Ozempic Foods To Avoid For Weight Loss, Side Effects Complete Guidance

Ozempic (semaglutide) is similar to human like hormone ‘insulin’. It can work properly if you follow the list of ozempic foods to avoid to control your blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes in adults, along with diet and exercise.

To know the importance of the list of ozempic foods to avoid, first of all let’s discuss about what is ozempic and how it works. Everything will be covered here one by one in detail. Let’s get started;


What Is Ozempic

Ozempic is a brand name selling semaglutide medicine. There are various other brands also available like wegovy, rybelsus. But ozempic is more popular amongst and was approved to be injected in year 2017 in United States for medical uses.

Semaglutide under brand name ozempic is used for the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes and for long term weight loss or weight management in adults. Semaglutide present in ozempic acts as human glucagon-like peptide 1 (GLP 1). It stimulates increased secretion of insulin which thus promotes sugar metabolism in high amount.

Ozempic is a prefilled, for single patient use, disposable pen which is injected to control high blood sugar, to maintain insulin level and to improve digestion along with diet and exercise. It’s used on type 2 diabetes patients in adults only. 

Ozempic Uses

  • Semaglutide present in ozempic is used as diet during exercise to improve glycaemic index control.
  • It is used to control type 2 diabetes.
  • Also it is used on fatty people to control their fat in long-term weight management in adults.
  • If you are type 2 diabetes patient with known heart problem then it may reduce the risk of major cardiovascular disorder, heart attack, stroke.

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How Does Ozempic Work

Semaglutide present in ozempic works as an insulin stimulator. It stimulates Langerhans islands in pancreas to produce more amount of insulin. This insulin is responsible to control blood sugar levels. It actually enhances the growth of Beta cells present in pancreas which produces insulin.

It inhibits the  over secretion of glucagon hormone which is responsible to increase blood sugar level.

It is good for weight loss as it delays the digestion of food in stomach thus reduces food intake. If your stomach feels you fuller then your appetite will automatically get lowered and you will not intake food for long time. This is the secret how semaglutide present in ozempic works on weight loss management in long term.

It also increases sugar metabolism thus it stops further accumulation of sugar by converting into fat and controls your body weight.

It inhibits liver to produce too much sugar.

Ozempic Foods To Avoid

However there is no specific ozempic foods to avoid list. But you should follow the entire diet plan as to be followed in type 2 diabetes. There are some restrictions and limitations for ozempic foods to avoid which includes following:

  • You have to avoid fried food like chips, cutlets, French fries and any other sort of fried stuff.
  • Greasy foods are also come in the ozempic foods to avoid list. The foods which are more creamy or buttery do come in this category.
  • Cane sugar
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Candies
  • Cookies
  • Pastries
  • Sweetened dairy products
  • You have to avoid sweet foods as these are also come in the category of ozempic foods to avoid.
  • Apart from the above ozempic foods to avoid, there are some guidelines also which have to  follow like to eat slowly and smaller amount at a time.
  • Small small meals should be taken more frequently.
  • Ask your diabetician for ozempic foods to avoid and you’ll be guided according to your body need.

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Criteria For Ozempic, Dosage And Safety Guidelines

  • Ozempic dosage can be taken from 0.5 mg to 1 mg once weekly as per the prescribed quantity suggested by medical practitioner only.
  • Before filling the injection check it visually if precipitation or discoloration appears then do not use that one take another and fresh. 
  • Clean the area with spirit or any other alcohol before injecting and change site on every application to avoid more injury under the skin.
  • If you are having family history of thyroid or you are affected by thyroid problem then it shouldn’t be taken without recommendation of your medical specialist.
  • As we all know from the above few lines that it stimulates the secretion of insulin hormone which lowers blood sugar level. If your blood sugar tends to be lower then be cautious it can further make it down.
  • Sometimes Semaglutide in ozempic shows some allergic reactions. So you have to take it under observation of your specialist while start taking it to check whether it suits you or triggers any allergy.
  • Do not take ozempic for just buy and try to get the advantages to lose body weight without prescription. As it works on your endocrine system which controls your body completely. If your body or your medical condition do not suit to use ozempic, it will leave harsh and adverse effects also.
  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding mother then you should not take ozempic. Even if you are planning to get pregnant then also you should stop using ozempic 2 months prior.
  • Follow the list of ozempic foods to avoid for better results.

