Sanpaku Eyes Meaning, Causes, Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Sanpaku eyes is the indication of physical or mental health issues. Sanpaku eyes clearly indicates that the person is facing severe health issue, trauma or managing unwanted emotions within.

Sometimes emotions get overloaded and act like emotional tsunami. The person tries to compress his emotions which may lead to unusual physical and mental behaviour.

Some of the persons’ born with sanpaku Eyes but it’s rare. If you are having sunpaku eyes by birth naturally then no need to you worry about. But if you have started noticing sanpaku eyes effect recently then it’s time for you to get alert.

After reading it till the end you’ll get to know the symptoms, causes, triggers and natural treatments of sanpaku eyes. First of all let’s get know “what is the meaning of sanpaku eyes?”

Sanpaku Eyes Meaning 

Sanpaku is a Japanese term which means “three whites”. In sanpaku Eyes, sclera (the white part of the eye) seems on the three sides of iris (right, left and upper or below the iris). Usually in non sanpaku eyes, sclera appears on two sides right and left to the iris.

close-up shot of a Blue colour human eye showing sanpaku eyes

Sanpaku Eyes Theory 

Initially years ago, it was assuming that the person having sanpaku eyes dies unpredictable in young age. They are cursed of being died as youth. 

As the time passed this theory proven wrong in lack of any evidence and found unscientific. Obviously no one dies unpredictable by just seeing too much sclera.

According to be Japanese and Chinese face reading theory when sclera appears at the upper side of the Iris- indicates physical  imbalance of the body means the person is either alcoholic or drug addict. When it appears above the Iris indicates mental imbalance of the person.

According to Japanese theory the persons having natural sanpaku Eyes are more calmer, with spiritual connections, more focused on their vision and goal, able to stand themselves in difficult situations and more concerned about their looks and appearance. There are cosmetologist as well in Japan who performs surgery to make sanpaku eyes.

What are Sanpaku Eyes 

According to Old Asian Diagnostic Traditions sanpaku eyes reflect person’s physical and mental condition. This feature indicates that person is fearful, feeling insecure, suspicious, tends to misunderstand. And moreover the person is in extreme fatigue, with sick organs like heart, liver, kidney, lungs.

In these conditions sclera starts appearing three sides. Extra to upper or beneath the iris. Correctly said that eyes are the way to look person’s heart and inner soul. This proverb correctly fits here.

It is the clear signal that the person is dealing with unwanted emotions. It is divided into two categories:

1.  Yin Sanpaku Eyes 

In yin sanpaku eyes- sclera shows at the lower to the iris. It also called sapaku eyes below.. It indicates the feeling of fear, insecurity and shows the feeling of threat or danger from the world.

2.  Yang Sanpaku Eyes 

In yang sanpaku eyes- iris exposes above the iris. It is the clear indication that the person is handling and trying to manage unwanted emotions within. It shows 

  • psychic traits
  • Aggressiveness 
  • Uncontrolled behaviour
  • Suspicious activity 
  • To be voilate by anger

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abstracted artistic eyes showing lower sclera in sanpaku eyes

Causes Of Sanpaku Eyes 

There are some causes which may lead sanpaku eyes. Bedore moving to the treatment, it’s important to know the reason behind and next process of treatment would be choosen considering the cause. Let’s see:

  • Aging Effect: It has been noticing always that as the age increases muscle tend to losen it’s  elasticity and stay relaxed. Same thing happen with eye muscle as well. In increased age lower lid either shows ectropion or looses it’s elasticity to contract thus leads to show more sclera as sanpaku eyes.
  • Cosmetic Surgery: This is also one of the reason of sanpaku eyes nowadays. Some people get it done intentionally, as when sclera shows more, eyes look more attractive. Sometimes it’s because of the complication of eye surgery when lower lid loses to get retraction and eye get round shape. Cosmetic surgeon takes care of it and it get rectified.
  • Blepharoplasty: This is also a type of cosmetic surgery in which excess fat is removed by laser. When laser exposed to the eyelid it removes too much fat and results in sclera show. This type of complication can only be rectified by surgery instead of any diet or medicine.
  • Several Disorders: Immune disorder, eye injury or cancer may also lead to sanpaku eyes. It can also be the result of imbalance of endocrine or severe physical trauma. 
  • Underlying Conditions: Sometimes there are several conditions which may trigger to sanpaku eyes. It could be extreme fatigue, low blood pressure, unconciousness, depression or other health issue related to heart, kidney, liver.

