Is Oat Milk Or Almond Milk Better For You – Pros And Cons, All Doubts Cleared

A big confusion will be end about “Is oat milk or almond milk better for you”, after reading this 3 minutes article. Both oat milk and almond milk are vegan, plant based milks but having different nutritional values and different health effects.

Milk is considered to be a full nutritional stuff since thousands of years. And it usually taken from any mammals. All mammals have the efficiency to produce milk but we, human, can consuming only of few mammals milk like cow, buffalos, goat, camel. 

The milk taken from any mammals is called dairy milk and is considered as whole meal or nutritional pack, like you get every essential element in it as desired from your daily diet to your body. It is, a white coloured liquid fluid, rich of fat and protein. 

If dairy milk is as much healthy then why we need to replace it? Well, As the time passes people start getting food allergies, lactose intolerance and for being environment friendly more emphasising on vegan diet. Hence this traditional dairy milk is being replaced by nutty milk, which is vegan and lactose free.

Now two most common vegan milks enter in this picture i.e. soy milk, oat milk, almond milk and other starch or nut milks. These are vegan and healthier and best alternatives to dairy milk. 

The most popular alternatives to dairy milk are either oat milk or almond milk. Now confusion starts– to which to opt?? Is oat milk or almond milk better for you. But don’t worry, your search will end here– by getting the fact based answer.

Let’s start discussing about oat milk vs almond milk. 

Is Oat Milk Or Almond Milk Better For You 

Dairy Milk alternatives or substitutes are prepared by either blending or extracting plant based materials. Then these alternative milk undergoes to some other processes to increase their shelf lives, so that it can be stored for a long time to consume. 

oat milk in a bottle upon oats

Dairy milk contains around 8 grams of protien in 1 cup (240 ml), Sodium, Potassium, magnesium, Vitamin D, iron, Phosphorus, vitamin B12, vitamin A, riboflavin. Where as oat milk and almond milk both have different nutritional profiles, as published by United States Department of Agriculture, which are described as below in a chart:

Nutrients per 240 ml servings

Oat Milk (unsweetened)

Almond Milk (unsweetened)

Protein 3 grams1.5 grams
Fat5 grams3 grams
Sugar7 grams1 grams
Fibers1.9 grams1 gram
Carbs16 grams2 grams
Potassium389 miligrams190 miligrams
Calcium350 miligrams451 miligrams
Sodium101 miligrams180 miligrams
Iron0.3 miligrams0.7 miligrams
Vitamin A0 IU449 IU
Vitamin D144 IU110 IU
Vitamin B121.2 IU0
nutrients comparison chart of oat milk and almond milk

Vitamin A fortification is required only in skimmed milk where as vitamin D fortification is mandatory for milk in US.

Pros And Cons Of Oat Milk And Almond Milk

After knowing nutritional values of oat Milk and almond milk, it is easy to choose between the both. But so many things are still in a state of confusion. To clarify it deeply, we will discuss about pros and cons and benefits of oat milk or almond milk both separately. So that you can choose the best as per your health and needs of daily calorie intakes to your body.

Pros And Cons of Oat Milk 

  • Oat milk glycemic index is 60 which is medium.
  • Oat milk is considered to be a better option to replace Dairy Milk in vegan diet or in some other medical conditions like lactose intolerance or allergies to mammal milk.
  • If you compare oat milk with cow’s milk, calorie intakes are similar. In cow’s milk (per 240 ml) you get 149 calories whereas in Oat milk you get 120 cal.
  • It contains 40% of protein and 63% of fat where only 10% is saturated fat.
  • In Oat milk sugar content is just half in comparison to cow’s milk.
  • Cow’s milk do not have fibre content in it, where as oat milk contains 2 grams of dietary fibres which is very good for your gut health and to keep your digestive system healthy.
  • Oat milk’s glycemic index is 60 whereas cow’s milk contains 47.
  • It is used widely at the major coffee shops as it needs less steam to froth.
  • It’s rich, creamy and of course delicious as cow’s milk.
Organic White Almond Milk in a Jug

Pros And Cons Of Almond Milk

  • Almond milk is a fast growing product in beverage industry.
  • Apart from the nutrients mentioned in the above chart almond milk also contains vitamin E in a rich amount which is very essential for cell’s strengthening and growth. It rejuvenate your skin as well as to nourish your hair.
  • It can protect you from severe health issues such as heart disease, stroke aur event cancer as almond milk contains natural antioxidants.
  • It is an excellent source of phosphorus which helps to keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong.
  • Almond milk (1.5gm) contains one fifth part of the protein in comparison to cow’s milk(7gm) so if you are replacing breast milk with almond milk, it is not recommended to.
  • Almond milk produces 3 times less calories in comparison to oat milk. So if you are overweight then it could be the best option to replace your dairy milk with almond milk.
  • Almond oil is a bad source of protein and fat so it should not be use as a replacement of cow’s or breast milk to infants and kids. As it may slower their growth and development and to be avoided to give to underweight persons.

