Sciatica nerve exercises & natural treatment

There are some Sciatica nerve exercises & treatment, by helping these ne can get rid of Sciatica pain effectively. Sciatica is that the name given to pain caused by irritation of the nervus ischiadicus .In sciatica, anything that irritates this nerve can cause pain, starting from mild to severe. Sciatica is typically caused by a compressed nerve within the lower spine. It commonly occurs by spinal degeneration, such as spinal stenosis or slipped disc. Sciatica most commonly occurs in adults in the 20 to 60 years age group.

Sciatica nerve exercises & treatment

If you are looking for natural treatment of sciatica and ready to get rid of pharmaceutical painkillers and narcotics you are in the right place. At the Philadelphia Holistic Clinic, Dr. Tsan and associates provide various natural remedies for sciatica nerve pain, which proved their effectiveness and safest. For the sciatica natural treatment, we commonly use acupuncture in combination with homeopathic remedies and usually our patients leave the clinic pain free.

Even in the most stubborn cases of sciatica natural treatment is highly effective and many patients treated in the center avoided spinal surgery because sciatica’s pain was gone. 

Sciatica meaning/ Sciatica medical definition

“The sciatic nerve is a large nerve that originates in the lower back and runs down the back of each leg. When the sciatic nerve is irritated, inflamed, compressed or injured, it can cause pain in the lower back that radiates to the hip, buttocks, and the lower limb. In some patients, it can be very severe affecting their ability to sit, stand or walk. In very severe cases, there can be loss or disturbances in sensation of the legs or weakness in the legs.”

This nerve is the biggest in our body. It starts from the roots of the spinal cord to the lower back and extends to the area of ​​the buttocks that can trigger nerve endings to the lower part of the limb.

Sciatic pain mainly results in the combination of compression and inflammation of the sciatic nerve, a nerve root found in the spine. Various treatments can be applied and followed to relieve sciatica. Most of these remedies are non-invasive and easy to follow. In the meantime, surgery may also be necessary if the spinal cord or the spine itself has already been damaged.

Sciatica affects people mostly aged 30 and above. “An increasing number of people are suffering from sciatica all over the world, which is mainly due to our lifestyle, bad sitting habits associated with long working hours or lack of exercise. Women could also be more likely to develop the matter during pregnancy due to pressure on the nervus ischiadicus from the developing uterus. Elderly people who have degenerative spine problems also develop sciatica.”

 What are the symptoms of sciatica and how is it diagnosed?

“It can cause pain within the lower back that spreads to the hip, buttocks, and leg. The pain can affect one or both legs and may get worse when you sit, cough, or sneeze. The leg can also feel numb, weak, or tingly sometimes .
To diagnose sciatica, a proper physical examination of the patient is required,”. The specialist explains that those who are at highest risk of developing sciatica are persons who sit or stand for long hours.

How Sciatica is diagnosed

 In order to diagnose sciatica, detailed medical history needs to be taken and physical examination including movement analysis and functional limitation needs to be assessed properly. Radiography, computerised tomography (CT scan) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI scan) may be recommended in some cases in order to assess the nerves, discs and spine in detail.

Can Sciatica be cured?

A person having sciatica may take the following steps to cure Sciatica and relieve them from the pain: 
  •  Continue all normal activities as much as possible. Avoid activities that causes hurts the back or increase pain.
  •  Regular back stretching exercise as suggested by a physiotherapist.
  • Apply hot compression in the painful areas for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Avoid sitting or standing for a prolonged period.
  • Make sure you have a good posture when sitting and standing.
  •  Use chairs that provide good back support and are designed to provide a good sitting posture.
  • A lumbar roll or contoured cushion can help to provide lower back support.
  • lose weight if you are overweight.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of getting sciatica.

Sciatica with pregnancy 

  There are several factors that increase the likelihood of developing sciatica with pregnancy, overweight, smoking, disc herniation, trauma, slipped vertebra and spinal tumour. The nature of pain is mild to very severe and can occur suddenly or appear gradually. 

