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Pegan diet plan is the most trendy nowadays as it is the outcome of the combination of two very popular paleo and vegan diet. 

Here we will discuss about pegan diet food list, breakfast, recipes, pegan diet 21 principles, pegan 365 diet everything indepth one by one. 

What Is The Pegan Diet

Pegan diet is, introduced by Dr. Mark Hyman M.D.,  the combination of two most trendy diet plans paleo diet and vegan diet. As if we follow 1 from these two diet plan options, will have to restrict ourselves either on veggies or on non-vegetarian food.

When we follow pegan diet plan we could eat both of them, whether veggies or non veg. In vegetarian diet protein resources are limited, so sometimes it’s very difficult to fulfill the desired quantity of protein to your body.

On the other hand, if you follow paleo diet, sometimes it could be very heavy for your stomach to digest non veg everytime. So in this scenario pegan diet is the best option to opt to have both the combinations.


What Does Pegan Diet Stand For

“P+egan” this is the structure of pegan diet where “P” is taken from paleo and “egan” is taken from vegan.

How Does The Pegan Diet Work

The principle of pegan diet is a diet that is rich of nutrients and is the combination of 75% plant based and remaining 25% from animal resources. The main motto of pegan diet is to fulfill all deficiencies of nutrients in the body which we avoid usually in our daily busy life. But processed foods are off.

  • It lower the inflammation and blood sugar level in the body, thus prevents any major complication to be occur like type 2 diabetes. 
  • It keeps you full all the time, so you manage to keep away yourself away to having any unhealthy food to fulfill your carvings. 
  • It’s eco friendly, as you eat only that food which is given by nature, you are not going to have any processed food during pegan diet.
  • It helps to boost your stamina to perform any physical activity and enhances your immunity as well in natural way, as you take all nutrients which are desired and essential for your body to perform perfectly in all manners.

Pegan Diet Plan

Pegan diet plan is becoming more trendy nowadays and it can confuse you a bit to what to eat or not.

But don’t worry here you will get complete checklist with explanation of this theory. So firstly we discuss what are are pegan diet rules:

Pegan Diet Rules

Pegan diet rule is to stick on 75% on plant based food (like veggies, fruits, nuts, pulses etc.) and remaining 25% animal source food ( it can be milk, egg, meat, fish etc.). Following are the key points of pegan diet, you can easily understand all by these points:

Pegan Diet Key Points:

  • Dr. Mark Hyman- Dr. Mark Hyman M.D. is an American physician, founder and director of Ultrawellness Center. He is the 12 times best selling author in Newyork Times as well. Dr. Hyman introduced the pegan diet for eveyone after a long research on various aspects.
  • The pegan diet- Dr. Mark Hyman noticed that if a person follows vegan diet—- resources are limited especially for protein requirements. And if paloe diet then you have to stick on animal based food. Then he started his analysis given below:
  • Analysis of the studies on food- To decide and introduce any diet plan for others to follow is not as easy as it appears. As it is a big responsibility because people trust you. They trust you for thier good health blindly. Then he analyzed about food, thier nutrients and efficacy indepth by various studies.
  • Food is medicine approach- Then he came to a conclusion, he thought in ancient time people were used to be very fit and energetic without any medicine. They were very close to nature, as nature itself gave us all medicines by natural products. Then finally after long research he came to a conclusion that food can be treated as medine. 
  • Food is medicine- We can cure and even prevent to incure any disease by food. If food is taken in a correct amount and manner as a medicine it can control your blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation. So Eat your medicine: the pegan diet.
  • Belly fat- Not only any disease but you can control your weight as well. Pegan diet plan helps you to lose your sticky belly fat without extra efforts. Ir keeps satisfied your unnecessary carvings and also you are restricted to having any processed food during pegan diet plan which is the foremost cause of over wright and belly fat.
  • Aging and belly fat- This pegan diet plan is rich of antioxidants and it is rich of fiber. It detoxifies your body. In this manner it works as anti aging by reducing your fat and eliminating toxins from the body.
  • The 75 percent rule- It’s 75% rule is you have to eat 75% plant based foods like green leafy veggies, fruits. This section of your diet keeps you hydrated all the time because it holds and contain maximum amount of water in it and in spite of rich of nutrients, it is full of fiber as well. Thus keeps your gut healthy.

