How Does Stress Cause Diabetes and how to decrease it?

There is an unseen relationship between Stress and Diabetes. Here we will discuss how does Stress cause Diabetes, what are the triggers that stimulates Stress and Diabetes.

How Does Stress Cause Diabetes?

Stress and Diabetes both are inter linked. Stress doesn’t cause Diabetes rather it plays a major roll of getting type 2 Diabetes. You can understand it easily by an example:
When a boss is angry with his subordinate for his poor performance, then boss started scolding him. At that time body reacts accordingly and it understands now a lot of energy is required to perform at this situation. Then it passes more glucose into the blood, by which metabolic activity increases and starts exhausting that glucose to convert it into energy.
Now, this person is over stressed, if you measure Blood Pressure as well as Blood Glucose at that time, both would be higher which is normal, because when this person calms down everything will become normal again. As his body reacted according to the situation same as when you saw a snake and react and this reaction usually happens for a short time. Then also your body reacts like this.
But if this situation happens again and again and this person stays in stress at all most every time then his body will start mixing more glucose every time in the blood to perform and it will become a habit. Thus this person will lead to Diabetes or Hyperglycemia.
According to the research, people who are in depression, stress, anxiety have a high risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

As we all know that we all are living under too much of  pressure every time, this pressure can be different man to man, weather it is

  • Work pressure,
  • Office pressure,
  • Boss pressure,
  • Family pressure,
  • Relationship pressure,
  • Study and future pressure and so on.

This excessive pressure converts into stress and if stress continues for a long time then it may lead to type 2 Diabetes.

What is Stress?

Stress is a mental condition, how your body reacts according to sudden and difficult conditions or situations, it happens when a person is over loaded weather it is work or emotion or facing any trauma. When these conditions or worries remain constant for a long time, then it converts into stress.

How to Identify Stress?

Several times the symptoms of Stress are supressed as the person don’t discuss the things. And it leads to physical and mental discomfort and leads to several disorders. Stress can be identified by following symptoms:
  1. Over eating or less eating
  2. Keeping distance with friends and family
  3. Extream anger
  4. Sleepless Ness
  5. Tiredness
  6. Headache
  7. Unmotivated
  8. Feeling sick all the time
  9. Irritation towards even small things
  10. Feeling depressed
  11. More smoking
  12. Drinking much alcohol

How does Stress affects blood sugar

When we talk about Diabetes, then family history comes in mind first and we ignore the second major aspect i.e. Stress. When a person is over stresses it leads the activation of hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and it performs to disfuctioning of endocrine hormones. Such as cortisol level increases, sex hormone decreases. At the same time increased girth is seen, which is a big contributor in insulin resistance.

How to Control Stress?

So if you want to control your stress, you have to act like a postman and assume that stress is your parcel. Whenever it comes to you, you have to deliver it immediately somewhere else.
And if you cannot deliver, then accept that situation instead of fighting with. There are various ways to cope up with stress, described below:
  1. Eat some sweet and juicy fruit, it helps to ruin the stress.
  2. Listen to your favourite music, it helps to divert your mind.
  3. If possible take a foot massage, it gives you relax.
  4. Talk to someone and try to take off every thing which is within you.
  5. Go for a walk and do exercise a bit.
  6. Take a proper sleep.
  7. Try to resolve the issue, if it is not possible then just leave it and accept the situation… do not try to fight with your self.
  8. Do some meditation and yoga it keep you relax.

Reducing Mental and Emotional Stress

Do some meditation in the morning when you starts your day. It will give you relax and peace of mind. You can do Pranayam. Pranayam is used to be practiced during ancient time. When you are doing Pranayam, you start controlling your breath in- breath out and holding your breath. When you take a deep breath holds it then your body fills with oxygen and removes toxins from the body. Thus you feel fresh after Pranayam. It also connects your heart to your mind and improves your concentration.

How to do Pranayam for Stress relief

You can sit on a plain surface, close your eyes… take a deep slowly breath and release it slowly. It will decrease your heart beat rate. Thus control your blood pressure and give you relax. Do this Pranayam for 5 minutes in the morning every day. Your stress will automatically ruin.

Reducing Family Stress

If you are staying with your family and facing trouble then you start saying “NO”. Often it seems impossible but remember one thing if a person is not happy with you… in spite of doing all the work and following instructions also…. Then you start saying him “no” i can’t do.
When the nature of that person is rude and tend to be unhappy every time… just leave taking care of his mood. Start enjoying your life.

Reducing work stress

If you are facing any trouble with your work… Start talking to your boss about the situation and ask for the solution. If your boss supports then take his help and if not then try to find some other alternative as per your qualification skill and personality.
Always remember first you try to resolve the issue that triggers your stress. If it is not resolving then don’t fight with your self, accept the situation and feel that you will cope up with this.

Meditation to reduce Stress

You can do meditation also to reduce your stress level. All you have to do, sit on a plain and calm place… keep straight your back bone… keep your hands on your knees…. close your eyes and think about your God… concentrate… and ask him to give you power to deal with and after some time you will feel that you are energized… now you chant that….
“You are a happy person and all the problems have resolved now”.
Repeating it for several days, you’ll notice that you have the power to deal the situation and you’ll get rid of stress.

Ayurvedic and Natural Treatment of Stress

Try above mentioned methods to reduce Stress. And if it is not controllable by all these, take some Ayurvedic and natural treatment. Talk to your physician for taking some supplement.
If condition is not under control go to a medical consultant to help you cop up with this situation.

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