What Is Keratin Treatment For Hair- Precautions & Best Alternatives

“Keratin treatment for hair” is also widely known by the name “Brazilian keratin treatment”. Keratin treatment for hair is a cosmetic procedure of application of chemicals to hair to make them straighten.

Here in this article, you will get the complete information about “keratin treatment for hair”:

  • it’s procedure, 
  • chemicals used in, 
  • benefits, 
  • side effects, 
  • pros and cons, 
  • safety guidelines and 
  • best products to use for keratin treatment for hair.
What Is Keratin Treatment For Hair- Precautions & Best Alternatives

What Is Keratin Treatment For Hair

Keratin treatment for hair or Brazilian keratin treatment is a procedure in which Chemicals are used to straighten the hair. It gives hair intense Shine, smoothness, glossy look and make them frizz free. It is done in beauty salons or beauty parlours by experts.

What Is The Procedure Of Keratin Treatment For Hair 

It takes around several hours to done keratin treatment for hair, process followed by several steps. All steps are as follows:

  • Firstly your hair will be washed.
  • Then your hair will be brushed.
  • In some salon, they allow you to sit for 30 minutes. So that your hair will get dry by blowing, then start the treatment but mostly salons start procedure on Wet hair.
  • Once hair get dry they start the treatment. 
  • They apply flat iron on the small sections of hair. To seal them.
  • This process takes several hours as small section of hair can be treated at a time.

Chemicals Used In Keratin Treatment For Hair

Following is the list of chemicals and equipments required during the process of keratin treatment for hair:

Benefits of Keratin Treatment For Hair

After applying keratin treatment for hair persons Express their feelings and benefits of it. Well! Results may vary person to person depending upon the texture of your hair. It also depends on how healthy and thick your hair strand is.

Different types of hair shows different types of results. Keratin treatment for hair helps you as:

  • It gives smoothness to your hair 
  • It fills the gap of protein to your hair strand 
  • Makes your hair thick
  • Helps to make your hair glossy, shining and manageable
  • Helps to change your complete hair style and looks

Keratin Treatment For Hair Side Effects

Keratin protein is a natural protein. Your hair and nails are made up of this Keratin protein mainly. 

The keratin used in this treatment is usually comes from animals, since it is a chemical process that’s why several other chemical ingredients are also added in it. The main chemical compound which you found in the list of ingredients of Keratin protein is formaldehyde.

What Is Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is a carcinogenic compound, warned by “American Cancer Society“. Which means it helps to grow cancer cells in your body. The products used in keratin treatment which contain formaldehyde they comes into the air in the form of gas when these Chemicals spray on to your hair and they easily transmited into your body and give you several health hazards.

Formaldehyde is a colourless gas with strong smell. Rather it is used in very small amount in the product but it may lead harm to your body. When Chemicals containing formaldehyde sprayed onto your hair, this gas mixes in the atmosphere around you and when your breathe in, it easily get into your body in the form of fumes and can lead some other side effects like:

  • Running nose 
  • Burning eyes 
  • Wheezing
  • Itching 
  • Skin Rash 
  • Nausea 
  • Mood changing 
  • Hair loss 
  • And some other allergic reactions.

Oh!!! Got confused. Weather you go to keratin treatment for your hair or not. Don’t worry later in this article, I’ll explain the safe process which you can use while you are going to straighten your hair.


Safety Guidelines For Keratin Treatment For Hair 

Hair is a beautiful gift given us By Nature and you should keep them healthy in a natural way to improve your looks and confidence too.

Well you can use flat irons to temporarily straighten your hair. If you use a good quality of flat iron, it won’t harm your hair strand and will help aap to keep them healthy. 

Since curly hair is rough in texture in comparison to straight hair. So you should avoid applying shampoo more often. 

You should apply shampoo on alternate days and follow the practice of applying some natural oil to your scalp. It will help to make healthy your hair naturally and smoothen too. You can apply any of the following oil:

You can order any of these oil online by just clicking on the text links above.

As we discussed above about the main ingredient formaldehyde. How harmful it is? So if you are going to book. Ok! Go to any Salon to get keratin treatment for your hair, done.

