Slabway Foot Massager Using Manual With Pros And Cons | Slabway shiatsu Foot Massager Reviews

Slabway is a first and right choice product for feet massage. Slabway foot massager works on kneading, rolling and scraping techniques. Here we will know how Slabway shiatsu foot massager works and what impact it leaves actually on various body part just by using it on your feet or hand.

Massaging is one of the powerful technique to get rid of fatigue and stress. It’s very necessary to get rid of your daily life stress and anxiety everyday. So that you do not get into any sort of severe stress or in depression. For this you should take foot massage daily, it will help you to keep stress free and anxiety free and will charge you up for next day workouts and your routine work.

Slabway Foot Massager Using Guide

  • Shiatsu Foot Massager or Slabway Foot Massager is a perfect arc shaped working space in it that fits in your leg and feet and works perfectly to relax your muscles.
  • It’s non slipable so that it stick on a place for safety hazards. 
  • There are too many massage and relaxing settings available to give high quality results and effective massaging.
  • You can set its timing from 5 to 30 minutes as per your requirement.
  • You may also adjust it’s variable options of intensities and rotations.
  • It’s 360° adjustable rotations and handle allows you to take the advantage of its’ massaging technique as per position and relaxation method you want. You can use it on the muscles of your feet, ankle or calves.
  • It’s very portable and Handy you can carry it to anywhere you want to enjoy your massage to anywhere.
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Slabway Foot Massager Product Specification

ColoursGrey, Red, Black, Silver
Rated Voltage110V/60Hz
Rated Power55 W
Auto Using Time15 Minutes
Weight12.9 lbs
Slabway foot massager product specification

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Where Is Slabway Manufactured?

Slabway is one of the leading company in massaging equipments. It is physically located @SlabwayLLC American Fork, UT, United States. Apart from massaging equipments, these are the trusted manufacturer of other household equipments too.

what does the Slabway Foot Massager do

Slabway Foot massager works on heat therapy. This massager is designed with a heating system of up to 113°F temperature which helps to accelerate your blood circulation thus increases the oxygen supply to each and every cell of your body and you get energize.

It improves the vitality of your skin and maintains your muscle. It works on kneading, pulsing, rolling techniques to give you relax from leg, feet, arch, calves, knee, heel and hand pain too. It’s very useful in the cold time when your physical activity goes down. At this time it will generate heat for you and will improve blood circulation in your body.

It works on 14 pressure points present on your foot and get relax your various body parts, like:

  • Brain 
  • Eye
  • Sinuses 
  • Lungs 
  • Thalamus
  • Heart 
  • Shoulder 
  • Diaphragm 
  • Stomach 
  • Spleen
  • Kidney 
  • Intestine 
  • Bladder and 
  • Sciatic nerve
an- old-man-using foot-massager
An old man using foot massager
Slabway Foot Massager Using Manual With Pros And Cons | Slabway shiatsu Foot Massager Reviews
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How User Friendly Is Slabway Foot Massager

It comes with the remote control so that you can adjust the massaging level and heat temperature as per your requirement more conveniently, especially for those who are in reduced mobility.

  • Compact And Portable : It’s very compact and allows you to take it to any location easily and to store it anywhere.
  • Remote Control : It is remote operated and can be adjust to various massage directions and temperature and modes by remote itself.
  • Adjustable size : It is as designed as to fit any leg or foot.
  • Intensities : it works on 4 intensities. Start using low intensity and gradually increase it as per your comfort level.
  • Various Mechanism : It works on various techniques to target every part of your feet by kneading, pulsing, heating, rolling.
  • Covers Multiple Areas : It covers your toes, arch, heel, sole, calves, arms, hands.
  • Air Compression : Its air compression technique provoke air bags to squeezing, massaging and relaxing your feet or leg to give you relax from fatigue and to improve blood circulation.

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How do you use slabway foot and leg massager

Like any other electronic or electric operated machines shiatsu foot massager also has a power button that turns on the device which is located on the top of the machine. It’s just simple input button which turns on the machine along with remote control so that you can easily operated via remote as well.

Once your foot massager is on you can select it’s operation mode. It can be operated manually or by auto button. You can select your massage type which are categories as P1, P2, p3 and P4. These are the scaling parameters of massage pressure, you can choose and opt as per your requirement.

There is a custom selection also you can choose the massage area toe, arch, feet or sole which makes it more prominent to that particular area.

You can control it’s speed by a speed selector button and directions to monitor the motions at the bottom of your foot massager machine.

To start operating shiatsu foot massager you have to just plug in the wire and turn it on. Select the speed, custom area, massage type and directions. Now your shiatsu foot massager machine is all set you can just relax and enjoy your massage.

