Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss Disadvantages

Most famous remedy for quick weight loss is Honey And Lemon. But are you aware about the Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss Disadvantages? The reason behind this quick weight loss using honey and lemon water is, it tenders the inner lining of your Digestive system.
If you intake lemon with empty stomach it works like, you marinates the fish with lemon juice before cooking, so that the inner side of fish remains juicy after cooking also.
In the same way it works on our body also. When you take lemon juice empty stomach, it marinates the lining of your digestive system also and your body stops absorbing food nutrients also. Then your body starts melting the deposit fat for daily calorie requirements and you loss your weight quickly.

Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss Disadvantages

Yes, there are Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss Disadvantages also. As you stop absorbing your daily required nutrients also , your body became protein resistant and deficiency of other essential  minerals also, starts showing their deficiency side effect in your body. Like:
  1. Body ache
  2. Hair loss is most common side effect using Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss as you stop absorbing protein from your food which is very-very essential for your over all hair care.
  3. Fatigue
  4. Lowers your blood Pressure also.
  5. Weakness
  6. Sugar level also goes down in some cases.
  7. Cold and Cough specially occurs with this, if you use Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss in winters.
  8. Affects your bones and joints also, as lemon is acidic in nature of low ph value and honey is also mild acidic. Thus increases Uric acid in your body.
  9. Immune function, regular use of Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss can affect your immune function also.
  10. Loses your thinking power also, as you stop absorbing protein using this mixture which is very much essential for your mental health.
  11. Your body starts behaving acidic,if you take it in a long run, as lemon is acidic in nature.
  12. Regulates your knee pain.
  13. And sexual problems also can occur in the late life.
So, you should not take Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss due to these disadvantages in a long run.
When you reach or near to reach your a little weight loss, you should stop consuming this mixture immediately and turn yourself to little physical exercise or Yoga. And very correctly said,
Yoga  Se  Hi  Hoga!

How to Prepare Honey And Lemon Water For Weight Loss?

Lemon is consumed for rapid weight loss. If you also want to lose weight fast, then the juice of one lemon should be mixed with two spoons of honey in a glass of water. Drinking in the morning has more effect. This lemon honey weight loss drink can help in losing weight fast.

Weight Loss With Honey:

To lose weight, it is essential to consume food correctly. Honey can be beneficial for fast weight loss. You can reduce obesity by following the weight loss diet plan. Weight loss exercise can also reduce abdominal fat.

People are often looking for home remedies to lose weight, weight loss medicine, weight-loss food. When all these things do not happen, then you lose hope and then adopt home remedies to lose weight, (whether it is an exercise to reduce obesity or weight loss diet). Honey can be used in various ways to lose weight naturally. So here are some of the home remedies made from honey, which usually reduce your weight…

How to use honey for weight loss?

Sharing some preparations here with honey to help you in your Weight Loss journey.

Honey and Tulsi for Weight Loss:

Tulsi is considered beneficial in fighting many diseases. Tulsi intake is good for the digestive system. Drinking basil juice mixed with honey helps in reducing obesity. Two teaspoons of basil juice mixed with one teaspoon honey should be drunk. This is such a home remedy which can also make the body strong to fight against diseases.

Cumin water and honey:

The Ayurvedic method is considered to be most effective in a weight loss diet. Soak one teaspoon cumin seeds in 1 glass of water overnight. Boil the water and filter it in the morning. Mix one spoon of honey in this water and drink it on an empty stomach. Weight loss starts only after consuming it for a few weeks.

How can I lose my belly fat? Diet Plan…

It is essential to follow a diet too.Ayurvedic expert said, there are many medicines available for weight loss, which claim to reduce your obesity. But you will not get the benefit of using any medicine until you control your diet. It is not possible to reduce obesity without controlling intake, and such drugs do not provide any benefit.

  • Honey and Milk: Using it with milk is the best way to lose weight while giving nutrients to the body. Mixing 2 teaspoons of honey in a glass of lukewarm milk at night causes fast burn fat. Night sleep is also good, and the metabolic rate is too high.
  • Garlic and Honey: You know the benefits of garlic for health. If you make a paste of 2 to 3 cloves of garlic in the morning breakfast and combine it with 2 teaspoons of honey and drink it with lukewarm water, then within a few weeks the weight can decrease rapidly.
  • Mint and Honey: Mint and honey mixture can be useful for weight loss. Mint intake is beneficial for improving the digestive system and speeding up the metabolic rate. Mixing two teaspoons honey in one teaspoon of mint juice and drinking it daily quickly loses weight.
Here, I described about Honey And Lemon For Weight Loss Disadvantages and some useful tips also to help you in your weight loss journey. Please share this useful information with your friends and love ones too and also comment your feedback about this in the comment section.
Thank you very much dear friends.

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