Talk to your hair dresser first which chemicals is he going to use in this procedure and read the ingredients label carefully and make sure it does not contain any form of formaldehyde. In some labels formaldehyde is mentioned by some other names which are as below:

Aldehyde, Formalin, Methanidoil, methanol, methyl alcohol, methyl aldehyde, Methylene glycol, methylene oxide, morbicid acid, formic aldehyde, bonded aldehyde. Just beware of these names if you get in the composition label.

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Pros And Cons 

Pros Of Keratin Treatment For Hair

  • Smooth and shiny hair
  • Repairs damaged hair 
  • Increases the thickness of hair strand 
  • Makes hair more manageable
  • Reduces split ends by clogging them together.
  • You get frizz free hair 
  • Long lasting results
  • It strengthen your hair that’s why breakage reduces.
  • Changes your complete look by glossy, Shiny and beautiful hair.

Cons Of Keratin Treatment For Hair 

  • Mostly products used in keratin treatment contain formaldehyde which is dangerous, if you inhale. As it is carcinogenic in nature.
  • It may be costly for you. If so, you can opt other home made solutions, which are rather less effective for long time but safe and inexpensive. 
  • You will have to avoid swimming pools as the water in pool contain sodium chloride which can damage the keratin layer on your hair.
  • You have to take extra precautions while selecting any shampoo or hair conditioner and it should not contain sodium chloride or sulphates, so that your keratin treatment go long.
  • Avoid using keratin treatment for hair if you are pregnant or on lactation

Keratin Treatment For Hair At Home

Shampoo your hair

Apply shampoo on your hair for two times to clean them completely. But if you you are having very curly II II then apply shampoo one more time to make them a little smooth and manageable. Make sure to rinse of shampoo completely. 

Apply keratin treatment onto your hair and massage

Apply keratin treatment mask on to your your damp hair from 1 inch distance to your scalp till the last tip of strands. Separate them into small sections so that on each strand mask apply completely.

Leave keratin treatment mask on your hair for 30 minutes

Now leave is keratin treatment on your hair and massage gently for 30 minutes and leave them to lock  with hair.

Rinse your hair thoroughly

After waiting for 30 minutes ring pure hair and clean the extra treatment gently.

Let your hair dry then apply iron

Let towel dry your hair or blowhot. When your hair get dry, comb them to remove locks. Now apply straight iron on small sections of hair to lock the treatment on each strand. Make sure you separate hair in very small sections so that every hair strand can be heated.

Wait to settle it completely

Now you have to wait for at least 48 to 72 hours so that the treatment tuck onto your hair and give you long lasting results. Make sure that you do not have to tie your hair or settle them behind your ear. You have to let them straight.

Wash with shampoo and apply conditioner

After waiting for 72 hours now you shampoo your hair and make sure how to apply conditioner too. 

Now you know the procedure how to do keratin treatment for hair at home. Follow these simple steps and save your money and time too.

Best Products To Use Doing Keratin Treatment For Hair

Keratin treatment is a very good procedure to repair your dull and damaged hair by dint of heat and dirt. There are too many serums, shampoo, conditioners, hair mask available in the market. But you have to check the name “keratin hydrolysates” this is the chemical which is actually plays the role to repair your damaged hair and make them stronger and smoother.

Keratin treatment for hair may cost you around between $300 to $800 depending upon the products they used to treat in and the salon according to your area all locality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is keratin treatment good for hair?

Keratin treatment makes your hair smooth and Shiny more manageable and stronger. When you apply this treatment it repairs the damage of your hair and make them thick and strong.

Is keratin treatment permanent?

No, keratin treatment is not permanent rather it is long lasting for approx 6 months to 1 year depends upon the precautions you follow as much you wash your hair sooner it will ruin.

How much does keratin treatment cost?

Keratin treatment cost may vary from $ 300 to $ 800 depending upon the salon present in which area and the products which are going to use in the treatment.

Is keratin harmful?

You can say keratin treatment is harmful as the chemical formaldehyde is used widely in this treatment’s products which are used, but if you take the precaution and opt formaldehyde free products then it will not harm you. But avoid if you are pregnant or on lactation

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