman has 6 pH when it is digested.

Is Dr. Sebi’s Diet Safe?

Doctor Sebi’s diet is very good and very nutritious if you follow it for a short period of time as you get all natural minerals in your body. But it is not recommended to follow this diet plan for a long period of time as it is lack of some micronutrients, protein, Iron and Calcium which are very essential for your body and you can get affected by malnutrition if you follow it for a long time.

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