Pegan Diet 21 Principles 

In pegan diet 21 principles Dr. Hyman explained how to treat or reverse any disease by eating good food. Paleo diet has it’s own pros and cons (like rich of protein but excess in fat) and so in vegan diet too(like rich in all nutrients and hydration but protein sources are tuff and limited). 

He took and combined the best diet foods out of both the diet plans, which is easy to follow and to procure i.e. The Pegan Diet 21 Principles. 

What Is The Pegan 365 Diet

With pegan 365 diet you get different recipes and taste whole year. Just you have to ensure to take everyday:

  • 5 cups of vegetable ( choose any one- non starchy vegetables like asparagus, Kale, broccoli).
  • 4 carbs ( choose any one- either fruit, grain or starchy vegetables, 1/2 cup grains, one piece bread, half cup oats, sweet potatoes, corn).
  • 3 servings of protein (choose any one- 2 vegan protein like grains, tofu, tempeh, seeds or nuts and one paleo protein like 2 eggs or 3 oz of chicken, meat oe fish)
  • 2 fats (choose any one- 1/4 avocado, 1tbsp oil, 1 oz nut or 1 tbsp nut butter)
  • 1 dairy substitute (choose any one- nut milk, nut cheese or nor dairy yogurt).

Pegan Diet Food List- What You Can Eat

Following is the pegan diet food list for your reference, you can follow:

  • All types of fruits with low glycemic index like apple, pear, cherries, strawberries, papaya.
  • All vegetables but morr emphasis on green leafy veggies. 
  • Nuts, grains, seeds (except peanut).
  • Olive oil or other good fat like avocado.
  • Non dairy milk like nut or coconut milk. 
  • Eggs
  • Meat, chicken (preferably grass fed)
  • Fish (salmon, sardines)
  • Black or brown rice.
  • Legumes( beans and lentils 1 cup per day)
  • Little amount of sugar.
  • Grass fed and sustainably sourced animal protein.

What Can You Not Eat On The Pegan Diet

Pegan diet is not very strict diet plan like others. It is so easy for you to adopt as you are very flexible with it … no restrictions like when to eat, how much to eat. 

However some foods are in the restriction catogory of pegan diet, like:

  • Dairy products- milk, cheese, yogurt.
  • Processed foods- as they contain added sugar, oil and preservatives. 
  • Packed juices, icecream or soft drinks- as it contain huge amount of sugar.
  • Gluten rich grains like oat, wheat, barley. 
  • Packed snacks and baked food- as it contain bad oil.
  • High glycemic index fruits like mango.

10 Pegan Diet Recipes – For Breakfast And Main Course

Few pegan diet recipes are given below, you can add extra nutrition in your diet along with healthy fat, by adding them.

1.  Salmon stuffed avocados– Salmon fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids which is very healthy for your heart. You can combine avocado with Salman fish to make a healthy diet.

2.  Avocado and kale omelet- Avocado is very healthy alike kale also, kale is rich of fibers. You can add them in your omelet and it will satisfy your carving for long times and keep you away to having food again and again.

3.  Baked eggs in tomato sauce and kale- You can bake eggs in tangy and spicy tomato sauce for a twist with kale. Do not forget to add whole grain bread to them, to make it healthy and to satisfy your hunger.

4.  Roasted cauliflower and potato soup curry- Roast cauliflower first to prevent it’s floret to mash up in the soup. Add some tangy and spicy tomato sauce then some coconut milk to make it rich. Garnish it with yogurt and coriander leaves. 

5.  Roasted tofu- Marinate cubes of tofu with soy, lime juice and a bit of sesame oil. Then roast it to turn crunchy and brown. Now enjoy your protein diet.

6.  Spiced lentils with roasted roots and vegetables- You can have it as your main course of meal. Take a big bowl of cooked lentils and dress it up with roasted carrots, beet root and some green leafy veggies. Take some yogurt along to make it more richy diet.

7.  Creamy mushroom soup- Take some potatoes (remember potatoes are gluten free), boil and grind to make smooth creamy soup. Now roast mushrooms and top up. Enjoy with a bit sprinkle of salt and black pepper.

8.  Egg scramble toast with raspberries and spinach- This quick to cook recipe is a power house of nutrition and to weight loss too. 

Take whole grain bread, scramble egg over it bake after topping it up with spinach leaves. Now enjoy it with handful raspberries. 

