Safe Dose Of Sea Moss For Kids Everything In Detail Explained | Get Maximum Health Benefits Of Sea Moss For Kids

To get maximum health benefits of sea moss for kids, some guidelines should be followed to avoid any complication to occur. Sea moss undoubtedly is an ultimate source of phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins. 

Kids and toddlers need minerals the most than to any other age group as their all organs are in growing and in development phase and need too much of the energy for the growth of body and mind properly.

It’s very essential for kids to follow healthy lifestyle as they are very prone to junk foods which lead to their unhealthy lifestyle which negatively affect their overall growth and development.

It’s very good option to add sea moss for kids in the food to provide them proper nutrients, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals with some guidelines and precautions. First of all let’s understand what is sea moss exactly.

What Is Sea Moss

Sea moss is an algae which grows with rocky substances in ocean. It is a kind of seaweed. It’s colour may vary from green to red depending upon the deepness of it in the seawater. It’s mostly found in American or European Atlantic sea areas. Nowadays  sea moss is harvested by men also because of it’s tremendous health benefits.

Benefits Of Sea Moss For Babies or Toddlers

  • Sea moss contains phytonutrients which enhance the concentration power of kids and they perform well.
  • Sea moss is a good source of calcium and phosphorus which makes babies’ bones and teeth stronger.
  • According to research analysis it is found that sea moss contain zinc, iodine, manganese, vitamins, iron, calcium, fiber in rich amount, which help children’ well developed body (like tall height) and sharp mind.
  • It well regulates the transport system of kid’s body which again strengthen the mind and body to perform any task well.
  • Sea moss is a rich source of fiber so it’s natural remedy for those kids having constipation problem. It’s fiber content stimulates bowel movements in colon and helps to flush out waste matter from body easily and effortlessly. 
  • Since sea moss is an iron rich source. It helps to supply oxygen to entire body and makes it full oxygenated. By this feature sea moss for kids work as an energy booster and prevents fatigue for long.
  • It’s a good source of biotin and lutein phytochemicals which enhances the production of happy hormons thus sea moss for kids works as mood swing protector.
  • It helps to boost immunity also by adding almost all the nutrients in the meal of your kid.

Sea Moss For Kids -Safety Guidelines And Precautions

Children are very choosy to their food and its a difficult task to fulfill all nutritional values as desired to their body by food. Although the sea moss for kids as well as for adults is safe to consume in small amount. 

Sea moss for adults and children 2-4 gm in a day would be sufficient but it is recommended to consult to pediatrician or nutritionist before opting sea moss for kids of yours. 

If child having any medical ailment then consultation is must. Nutritional values may also vary from brand to brand so better you take a brand pack of sea moss and show it for better advice from your consultant.

Avoid consuming overdose of sea moss for kids and for adults too. As it is rich of iodine so it’s good for well developed body and sharp mind and for those having hypothyroidism but excessive intake of it may lead to hyperthyroidism.

Over dose of iodine may lead to thyroid damage and brain damage too. It can cause severe illness. So it’s highly recommended to take an advice of your nutritionist so that you get tremendous advantages of health benefits of sea moss instead of side effects. 

Tips To Add Sea Moss For Kids In Their Food

  • Dried sea moss can be sprinkled in kids food or in salad.
  • You can add sea moss gel in smoothie or in desert it will work as a thickening agent and kids will have it easily.
  • If your kid enjoys soup then you can add sea moss gel in soap as well.
  • There are sea moss gummies also available in the market, kids will love to have it as candy.

Sea Moss Gel For Babies

Sea Moss gel can be given to babies in their food for their good growth. As it contains tons of benefits because of the presence of approx high amount of minerals in it.

It’s very hard to fulfill nutritional values in a good amount in baby food. As they eat less and needs lot of energy for their growth and physical activities.

Sea Moss Baby Formula Recipe

  • Soak sea moss in water after washing.
  • Add 1-2 dates for taste.
  • Blend it all
  • Give your kid to enjoy this power drink.

There are various options like this to add sea moss to your baby food. Just you need to do is to add their favourite flavour in the preparation, so that they enjoy easily and get energized. 

Sea Moss For Baby Eczema

Sea moss contains 92 to 99 minerals out of 102 nutrients required to human body. It has anti inflammatory properties which helps skin in various ways and is a power house for skin care. It’s very helpful to choose sea moss for baby eczema as it gently nourishes and cure skin.

To apply sea moss for baby eczema– clean the skin first and then apply it on the skin, leave it for at least 30 minutes to an hour to work. Sea moss takes care from dry to oily and even of sensitive skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Sea Moss Should Kids Have A Daily?

Recommended dose of sea moss for kids and for adults is 2-4 grams in a day. But consultation to your pediatrician or nutritionist is recommended as per your body need and requirement.

Is Sea Moss Safe For Babies?

Absolutely sea Moss is safe for babies as it is rich of iodine and fiber content and both are important components. Iodine is for growth and fiber is to detox and energize the body.

Can 12 Month Old Eat Sea Moss?

Yes, 12 month old can also eat sea moss to fulfill desired need of nutrients. It’s hard to acheive it by food only. Where as sea moss works as power supply to kid’s body.

Is Sea Moss Good For Newborns?

Newborns’ food is used to be very light as their organs like liver in not fully developed. They can not tolerate such high amount of nutrients. If sea moss is given to newborn will lead to stomach disorder, vomiting and severe illness. Even their brain can also get damaged beause of the high percentage of iodine and other minerals.
So it’s not recommended to feed sea moss to newborns.

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