Sciatica pain in leg

Sciatica pain in leg is described as a cramp-like pain that can be burning or sharp in nature and is typically felt in the lower back and hip, and going down the back of one leg. It may be associated with sensations such as pins and needles, tingling, numbness and weakness. Pain could also be aggravated by specific actions, like sneezing, coughing, lifting or sitting.

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Sciatica yoga poses/ Sciatica treatment exercise

Always practice safe lifting techniques. During lifting, bend the knees and keep your back straight. Hold the object close to the body. The further away the object is from the body, the more stress is put onto the lower back. Physical therapy is often very useful in management of sciatica that includes manual exercises, manipulation and mobilisation of spine, neuro-dynamic stretching, sciatic nerve stretching and introduction of core stability exercises to prevent further injury. 

Sciatica lower back pain/ Sciatica foot pain

There are several factors associated with Sciatica lower back pain and sciatica is one of them. However, there are a number of measures that can help to prevent it occurring or reduce the likelihood that it will recur. Therefore, accurate examination and early diagnosis will help individuals to prevent and manage sciatica pain and associated symptoms.

Sciatica nerve root

Often confused with general back pain, Sciatica is usually caused by a compressed nerve in the lower spine. According to experts’ estimate, up to 40 percent of people will experience sciatica at least once in their life. Dr S. Karunagaran, Consultant Orthopedics, Spine Surgeon, Specialist in Joint Replacement & Sports Medicine at Wellkin Hospital, explains the causes, risk factors and most importantly, the treatment of sciatica. Sciatica, explains Dr S. Karunagaran, is a term used to describe back or buttock pain radiating to either one or both lower limbs, which can be caused by an array of problems affecting the sciatic nerve.

Sciatica vs disc herniation

“People who do not have a proper sitting posture, for example those who sit with a big wallet in the back pocket or sit on their back instead of their buttock have a higher risk of sciatica. If you bend forward and lift heavy weights on a regular basis, you are also at an increased risk. Obesity is another major risk factor.” Regarding causes, he utters that the most common one is a herniated disk. “Disks act like shock absorbers between the vertebral body of your spine. With age, these disks tend to lose their compressibility and become vulnerable to injury. The gel-like center of the disk protrudes outside of the outer layer of the disk and compresses against the nerves exiting the spinal cord. In older people, the vertebral column becomes degenerative due to the natural wear and tear causing narrowing of the spinal canal and compression of the sciatic nerve.”

In general, a condition called disc herniation can trigger pain in this nerve. It can also happen when there is inflammation in this nerve. The pain can also affect nearby parts, such as a bone or muscle.
Pain is the most common symptom. You may experience a burning sensation or severe numbness in the lower back and upper buttocks, descending to objects and legs. If this condition is critical, it can make movement difficult. Sometimes the symptoms get worse when the person involved is doing a lot of aggressive tendencies, so it is better to lie down.
Consult your doctor if you have this decease, and he or she may perform medical tests. They can perform x-rays, MRIs, or CT scans to identify the leading cause of the problem.
When the pain becomes too intense, you must rest. Reports indicate that patients who sleep about two weeks after the diagnosis of this disease have improved considerably. Analgesics may also be given to relieve the pain in the back.

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Is sciatica a cancer?/ Sciatica pain medicine

In rare cases, “sciatica may result from tumors growing within or along the spinal cord or sciatic nerve. These tumors tend to press against the sciatic nerve. The piriformis muscle is a muscle found deep inside the buttocks which can also cause compression on the nerve. Other causes of sciatica include inflammation, infection, or injury, such as a fracture of the spinal column. Any condition that puts pressure on the sciatic nerve can cause sciatica.” When it comes to treatment for sciatica, that patients can have pain relief with over-the-counter pain medications such as Paracetamol or NSAIDS.

