Is Oat Milk Gluten Free And Good For Diabetics, Hypothyroidism, Kidney- Complete Guide

Oat milk is a vegan plant based milk- derived from oat grains. If you want to know is oat milk gluten free which you are going to have then you have to be very cautious while purchasing.

Although nuts are gluten free, thus the milk derived from nuts is also gluten free. But there are chances to get contamination from other grains like wheat or rice at the time of processing in the machine which is used to.

Oat milk is very popular and is one of the most demanding alternative plant milk. Is has invented in 1990s by a Swedish scientist Rickard Oste. It has mild oatmeal like taste and creamy texture. It is used to prepare alternative yogurt, coffee creamer, ice creams and chocolates also.

Ahh! Now after completing the history and an overview about oat milk, let’s come to the point and discuss about- is oatmeal gluten free, what are the best options, uses, impact on health, benefits and much more one by one.

Is Oat Milk Gluten Free 

If you are the person having lactose intolerance or allergy from Cow’s milk like so many other persons, then you can opt oat milk as the alternative of cow’s or human milk. But there are so many nutrients which are not actually present in Oat milk, they are added while packaging to make it as nutrious as cow’s milk. 

Oat originally is gluten free. If milk prepared from oat is also good gluten free. But the problem is cross contamination at the time of processing. You have to check for third party certification on checklist at the label of your oat milk, to ensure that oat milk which you are going to purchase readymade is gluten free. 

You should prefer the most trusted and reputed brand at the time of buying and always double check for third party certification to ensure it’s free of gluten. There are some best oprions available for you to choose anyone amongst.

Best Gluten Free Oat Milk

Three of the most trusted and popular brands of oat milk are given below with a short brief:

1. Oatly Oat milk.

Oatly is the most trusted brand for oat milk in USA  and capturing around 40% of oat milk market. Oatly offers several sizes of oat milk pack. Which are gluten free, Dairy free, vegan, delicious, enriched with calcium,  Vitamins and Minerals. For more details about oatly oat milk you can read here.

2. Chobani Oat Milk

Chobani oat milk is also one of the popular brands of oat milk in USA. They are having the range of varieties. So check on the label of ingredients and certification that the pack you are choosing to buy is gluten free. You can read .ore details about chobani milk here.

3. Planet Oat Milk

Planet also offers you non gmo lactose free Dairy free and gluten free oat milk. The milk which is ready to use and having various taste options. You can check for more detail about planet oat milk here.


How Oat Milk Is Made

The preparation of oat milk is similar to any other vegan milk. The oat is indigestible due to it’s hull like any other cereals. So it’s important to remove oat’s hull first, to begin the process of oat milk preparation. Following steps are used:

  • First of all outer hull of oat is removed.
  • Then it’s stirred in warm water to make a semi solid liquid or slurry.
  • Then this slurry is treated with enzymes to make a concentrated liquid oat base.
  • Then it again treated with enzymes in the present of catalyst and increasing temperature. 
  • Now the liquid is separated from solid byproduct and filtration process takes place.
  • After completing the filtration process minerals, vitamins, sweetening agents, salt and oil added.
  • Since oat milk contains lower amount of calcium, iron, vitamin A in comparison to the traditional milk. So it is again added to the final product.
  • Now this final oat milk is pasteurized by ultra high temperature to extend its shelf life.

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How To Make Oat Milk At Home

Well! You can prepare oat milk at home as well by using raw oat, following the steps below:

  • Soak oat in the water for overnight.
  • Grind it well in your mixer.
  • Now strain it and your oat milk is ready.
  • Serve it chilled after adding any flavour if you want and enjoy it by adding sugar or salt.

Butt remember you haven’t added additional minerals, nutrients and vitamins to it at home, which is already present in readymade branded oat milk. So if you are completely replacing your milk by oat milk, then you should fulfill these by adding any other food in your diet, to avoid deficiencies in your body. 

Health Benefits And Side Effects Of Oat Milk

There are numerous aspects to be considered if asking for health effects of oat milk. Following is the explanation about benefits and side effects of oat milk considering one aspect at a time.

Is Oat Milk Good For Diabetics?

Diabetes occurs by the imbalance of insulin hormone secreted by langerhans Islands of pancrease. People having diabetes should opt the food with low glycemic index and less carbohydrate at a time, to avoid getting excessive sugar level in blood. 

Unsweetened Oat milk contains medium glycemic index and 16gm carbs per 240 ml servings. On these basis oat milk may not be a good option for diabetics. They can choose between almond mill or soy milk as an alternative to cow’s milk.

