Russian Lip Technique – Precautions, Side Effects- Detailed Overview

Russian Lip Technique is a lip filler procedure, by the result of,you get heart shaped lips. Certain volume of Lip fillers injected into your lips to lift them from the centre to give you doll like appearance. 

As in Russian dolls thier lips painted and look beautifully plumbed and heart shaped. Similarly by injecting the fillers to your lips, you also get similar lips and this technique is called “Russian lip technique” or “Russian lip filler technique”.


What Is Russian Lip Technique?

Russian lip technique is inspired by Russian dolls and Barbie dolls. Their lips are beautifully painted plumped and heart-shaped as a perfect lip shape. 

In Russian lip technique, certain amount of Lip filler injected to the centre of your lips so that your lips plump and lift from the centre only and remain same with the line to your face and you get a doll like appearance. 

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How is Russian Lip Technique Done?

Russian women are known to be the most beautiful woman in the world. They look like appearance by following regular clinic approaches. They do not go to the normal beauty salons in respect of their advanced beauty trratment. Rather, they prefer to go to beauty clinics as practitioner’s are well trained and experts to give them the best results to enhance thier beauty artificial but effective and to look non artificial.

Russian lip technique process involves injecting tiny droplets of fillers into the lips. This fillers are injected vertically to underneath the lines of your lips. So in normal words filler is injected from the inner side of your lip where your lips are slightly plumbed and pink in colour and moves toward the border of your lip and it makes your lip more fuller from the centre as compared to the both sides.

Russian Lip Technique Vs Normal

Normal Lip Filler Technique

  • In traditional lip fillers technique, lip filler is injected from outer side of your lip and it goes to the middle.
  • Lip fillers injected from the border of lips and working inward.
  • Lips are tapering out from the center and maintain a fuller lip shape.
  • It enhances both the lips centrally.
  • Lips look more juicy and hydrated.
  • Classic lip fillers give you all over plumped effect to your lips.
  • Can be injected from a single point.

Russian Lip Technique

  • In Russian flip technique lip fillers injected from inside or base of your lips and moves toward the borderline.
  • Lip filler is injected in the middle of your lip and goes outward.
  • Russian Lip Technique is used to achieve the height of the lips.
  • Center of the lips which is pink in colour raised higher.
  • Settle down slowly at the edges.
  • Thus gives a perfect V- shape. As it maintains the fuller part of lip towards the chin.
  • Injector uses multiple injection points to give lump free and smooth appearance to your lips.

Russian Lip Technique Precautions 

  • This Russian Lip Technique or any other lip filler injections should not be taken by anyone at home.
  • Trust only on a dentist which has the complete knowledge about lip anatomy and lip filler technique.
  • Undergo the treatment 1 weak prior to be injected, as you will have to take some medicines so that after effect hurt you less.
  • Avoid taking alcohol or smoking after the procedure done as it will worse the recovery to get back to normal.
  • If you have taken any lip filler prior… wait for another 2 weaks to ruin it’s effect completely. So that only the new one can show it’s effect.
  • Lip filler injections should not be injected adjecent to any infectious area which is already present.
russian lip technique

Russian Lip Technique Aftercare

  • If it is hurting at the point of injection, you can apply Aloe Vera Gel or vitamin K ointment with arnica as prescribed cream by your filler practitioner.
  • You can apply ice pack at the injection site, it will help to lower down the swelling as well as pain.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • You can take the help of juicy fruits also to stay hydrated but avoid to intake sodium… it will increase your swelling.
  • Avoid applying lipstick or any lip makeup for at least 24 to 48 hours after getting this procedure done.
  • Always take the advice of your filler expert to what to do or don’t to.
  • Do not sleep on your face otherwise it will hurt you more.
  • Avoid having hot water whether it is for drinking or to bath.

