Tips To Get Rid Of Hook Nose Shape & Nose Hump Reduction Naturally

Here are some tips to get rid of hook nose and nose hump reduction naturally without surgery. However nose humps are neither unhealthy nor dangerous to any person. It just affects on the appearance and looks of yours.

There is a bone and cartilage present under your nasal skin to shape it up. At the starting of nose there is a bone which is a hard part and followed by cartilage which is flexible and ends to the tip of your nose by making a slope or a bridge.

Sometimes there are some irregularities can be seen by extra enlargement of nasal bone or cartilage and making the nose hump and lead to the appearance of hook nose.

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Tips To Get Rid Of Hook Nose & Nose Hump Reduction Naturally

There are several exercises which you have to perform on regular basis for nose hump reduction naturally. However hook nose can be treated by undergoing rhinoplasty which is very popular nowadays. But, if you are conscience about your appearance and looking for the solution to get rid of hook nose naturally then you can do some massage exercises following the steps below:

  • First of all apply any oil to grease the skin of nose so that to avoid rubbing rashes.
  • You have to use just your index finger and middle finger for doing nasal massage gently.
  • Now start the massage or exercise starting from the nasal bone first. Put your fingers at the both side of nasal bone just below the eye and gently press it in circular motion for 30 seconds.
  • Now target upper lateral cartilage after nasal bone massage. Just put your finger at the both sides of upper lateral cartilage which is present below the nasal bone and gently press them starting from the nose to the cheek motion.
  • After upper lateral cartilage now is the tern of lower lateral cartilage. Put your above mentioned two fingers at the last edge of nose and press it gently inside for 30 seconds.
  • Now keep your both index fingers at the septum or hook area and press gently. After pressing it just blend your fingers to the cheek area. Now again repeat the the process by both index fingers and again blended to cheek to give a proper shape. Just do it for 60 seconds.

You will start feeling the changes of you nose hump reduction after following these massage steps for at least a 10-15 days. You can see noticeable changes after 6 months doing it regularly.

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To understand the exact terms and scientific names used in the exercise tips to get rid of hook nose naturally, you should read nose anatomy which is explained below.

Nose Anatomy

  • There is a nasal bone at the starting of nose which you must have seen if you have ever looked up at any skeleton. Which is the hard part of nose and can’t be move.
  • At the end of nasal bone there are two upper lateral cartilage on the both sides of nose which are jointed to the nasal bone.
  • Then there are two lower lateral cartilage followed by upper lateral cartilage at the both sides of nose which are present at the lower tip of nose.
  • There is a septum present between these to parts and making a bridge or a slope starting from the nosal bone to the tip of nose.

After knowing the bony and cartilage structure of nose, now come to the parts of nose, there are three parts of nose which are: 

  • Nostril : Nostrils are two holes through which we breathin and breathout and also inhales any good or bad aroma.
  • Septum : Septum is a separator between these two nostrils and separates these two from each other by making a bridge.
  • Nasal cavity : Nasal cavity is a space behind these two nostrils and connected to the throat.

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Other Popular Ways Of Nose Hump Reduction (Surgical And Non Surgical)

After knowing the tips to get rid of hook nose and nose hump reduction naturally. Now let’s discuss about the other ways of nose hump reduction. There is a major most popular way to reduce nose hump which Rhino plasty and rhinoplasty can be of two types surgical and non surgical. Now let’s see a little brief about these two:

A. Surgical Rhinoplasty

Surgical rhinoplasty is again of two types open and closed:

1. Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is a traditional method to shape up your nose. In this surgery local anaesthesia is given and your plastic surgeon make a small incision to take a full view of bone and cartilage.

Then a small amount of hook which is responsible for the hump is removed by cutting and then it’s been closed after resetting your nasal bone.

Your hooked shape nose improves to flatten and sharpen. It takes up to 3 weeks to recover on an average.

2. Closed Rhinoplasty

Close rhinoplasty is performed through your nostrils. In this surgery your plastic surgeon gives you general anesthesia and works underneath your nostril to cut the extra growth of your bone and cartilage above to the passage of your nostrils.

Closed rhinoplasty requires less time to recover then open rhinoplasty. It takes around 1 to 2 weeks to heel up completely.

In both the rhinoplasty surgery you should likely to place a metal or a plaster splint outside your nose to protect it until your bone and your cartilage take proper position and completely heel up.

B. Non Surgical Or Liquid Rhinoplasty

Non surgical or liquid rhinoplasty is a procedure of liquid filling in the surroundings of your nose hump area to reduce its appearance.

This process does not take any surgical equipment or to undergo to any surgery. There are actually fillers which are injected around your nose hook to flatten and to make smooth and even the shape of nose skin to disappear the nose hump.

The results of non surgical rhinoplasty may last from 6 months to 2 years and then you have to again undergo for dermal fillers to be injected by your plastic surgeon.

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What Causes Nose Hump

After getting the remedy to how to get rid of hook nose and nose hump reduction naturally, now let’s understand what causes nose hump actually. There are several factors which are responsible to create hook nose by creating nose hump. You can understand about all these culprits responsible to creating nose hump by reading below:

1. Genetic : Sometimes it is genetically present in the DNA of a person and inherent to the next generation. It may not appear at the time of birth in an infant but lately starts appearing.

2. Injury And Infection : Sometimes nose hump can be form by the injury on your nose. Nasal bone or cartilage may damage or broken up which lately form a bump while healing process.

Sometimes nose hump forms while getting injured during nose piercing or plucking hair from the nostrils. These may lead to severe infection, redness, swelling and creates a nose hump.

3. Other Medical Conditions : In some cases nose hump doesn’t form buy all about reasons but other medical conditions are involved to provoke it. Sometimes and unusual growth starts covering sinuses which leads to discode and giving the grounds to grow bacterial infection of a specific bacteria called staphylococcus aureus.When does infection or medical condition becomes severe it takes the shape of nose hump. 

Does Nose Hump Harm You

Nose hump does not harm you on your health, as this is not a medical condition which can affect or impact directly or indirectly on your Physical health.

Even if you are having a hook nose or a nose hump your breathing will not be a restricted or it will not create any hindrance in the passage to breathe in the oxygen or to breathe out.

Most commonly removal of nose hump is the matter of appearance a person who is conscience about the appearance and looks. if tit is then you should undergo to surgery or follow the steps to get rid of hook nose naturally.

The decision of removal of nose hump is totally depend on a person’s choice of looks and does not impact or forced by any medical professional to improve any health aspect.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reduce the hump on my nose?

There are two ways to reduce hump on your nose- one is surgery called rhinoplasty which is very popular to get rid of hook nose. Fillers can also be filled in surrounding area of nose hump to reduce it’s extra appearance by flattening surrounding area of it.

How can I reduce my nose bone naturally?

If you are looking for the solution of nose hump reduction naturally, then you have to follow the steps of several exercises to reduce it without any surgery. The process and steps of exercises are above mentioned you can follow those. You can follow “O” shaped pressing motions to your nose hump using index finger.

Are nose humps common?

Nose bumps are very common and it do not impact on your health. It can be treated by undergoing a surgery called rhinoplasty. Also you can get rid of hook nose naturally by doing several exercises which may take around 6 months to see noticeable results.

Why does my nose have a hump?

An extra growth in your nose bone or cartilage leads to nose hump which is very common. So many celebrities are also having nose hump.

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