Sciatica surgery / Sciatica nerve pain treatment

 “Patients who have severe pain can benefit from an admission in a hospital or clinic for intravenous pain medications. For patients who have persisting pain for more than 4 to 6 weeks, your doctor may opt for an epidural infiltration.” However, he highlights, “if the pain is still not subsiding, then your doctor might propose surgery. There are different ways of doing surgery on a herniated disk, but generally the goal of the surgery is to remove all compressions on the nerve.

The sciatica surgery procedure is very safe and can now be done with an added security such as a nerve monitoring device. In some patients, the surgery can be done by minimally invasive technique. Most patients are able to walk in less than one day after surgery and they can be discharged from the hospital or clinic within three days,”.

Can sciatica be completely cured?

In most cases, “the symptoms related to sciatica will subside with conservative treatments with pain medications and physiotherapy. In more severe cases, the patients will require surgery to decompress the spinal cord and nerves. Most patients undergoing surgery will be cured.”

 Home remedies to relief Sciatica

“There are steps that can be taken at home to help prevent or decrease the pain. Ice packs or heating pads can be placed over lower back for about 20 minutes every 3-4 hours. You can experiment to see which one works best for you. Furthermore, doing regular core strengthening exercises can also help to prevent sciatica. If you already have sciatica, then it is always good to take small walks instead of staying in bed because motion helps with inflammation and pain.” Moreover, prevention is always better than cure. “Anyone can take measures to prevent sciatica.

Natural remedies for Sciatica nerve pain not only the safest but in the majority of times most effective. When we talking about natural treatment for sciatica we first of all thinking about acupuncture for sciatica nerve pain and also a homeopathic treatment for sciatica.
If you have sciatica, you are probably too familiar with the pain that accompanies it. You can get rid of pain with Natural remedies for Sciatica.
It’s a pain that comes from the sciatic nerve. Generally, the pain is felt in the lower back and radiates to the thighs and knees.
The most popular way of relieving the symptoms of sciatic pain is taking painkillers. These drugs are usually non steroidal. These are essentially non-inflammatory medications that help muscles relax. Opioid-based analgesics may also be given, but they are generally only used as a last resort because patients may become addicted to the substance. Most health professionals also recommend performing appropriate exercises to help relieve sciatic pain and do natural treatment with herbs. By strengthening and stretching the back and leg muscles with sciatica, the pressure on the sciatic nerve can be reduced or eliminated.

Safe natural treatment for sciatica

It is a very effective treatment for sciatica, reliable, and cost-effective. Many cases of this back pain will pass but may come back repeatedly if long-term treatment is not sought.
Again, the best methods and long-term treatments for sciatica are also natural. These range from physical therapy to the continuation of heat treatment to exercises to help the muscles of the back and abdomen.
Natural treatment for Sciatica can also be used. Many herbal remedies can reduce pain and inflammation.

Celery juice

You can try to mix the celery and make a juice. You can also add carrots to the mixture. It can provide immediate relief.

Elder tea

This herbal, when taken as a tea, can stimulate the muscles and help them relax. It will then help to reduce the inflammation.


Garlic contains vitamins B1 and B that significantly reduce all forms of pain. It also improves blood circulation to prevent blood clotting.
Using acupuncture and homeopathy is a better way of addressing Sciatica. Here is why:
Acupuncture can be beneficial for treating sciatica.
Sciatica often the result of poor nutrition, stress, and nervous tension. Acupuncture is very soothing and balances the nervous system. The specific meridian systems being treated are the liver, stomach, spleen-pancreas and of course bladder, and gallbladder. The points related to these organs and meridians serve to calm the production of acid and improve health. Stress-relieving points are also included to treat and heal sciatica.
Swelling of the sciatic nerve is what causes back, buttock, or leg pain. The nerve is usually inflated with a herniated disc in the spine, although there may sometimes be other factors involved here.
If swelling of the sciatic nerve can be reduced, much of the discomfort and pain will be reduced.
It is achieved with heat treatment, or should I say cold therapy.