Ozempic vs Metformin

Ozempic and metformin both the medicines are used to control type 2 diabetes blood sugar level. Ozempic is taken once in a week and lowers blood sugar level while metformin is taken daily and it also lowers the blood sugar.

Both ozempic and metformin should not be taken simultaneously without prescribed by your medical practitioner. Otherwise this practice may lower your blood sugar and you will affected by hypoglycemia. In severe cases you’ll get fainted and need hospitalization as well.

Ozempic vs Trulicity

Ozempic and trulicity both are classified GLP 1 agonist medicines for type 2 diabetes. Main ingredient in ozempic is semaglutide whereas in trulicity main active ingredient is dulaglutide.

Both ozempic and trulicity are non generic medicines. That means these can be bought and consumed by prescription of authorized doctor only. Both are available in injectable Pen formed and applied once weekly and should be taken as prescribed quantity of your consultant doctor only.

Ozempic side effects

There are Side Effects or adverse effects of semaglutide in ozempic which are:

  • Nausea 
  • Vomiting 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Constipation 
  • Diarrhoea 
  • In heart patients retina damage 
  • It may lower blood sugar level which can cause sweating, mood swing, anxiety, weakness, shakiness and blurred vision.

And some less and rare side effects may include: 

  • Kidney problems 
  • Allergic reactions 
  • Lowered blood sugar levels or 
  • Pancreatitis
  • Swelling on tongue, throat, face or lips.
  • Fainting or dizziness

These are the side effects of ozempic for weight loss also if your nondiabetic. If any of the above symptom appears stop using ozempic immediately and rush to get medical help and support right away.

Ozempic For Weight Loss

There is a relationship between obesity and type 2 diabetes, first of all you should know about. Ozempic is not for weight loss it is a diabetic drug to control type 2 diabetes in adults, along with diet and exercise. Semaglutide improves blood sugar levels because it increases sugar metabolic rate to control blood sugar and weight loss is the by product of this mechanism.

Ozempic For Weight Loss Non Diabetic

Ozempic is not yet approved for weight loss for those are non diabetic. Semaglutide is the medicine to control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes patient and if you are not diabetic and just taking ozempic for weight loss, it can lead hypoglycemia and you may face some severe side effects and death risk is also included. Do not take it without the prescription of your doctor.

Non diabetics should follow another way to loose weight rather than using ozempic pen. Like most common and very popular way is honey and lemon but before starting you should know about honey and lemon for weight loss disadvantages as well.

Ozempic For Weight Loss Dosage

Although Ozempic is not a weight loss medicine or injection it is for blood sugar control for the patients of type 2 diabetes and weight loss is the by product of its mechanism. All these will work with ozempic only, if you follow the list of ozempic foods to avoid.

Because semaglutide (ozempic) increases the metabolic rate of sugar by which sugar starts burning and it leads to weight loss also. Since it is injected once in a week, it start working from the first week itself but it takes around 8 weeks or longer time to show its complete effect.

Be cautious while using semaglutide injection as this is very risky if you take it without the prescription. Do not use semaglutide just to Lose your weight it can lead thyroid tumor and so many other problems as an adverse effect. It is highly recommended to consult medical practitioner for taking about the doses of ozempic.

Ozempic side effects how long does it last

Some common and minor side effects are temporary and are manageable while you are on ozempic. But if you have stopped taking it then it could take about 5 weeks from the last dose of it to clear the precipitation of semaglutide from your entire body and side effects can be seen during this period.

What Happens If You Take Too Much Ozempic

If ozempic is taken in much amount it can lead to hypoglycemia which is severe risk problem. Immediately call to emergency medical service or to poison control Centre, if started feeling trouble in breathing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you eat sugar while on Ozempic?

No, sugar is restricted while you are on ozempic as it controls your blood sugar level, if you take sugar from the outside of your body in your food then ozempic may not work well on controlling your blood sugar. So it’s advised to be avoided to eat sugar while on ozempic.

How much weight can you lose in a month with Ozempic?

In several studies it is found that obese people lost their 15% of their body weight using semaglutide (ozempic).

Is Ozempic Approved For Weight Loss?

The medicine semaglutide which is present in ozempic has been approved by United States FDA in 2021 to use for long term weight management and for weight loss in adults. 

Is Ozempic Insulin?

Ozempic is classified in a group of medications called GLP 1 receptor agonist. Ozempic is an injectable diabetes drug but not an insulin.

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