Slabway shiatsu foot and leg massager

Slabway Foot Massager Cleaning Hazards

It’s very user friendly and easy to clean your Slabway Foot Massager. It comes with a zipped sleeves you can unzip it’s removable foot sleeves and clean it to ensure its hygienically safe and protected from infectants.

Pros & Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Light weighted 
  • Works on heat therapy 
  • Perfectly fit for diabetics 
  • Controlled by remote 
  • Portable


  • Only one area can be covered at a time either foot or calves.
  • It’s a corded model.

How Long Should You Use The Slabway Foot Massager

Slabway foot massager works on heat therapy so it is recommended to do not use it more than 45 minutes at a time. Otherwise the device can be overheated.

how much does a slabway foot massager weigh?

Slabway foot massager is around 1.9 pound. It’s lightweight but very powerful, effective and user friendly it is. It can give 12mm amplitude deep massage.

Who Can Use – Slabway Foot Massager Reviews

It can be used either at home or in spa. It does not work on your physical fatigue only but it also helps you to stay stress free and relaxed. As so many pressure points are there in your feet which are directly connected to your brain and various body organs and it works like Acupressure Therapy and on heat therapy to relax your various body parts and improve blood circulation resulting you get energized and stress free quickly. It can be used for physical therapy to give relax from various traumatic conditions, like:

  • Swelling 
  • Severe pain 
  • Cramped muscles 
  • Tenderness 
  • Neuropathy for diabetics 
  • Stiffness on your leg or feet. 
  • Muscles tension 
  • Fatigue
  • Works to relieve stress 
  • Get you energized

who should not use a foot massager?

Although foot massagers are very good and helpful for almost everyone to ruin their fatigue as well as to burst out their stress. But there are some people who are restricted to use foot massager which are described below with the reason why they should not use:

  1. Pregnant Women: Pregnant women are very much restricted and not recommended to use foot massager as it works on heat therapy. The heat of it may leave a bad impact on the fetus developing in her body. So if you are pregnant then weight till the delivery after that you can use foot massager with no tension of its impact.
  2. Neuropathy: The person who is facing neuropathy or suffering from nerve damage can not feel temperature difference and may get harmful impact. So these people are not advised to use foot massagers.
  3. Severe Medical Condition: There are lots of severe medical conditions in which there are so many restrictions to do various things., like if you are on chemotherapy, dialysis, or any other such conditions. It is highly recommended to take the expert opinion of your medical practitioner before start using foot massagers.

what you should not do after massage?

  • Don’t forget to drink water- You can feel dehydrated after massage because of the heat emitting feature of foot massager.
  • Do not take bath just after massaging- as your metabolic rate would be high just after the massage. So give it some time to stay back to its normal temperature.
  • Do not bath with hot water- hot water bath may damage your muscle and skin.
  • Do not think or read anything while massaging_ this may create a hindrance to give you complete relax.
  • Do not eat heavy meal- heavy meal will take longer time to digest and to supply energy to your body.

what you should do after massage?

  • Drink at least two glasses of plain water. This will help to eliminate toxins out from the body and will work as detox.
  • Maintain a time gap of at least half an hour so that your body can revert to its normal temperature.
  • Take a bath with warm water. This will help to revitalize your muscles.
  • Keep your body and mind in the relaxing position so that the heat therapy and massage therapy work well to make you stress free and fatigue free.
  • Try to have light meal so that it can digest easily and quickly to supply energy to the body to perform further.

how many times a day you can use foot massager?

You can go through the directions to use foot massager user guide as it may vary from model to model and brand to brand. But usually a person can use foot massager thrice a day with the interval of 30 minutes. If you are new to foot massager you should start using it twice or thrice in a week then increase it slowly as per your tolerance and your pain level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the slabway foot massager do?

    Slabway shiatsu Foot Massager improve blood circulation by needing, rolling, heat therapy and pulsing. Thus gives you relax from leg, feet calves, toe, arch, nerve pain or swelling on that particular area.

  2. Do foot massagers help with neuropathy?

    Foot Massager is very effective and an excellent way to work on neuropathy symptoms. It is cost effective because you have to pay for massage to the therapist, if you heir someone. Which will be very costly for you but if you invest in a foot massager it’s your lifetime asset and you can use it as per your convenient at your home for the whole life of it.

  3. Can foot massagers damage feet?

    No, foot massagers do not harm your feet.

  4. Are foot massagers worth it?

    Definitely foot massager is one time investment asset for you. It does not only work on your relaxing but it also helps to improve your Healthy lifestyle. It controls and bursts your stress and boosts functioning of your various body organs by improving blood circulation and oxygen supply in a sufficient amount to the entire body

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