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Russian Lip Technique Do’s And Don’ts After Lip Filler


  • Eat soft food which are easy to eat with no extra effort.
  • Bring a lip liner and a lipstick along with you when you are going for Russian lip technique. So that it can be applied just after it is done to cover up the bruising.
  • Avoid kissing to anyone for atleast 24 to 48 hours, once it is done.
  • Avoid massaging your lips also for at least 24 hours after taking lip filler injection.
  • Be gentle with your lips and face while washing it, just after getting lip filler injection, for at least 24 hours.


  • Don’t apply brush on your teeth or toothpaste or any other exfoliating agent for at least 24 to 48 hours.
  • Don’t rush to any parlour or beauty salon to get your facial massage. Avoid massaging your face for at least two weeks after getting lip filler injection.
  • Don’t take alcohol and avoid smoking also for at least two weeks after lip filler technique done.
  • Don’t use straw it will give pressure on your lips.
  • Don’t sweat too much, by avoiding exercisr, so that your injection site get heal up quickly.

Russian Lip Technique Side Effects

Lip filler technique known to be safe but complications can be occur by injected wrongly. The punctured area by the needle can result it of swelling, itching ,redness, bruising and pain. Applying ice pack and a further pressure can give you the relief from swelling and bruising. 

Uneven appearance of lips may occur due to improper injections.

If hyaluronic acid, the filler used in lip filler technique is not injected properly may lead to bluish lips because of the bleeding through blood vessels punctured during the implantation.For more indepth evidence based knowledge about the lip filler side effects read here.

Is Russian Lip Technique Painfull?

No, Russian Lip Technique is not painfull as lio fillers are injected to the centre or slightly plumped area rather than to the border. However you will feel a tingling sensation while getting injected.

Is The Russian Lip Technique Permanent?

No, Russian lip technique is a temporary cosmetic procedure. It is not permanent, however it’s totally depend upon the consumer’s body for how much time it’s results may last. There are too many aspects of it’s timeline, As everybody is having a different body type, different metabolic rate and different hormonal secretion and response. 

How Long Do Russian Lip Technique Last?

As discussed, it is totally depend and vary person to person according to the body type of  a consumer. But on an average Russian lip technique may last for up to 9 to 12 months. 

However, Your lip filler provider can I tell you an approximate exact lifespan of your Russian lips. And you have to take touch ups time to time to remain exact your desired lip shape.

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Can anyone get Russian Lip?

Yes, anyone can get russian lips, if one have not taken any lip filler procedure yet. And if you have taken any procedure then wait for another 2 weeks atleast to go to Russian lip technique, so that the effect of previous lip filler ruin and this new russian lip filler can show it’s effects only.

Russian Lip Filler Swelling

Russian lip filler swelling may last for several days where as it is on a peak after 2 days and slightly settles down by the end of 2 weeks. Russian lip technique may give you more discomfort as the injector uses several injecting points to give you lump free and smooth lip appearance. 

The quantity of filler or you can say the droplets of fillers are injected as per the lip area. If it is the centre of your lip – droplets will injected more to give them a beautiful plumped look. You should take the advice of your expert before and after lip filler technique is done. A week ago you have to undergo to some medication so that it hurt you less. You can use ice pack on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  How long are lips swollen after russian lip technique?

Ans. Swelling and redness are common after russian lip technique. Whereas it’s severity depends on the person’s body and the quantity of lip filler that has been injected. Swelling, bruising and redness will be on peak after 2 days and may last to upto 2 weaks, slowly it will be subsided. 

Q2.  What should i do the night before lip injection?

Ans. Do not use any cosmetic, anti ageing product or makeup 2 days prior before lip injection. Alcohol, smoking and any sort of beverages are restricted 24 hours before lip injection. 

Q3.  How long do Russian Lip Fillers last?

Ans. Russian Lip Technique may last for upto 9 – 12 months. However regular top ups are recommended to maintain the shape of your desired lips. 

Q4.  Why do russian lips hurt more?

Ans. In Russian Lip Technique your expert dermatologist have to inject lip fillers from different locations. That’s why your lips punctured several times by the injection needle. This may lead to more discomfort and hurt you more.

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