Oat Milk vs Almond Milk For Weight Loss

If you compare between oat Milk or almond milk for weight loss then almond milk would be the best option for it. As almond milk contains less amount of protein and fat in comparison to oat milk and Cow’s milk. Beacause almond milk is plant based and is not from any animal source hence it is cholesterol free.

Almond milk just contains 40 calories whereas normal cow’s milk contain 169 calories, oat milk 120 calories and skimmed milk contain 91 calories.

Upper left bulky stomach, upper right almond milk in a bottle and almonds and below is weighing scale image

Oat Milk Versus Almond Milk Taste

Oat milk contains smooth and creamy texture and tastes similar to cow’s milk. As it requires less steam to give a good amount of froth, it is used widely in the Preparing of coffee at major coffee shops and they also put a little bit of oil also like Sunflower oil to make it more creamy and Frothy.

Almond milk also contains smooth and creamy texture and tastes a bit neutral or somewhere resembled to nutty but moreover as cow’s milk. Some of the brands put added almond flavour in it, to make it more delicious and tasty.

Oat Milk Or Almond Milk For Protein Shake

Oat milk can be the best option for protein shakes to those who have lactose intolerance and don’t want to have nut flavour. Oat milk contains a little less protein then cow’s milk but more than almond milk. You can have a reference from above chart.

Oat milk contains high calories content (120)  then almond milk(40). For those who have to work more physically just like athletes and any other person who have to perform physically more oat milk in protein shakes can provide good calorie content to perform further.

Almond milk can be a best alternative for protein shakes to those who has cravings to have cow’ milk. As cow milk contains more protein in it, hence is may result in overweight. 

But on the other hand if you prefer almond milk for protein shake then you will get less protein and less calories intake. But a power pack of vitamin A, D, E and riboflavin which helps to increase metabolic rate of body and to convert stored fat into fuel.

So, considering all the aspects, if you want to lose weight or you have to satisfy your cow’s milk craving along with maintaining the body weight and nutritions then you should opt almond milk for protein shake.

Oat Milk Versus Almond Milk Calories

Oat milk contains 120 calories whereas you will get 40 calories by almond milk. Hence the persons who are conscience to their weight should go for almond milk and for those who have perform more of physical labour should go for oat milk. If you are looking for the alternative to cow’s milk but in a confusion state– is oat milk or almond milk better for you.

Oat Milk vs Almond Milk For Toddlers 

For toddlers neither oat milk nor almond milk is recommended. They should be given Cow’s milk. As Cow’s milk contain more of protein and fat content in it in comparison to oat milk and almond milk. This protein and fat is very very essential for toddlers overall growth and their development. Do not give oat milk or almond milk to the kids under 5 as a replacement of cow’s milk. 

For kids over 12 years can be given oat milk if they want to opt any alternative to Dairy Milk and looking for any vegan milk substitute. As oat milk contains high calorie counts in comparison to any other nut milk or vegan milk.

Is Oat Milk Or Almond Milk Better For The Environment

As per the data of Columbia University’s Climate School oat milk is having less carbon footprints in comparison to any other its competitor whether it is almond milk or soya milk.

In the preparation of milk both almond and oats are soaked into the water then blended and strained. The pulp remains after the straining and if this pulp put in to the land , it produces methane gas, which is 80 times worse than the carbon dioxide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Is oat Milk or almond milk sweeter?

Ans. Oat milk is slightly but a little more sweeter naturally as it contains 7 grams of sugar in 240 ml oat milk where as almond milk contains 1 gram sugar in the same quantity. But it can be fluctuated if there is any added sugar in it by the manufacturer. Before buying see the ingredient list and nutritional facts, it may vary from brand to brand.

Q2. Is oat Milk or almond milk better for Cholesterol?

Ans. Oat milk or almond milk both do not contain cholesterol naturally. You should refer the list of nutritional facts on the label, if it is added by the brand.

Q3. Which is better for diabetics oat milk or almond milk?

Ans. For diabetics almond milk is better option as it contains only 1 gram of sugar naturally which is quite less if you compare it with Dairy Milk or oat milk.

Q4. Which has more carbs oat milk or almond milk?

Ans. Oat milk contains more carbs than almond milk. You can refer the chart above for reference where clearly mentioned that oat milk contains 16 grams of carbs and almond milk contains 2 grams carb.

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