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Monkeypox disease caused by monkeypox virus which is closely similar to smallpox disease. It leaves behind milder rashes and lower mortality rate .The virus responsible for monkeypox disease is monkeypox virus which is double stranded DNA zoonotic virus. It affects both to animals and to humen.

what is monkeyPox 

Animals are the carriers of MonkeyPox virus. It was first detected and identified in Denmark in a crab eating monkey. It contains double stranded DNA and it belongs to genus Orthopoxvirus and the family Poxviridea.

It’s a zoonotic virus primarily found in the tropical  rainforest of Central and West Africa. From there it is exported off and on to the other places. Symptoms are closely similar to smallpox. 

MonkeyPox symptoms

Monkeypox disease- symptoms appear after 14 days as it has 10-14 days incubation period and when this incubation period finishes symptoms starts appearing. Following is a list of symptoms of monkeypox:

  • Muscles pain 
  • Swelling in lymph nodes
  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Mild body rashes
  • Lack of energy 
  • Initially appears like chicken pox measles or smallpox
  • The rashes usually appears on the face farms on hand or on soles of the feet.
  • In some cases it affects oral mucosa, conjunctivitis as well as cornea, genitalia.

Symptoms of Monkey pox usually appears for 2-4 weeks and its not very fatal. But the condition may very it can be severely effect to children or to those having week immunity.

How infectious is monkeypox

MonkeyPox has 0-1% mortality rate and now in the range of in between 3-6% of mortality. However monkey Pox is not a spreading disease, usually it’s a self limited disease. Although it can be severe in the case of children. It can take approx 3-13 days or 5-21 days.

Fever May start from the beginning of it from 0-3 days followed by eruption starts on the skin leads to skin rashes. It is closely similar to smallpox, however smallpox showed it’s fatality over 30% when it was spread out worldwide in 1977 and in 1980. Then a vaccine campaign was rolled out to beat smallpox worldwide and still it’s being followed.

Monkeypox virus outbreak

MonkeyPox virus was detected in human in 1970 and followed by in 1986. At that time more than 400 cases were reported with a small outbreak of 10% of death rate. It started spreading human to human rapidly and it was thought that it firstly transmitted by animal to human through animal fluid contact. All these happen in Central and West Africa.

In 1996 and 1997 and outbreak was reported in Congo with low mortality rate and higher and Rapid transmission

Another outbreak was reported in 2003 outside the Africa in mid Western United States, Indiana, New Jersey and in Wisconsin. Although deaths were not reported.

In 2017 outbreak was reported in Nigeria over 500 cases vs affected in which over 200 were confirmed cases with 3% mortality rate and it is continued till now. From Nigeria monkeypox transported via travellers, travelling from Nigeria to Israel in September 2018, in United Kingdom in September 2018, in December 2019 in May 2021 and in May 2022. 

Then it is spreaded to Singapore in May 2019, to United States in July and November in 2021 and in May 2022 so many cases are being identified.

how monkeyPox transmitted 

The monkeyPox virus can be transmitted from both animal to human and human to human

1.  Animal to Human: When it is transmitted from animal to human then it will occur while animal biting to human or to come in the contact of infected animal’s fluid. When any human comes in the contact of infected animal’s blood, bodily fluid, cutaneous or mucosal lessons then only it can be transmitted from animal to human.

It can also be transmitted to non vegetarians if they eat inadequately or uncooked meat of infected animals.

2.  Human to Human: From human to human in it can be transmitted through respiration air droplets present in the air of infected person. Through Skin lessons by very close contact to the surface to which infected person touched. Prolonged face to face contacts of family members, health practitioners, peers.

It can also be transmitted from an infected pregnant woman to a fetus through placenta or close contact during or after birth of a child.

Monkeypox virus can also be transmitted from sexual transmission route. Although the evidences and studies are still needed to advocate about the transmission of Monkey Pox virus.

MonkeyPox vaccine

  • The vaccines of smallpox showing the efficacy to cure monkeypox and it is around 85%.
  • Those who have vaccinated for smallpox prior may show mild illness.
  • At present the available smallpox vaccines are no longer publicly available for general public. As these are provided to has been used by health workers to protect themselves against monkeypox because they are more likely to be infected.
  • A new vaccine was approved especially for monkey Fox in 2019 is vaccinea virus Ankara strain which is 2 dose effective vaccine and its available is also limited.

Prevention of Monkeypox virus

Monkey Pox virus can be prevented by educating people about risk factors and possibilities of get infected. If people will get educated about risk factors and transmission diase they will help themselves to keep protected and away from getting infected by monkeypox virus. There are some factors that can be followed to keep protected or to prevent monkeypox virus infection, which are:

  • By reducing human to human contact.
  • Immediately take the sample of suspect, if any. So the cure can be proceeded.
  • Sample should be handled by the trained staff.
  • If sample has to be transported then use triple packaging according to WHO guidelines
  • In the case of monkeypox infection, caretaker should be the person who is vaccinated of smallpox prior.
  • Unprotected contact with wild animals should be avoided. Weather it’s their blood, meat or dead body.
  • If you can not prevent yourself from eating meat then make sure it is properly cooked.
  • If any animal is suspected to be infected by monkeypox virus then it should be quarantined for atleast 30 days from other animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Where did monkeypox originate?

Ans.  Monkeypox virus was originated in the tropical forests of Central Africa and West Africa. It was first identified in 1958 in Denmark in monkeys and in 1970 in human. 

Q.   Is monkeypox related to smallpox?

Ans. Monkeypox virus is responsible for monkeypox disease and it belongs to the family of virus called orthopoxvirus which is very much similar to smallpox.

Q.   Is there a cure for monkeypox?

Ans.  There is no as such treatment available especially for monkeypox as of now but smallpox vaccines, anti viral drugs are being used to control it in United States. 

Q.  Is monkeypox air borne?

Ans. There is lack of evidence based theory if monkeypox virus air borne. But it can be spread by droplets of infected person present in the air. So it is important to keep away yourself from others as much as possible or protect yourself from getting inhaled by air.

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