Is Oat Milk Good For Hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroidism is the result of less functioning of your thyroid gland and hyperthyroidism is over functioning of thyroid gland. Thyroid stimulating hormone is secreted by thyroid gland which is responsible for smooth breathing, weight, mood, height. 

There is no any scientific evidence available to prove that oat milk can lead to any good or bad impact on thyroid gland and its hormone secretion in any way. So it’s simple for you, if you are looking for an alternative for cow’s milk or having lactose intolerance, high cholesterol then you can opt oat milk as a vegan product to substitute your dairy milk.

Is Oat Milk Good For Kidney Disease?

Kidney is one of the most important organ in the body it works as a filter to eliminate toxins, urine and other waste particles from blood which then passed out from the body in the form of urine. 

If this filter does not work properly then this process affects and other minerals either comes out in the urine or urine will not get filtered from the blood.

Oat milk contains less amount of nutrients in comparison to traditional cow’s milk. So it leaves less burden to the wall of kidney to filter. Conclusion is that oat milk can be good alternative if you’re having kidney disease. But check on the label of ingredients for minerals, if you are buying it readymade. Best for you to prepare it at home to avoid any further complication in your kidney. Doctor’s consultation is recommended. 

Healthy Oat Milk on a wooden table as detailed close-up shot

Is Oat Milk Good For Kidney Stones?

Main culprits of stone formation in kidney are calcium and potassium oxalate. They accumulate together in kidney and make stone which can be seen in ultrasound of affected person.

Cow milk is a good source of calcium and potassium and if you are having kidney stone then intake of these milks will increase the size of your stone. Even packed readymade oat milk which are selling in the market also contain high amount of calcium and potassium. 

Either you check on the nutritional facts list to ensure the absence or present of these or you should not consume them. 

Since oat milk contains less amount of calcium or potassium than other nut milks and these are added at the time of packaging. So if you want, oat milk to consume, you should prepare it at home the recipe to make oat milk at home is described above. You can follow the steps and enjoy it. 

Coconut milk might be a good option for those having kidney stones because of least present of calcium, potassium and oxalates. Taking the advice of your consultant is recommended. 

Is Oat Milk Good For High Cholesterol?

High cholesterol is the major factor of getting cardiovascular disorders. Cholesterol accumulate in the arteries and form a layer which increases as time passes thus create hurdle in the blood flowing process. If it reach at optimum level and any small clot passes to that way, it will get stucked and will lead to heart attack.

It’s a myth that only fatty people can be at the risk of high cholesterol. In cow’s milk cholesterol is 24 grams per 240 ml. Whereas in oat milk it’s 0. So the final conclusion is if you are having the risk of high cholesterol then oat milk is the good option for you. But it shouldn’t taken as an alternative to cow’s milk or human milk for children. 

Pros And Cons Of Oat Milk 


  • Rich in fiber
  • It’s gluten free (if not contaminated).
  • High in carbohydrates. 
  • High in calories.
  • Cholesterol free
  • It’s good for heart.
  • Good for teeth and bones as oat milk is high in calcium and potassium.
  • It’s thicker than cow milk and used as a creamer in bakery products.
  • Oat milk gives you high energy.


  • Not good for the persons who want to loose weight as it’s high in calories.
  • It’s having medium glycemic index, 7 gm sugar per 240 ml. So not fot for diabetics.
  • Calcium and potassium high in oat milk, it’s  so not be a good option for those having kidney problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Oat Milk Or Almond Milk Better For You?

Oat milk or almond milk both are plant based vegan milk. These both are good substitute to cow’s milk for those having lactose intolerance or adopting vegan diet and want to increase intake of vitamin B12 and riboflavin. 

Oat is rich in fiber and improves gut health but if you are diabetic then almond milk is better for you than oat milk. As oat milk contains 7 grams sugar per 240 ml while almond milk 0 gm. Also if you are looking on weighing scale to control your weight then also almond milk should be preferred. 

Does Oat Milk Make You Bloated?

Oat milk is a rich source of soluble fiber which is good for your gut health. These fiber holds water in it and stimulates bowel movements by which accumulated waste matter eliminates from the body.  Sometimes it can produce some gases which may lead to make you bloated.

Is Oat Milk Inflammatory?

Though oat milk is a good alternative especially for those having no health issues. But since it’s high in carbohydrates may lead to inflammation and increases the risk of getting high blood sugar levels.

How much Gluten Is In Oat Milk?

Oats are naturally gluten free. But while preparing oat milk cross contamination can be occurred with wheat or any other gluten containing grain. So the chances are high in readymade oat milk to have gluten. If you want gluten free oat milk you should check for the third party certification for gluten free on the label of your pack.

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