Ice packs

Ice packs are recommended as an excellent natural treatment for patients because it is simple, safe, and easy to do at home, even if you are alone. By placing an ice pack on the pain area, the cold will help stop the pain, alleviate it, and quickly relieve the inflammation. It is a much safer alternative than taking large doses of anti-inflammatory drugs that can have side effects.
An ice pack can consist of ice cubes that are taken directly from your freezer and wrapped in a cloth or towel. Although many stores, health stores, and pharmacists store an ice pack to reduce swelling. These are usually re-freezable bags that can be left in the freezer and taken out at any time. They are straightforward to use and will not leave you with a wet patch, unlike ice cubes that melt when the pouch is completely sealed.

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 Sciatica homeopathic treatment


Homeopathy — natural remedies for sciatica works well with acupuncture and herbs, for those who are open to it.
Usually, with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, people are finding a significant and satisfying improvement in their low tolerance to sciatica pain and acid indigestion in four to six weekly sessions.
Herbal medicine consists in using individual plants, plant extracts, mushrooms, minerals, etc. to prevent or cure diseases. Homeopathy is alternative medicine. A minimal natural substance can treat a sick individual, provided that this substance causes similar symptoms in a healthy person.
Herbal medicine probably dates back to the first human tribe. Whenever someone got sick, people experimented by giving him different plants. It is how they acquire the knowledge of what to use, and it is at this moment that the first “doctors” appeared. Today, herbal medicine is much more advanced. With the help of research labs, we do not have to guess whether a plant will cure a cold or get rid of the pain. The best thing about modern technology and herbal medicine is that we can now only extract what we want from a plant and mix it with perhaps another extraction to create a very effective pill.
A homeopathy is a popular form of medicine. It is dependent on the “Law of Similar Laws,” also known as “similar treatment, similar treatment.” The person known as “founder” of homeopathy — Samuel Hahnemann, used a bark that cured malaria to prove his theory. He experienced the symptoms of early disease, as well as other symptoms that had nothing to do with sickness. Homeopathy depends on natural medicine (no antibiotics and synthesized substances), and the dosage is meticulous. The treatment of sciatica is often required regularly for many people, and for many of them, another therapy such as prescription of pain relief drugs is not the preferred way forward. Natural methods can be beneficial, and of course, if correctly done, they will have no side effects, unlike all drugs. You can discover the most commonly used methods and start relieving your pain today.

Exercises for Sciatica / Sciatica pain exercise / sciatica physiotherapy

The most important is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good body weight, avoiding sitting for long periods of time, especially on low sofas or stand for extended stretch of time. Doing lower back strengthening exercises can also help to prevent sciatica. It is always good to see a physiotherapist who can teach you how to do exercises properly. While your sciatica is healing, it is good to remain active, to help reduce pain and inflammation. Practicing other types of exercises such as tai chi or yoga can help stabilize the affected area and strengthen your core.”

But in the end, the best-known treatment of sciatica radically changes your lifestyle and your habits. If you have ever had the symptoms of sciatica, take it as a sign of a significant lifestyle change.
By merely changing the way you hold, sit, and walk, you can relieve the pain caused by sciatica. It can even prevent back injuries. Poor posture may be the main reason why you have significant pressure on your spine, discs, and spine, muscles, joints, ligaments, and nerves.
You should also follow proper posture, even while you sleep. The bad thing you can do is to have a pile of pillows that keep you up while you sleep. Sleeping on your stomach is also not recommended. To keep your spine in perfect alignment, place a pillow under your knees while lying on your back. In the meantime, if you prefer to lie on your side, put a pillow between your knees. The pillow supporting the head should be able to keep the head straight — it should not let the head lean too high or too low or even sideways. The pillow should also provide adequate support for the neck.
The natural treatment for sciatica is best achieved with energy and holistic modality of health care, such as homeopathy. Natural health treatments work by increasing the level of your immune system so you can heal yourself.
 By all these Sciatica nerve exercises & natural treatment one will definitely get benefit with no expensive treatment to get relief with Sciatica pain. 
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