9.  Stuffed potatoes with salsa and beans- You can ejoy by baking potatoes with the stuffing of salsa and soaked beans. One of the healthy option.

10-  Cauliflower walnut taco meat- You can have tacos by stuffing of cauliflower, cabbage, and meat, after baking them. Don’t forget to garnish with walnuts.

Pegan Diet Snacks

You can have handful of a strawberries, cucumber roasted tofu, nuts, soaked beans, a plate of salad. All these sort of things you can have in your snacks during pegan diet.

Pegan Diet Protein 

In pegan diet, too many protein sources are available for you. But you have to be very cautious to take protein rich foods on daily basis.

The main motto to introduce this diet plan was protein and healthy fat. As limited sources are available for these two in vegan diet plan. So read all the rules, instructions which are given and explained to help you, to takeout the best advantage of it.

Pegan Diet Pregnancy 

Anything when it comes to pregnancy, I do not recommend to try anything during your pregnancy without the consultation of your gynecologist. Rather this pegan diet plan would not harm you but as everywomen and even every pregnancy have its own and different aspects.

Do not avoid to consult your gynecologist first, before adopting any new diet plan for you or wait for few months as Motherhood is itself an incredible gift for any women. Enjoy this period with lots of fun and try anything new afterwards.

Pegan Diet Weight Loss

Pegan diet really helps you in your weight loss journey. As this diet is full of Nutrition as well as protein, which is very essential part while you are losing your weight. It helps you to cut off accumulated excess fat.

Since you are restricted to have processed food, packed drinks, high glycemic foods and fruits and follow the gluten free diet, you lose your weight quickly and more important it’s naturally. Apart from weight loss, this pegan diet plan rather helps you to boost your immunity, strength, health and makes you less dependent on medicines.

Pegan Diet Pros And Cons


  1. During pegan diet you are close to nature or you can say my tagline – back to nature. As you eat lots of fruits and vegetables so you are loaded with minerals and nutrients all time and you feel more energetic and active for any sort of performance whether it is physically or mentally. 
  2. You stays less dependent on medicines as your food itself works like medicine and it controls your blood sugar, cholesterol blood pressure and boosts your immunity too.
  3. It helps to maintain your digestive system, as rhese foods are rich in fibers which is very important ro keep your digestive system and gut healthy. So that toxins and waste matter eliminate from the body without extra effort.
  4. As most of the food you have during pegan diet are rich in antioxidants, so it helps to hide the signs of aging by hydrating skin and body naturally. Thus increases skin’s elasticity and tightness in natural way and you look younger than your actual age.
  5. Processed foods are restricted, so are safe from having excess of oil and sugar.


  1. Though pegan diet is not very much restricted but some restrictions must be follow, like ro avoid dairy products and to avoid legumes as well.
  2. You have to be very careful for your vitamin B intake as legumes are rich source of vitamin B.
  3. Protein and calcium can be another challenge to fulfill as dairy products are restricted which are rich sources of these. So keep remember to have eggs and meat on regular basis as vegan diet although a big source of nutrients and minerals but can not fulfill the deficiency of calcium and protein. 
  4. If you are pregnant or on lactation or under any medication— do not forget to consult your physician or dietician in person before opting this.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1.  Are potatoes allowed on pegan diet?

Ans. Pegan diet rule is to limit starchy food and high glycemic index foods and fruits. You can have sweet potatoes and qinter squashes also  not more than 1/2 cup in a day. So can have only 1/2 cup of potatoes in a day and more on low sugar fruits like berries, kiwi, pear.

Q2.What to drink on pegan diet?

Ans.  As packed juices and beverages are restricted in pegan diet but you can drink nut milk like almond milk, soy milk or oat milk. You can also drink coconut milk or coconut water which is very healthy for you. 

Q3.  Can you drink coffee on the pegan diet?

Ans.  Dairy products, byproducts of dairy, alcohol, coffee all these comes in the list of restricted in pegan diet. Though you can enjoy any green tea made up of raw spices like cinnamon, clove, ginger.

Q4.  Is pegan a keto diet?

Ans. No, pegan diet in not a keto diet, it is based on paleo diet but with most and formost emphasised on vegan.

Q5. Is the pegan diet low carb?

Ans. You can say peganis a low carb diet, as excess of carb converts into fat and stored in different parts of your body and leads to undesired weight gain. But this doet is full of nutritions which are very essential for your body. Just you have to take them in a manner to balance everything.

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