Sanpaku Eyes vs Normal

In healthy face no sclera appears above or below the Iris. But in sanpaku eyes sclera appears on three sides extra on above or below to the Iris which shows something is in imbalance state whether it is physical or mental.

Black woman wide opened left eye close-up showing sanpaku eyes

How Do You Cure Sanpaku Eyes 

According to Ohsawa- sanpaku eyes can be treated by macrobiotic diet which more emphasize on brown rice and soybeans.

First of all check the primary cause of it. If this occured by any artificial activity then your surgeon will do to the needful. If the cause is inner then you can check out the checklist below to treat sanpaku eyes.

  • Check if you are depressed then try to overcome and optimise your depression by avoiding the trigger whether it is a person or if it is related to work then talk to your supervisor about the problem. You will definitely be helped out and if possible take leave for some days to change a bit.
  • Talk to someone if this is happening by stress as someone can do something to relieve your stress
  • Check your blood pressure sometimes your blood pressure either high or low when you are facing this problem. If anything abnormal talk to your doctor and do as per the advice. As your heart condition copes up, your eyes will return from sanpaku  to normal.
  • If the cause is extreme fatigue- Take complete rest and sounds sleep. It will help to energize your brain and to your body.
  • Take protein rich diet and initially you will need to take some supplements also because sometimes it happens by the severe weakness in the body.
  • Forget about the world and the people just do do what you like to do. Music is a very good treatment of so many problems i.e. stress, depression, workload, breakups. Listen to your favourite music it will work more than any medicine.
  • If these tricks don’t work then you need to go to your medical practitioner to get you examined. To check whether you are having any serious illness or not. If it is then take proper treatment under the observation or as per the guidelines given by your doctor.
  • Sometimes you need some counsellings instead of any medicine. Then don’t hesitate to go for counselling. Just go and it will help you to treat the hidden trauma and to your sanpaku eyes.
  • If it is related to increased age then you do not need to do anything. It’s by nature. What you can do is to have nutrious food.

What Is Macrobiotic Diet

Macrobiotic diet is influenced by Buddhism to balance yin and yang elements in the food. Initially only brown rice and water can be consumed in macrobiotic diet but it lead to severe nutritional deficiencies. In recent years it is rearranged and all vegetables and fruits are added and animal products in any form excluded.

Beware before adopting macrobiotic diet as you have to plan very well so that you do not face any nutritional deficiency. As you cannot eat animal food or by product of animals in any form and we all know that there are limited options of protein in vegetarian diet. It is more emphasised on brown rice, beans and vegetables.

Consulting your medical practitioner is recommended before adopting macrobiotic diet if you have any medical conditions or you are pregnant or on lactation.

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Sanpaku Eyes Celebrities 

There are lots of celebrities we have had in the past and most them faced premature death Famous celebrities with sanpaku eyes are Abraham Lincoln, Princess Diana, James Dean, John F. Kennedy, Sal mineo, Robert Pattinson, Natalie wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens If You Have Sanpaku Eyes?

If you have sanpaku eyes by birth then there is no problem but if it has started showing recently then you should concentrate on it. As it shows health or mental imbalance. The person affecting from it may have fear from the world, suspicious, violent or some severe sickness of inner organs like heart, liver, kidney and lungs.

How Do You Cure Sanpaku Eyes?

Sanpaku eyes can be treated by plastic surgery if it has occurred as a byproduct of eye surgery. But if it is not then check for the inner triggers and solve them to return your eyes to normal from sanpaku. There are several natural treatment described, you can check out them which are abovementioned.

Can You Get Sanpaku Eyes?

Sanpaku Eyes look attractive, appealing and charming, if it’s not related to any physical or mental health issue. Although sanpaku eyes are rare but you can get it by plastic surgery done by your cosmetologist. But you should be choosy to rely on any cosmetologist. Prefer experienced practitioner only, otherwise it may lead to your ugly look and bad impact on your eyesight too.

What Race Has Sanpaku Eyes?

Sanpaku eyes is a Japanese term which means three white. The sclera will appear on three sides instead of two. The extra side can be upper scleral show or scleral show below, even if the person looks straight.

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