Snug Piercing Price, Healing Time, Aftercare, Jewelry- All FAQs Explained

Snug piercing is done on the outer inner rim of ear carttilage. Snug piercing is considered amongst one of the most painful piercings. It’s also called as anti helix piercing. 

If you are choosing a new option to on a new jewelry and wants to look outstanding from others then you can choose snug piercing. All you have to pay apart from money for snug piercing is the pain to get a new look for you.

Since it’s very painful ear piercing so if you have less tolerance to pain, then this piercing is not for you. It is not possible that everybody can have snug piercing. It depends on the anatomy of your ear. 

If your snug is flat then it can not be done. For snug piercing your snug needs to be rim shaped, so that it can be pierce horizontally. 

What Is Snug Piercing / Snug Ear Piercing

Snug piercing is a horizontal ear piercing done on the inner ridge of outer cartilage of ear. Snug piercing jewelry’s both the ends appear on front only. Piercing starts from outside the inner ridge of cartilage and ends to the another part on front itself, rather than exiting back.

Snug piercing is not for everyone, so getting it done  you should have to have very pronounced cartilage at your anti helix just in front of tragus.

How To Do A Snug Piercing 

Every piercer having own unique technique of piercing. But the common is to clean and sanitize entire area thoroughly before starting the ear piercing procedure. The needle should be disposable and sleek pointed so that it hurt you a bit less. After piercing by this needle followed by jewellery insertion, all process should be done with clean handed especially wearing gloves to avoid infection.

The point of disposable piercing needle pushed and inserted from outside of the ridge of the ear cartilage to exit front inner side, rather than to back. So that both the ends of jewellery appear from front only.

Your piercer should be experience enough so that piercing can be done in first attempt itself. As snug piercing is one of the most painful piercings, so second attempt could not be easy for you to tolerate.

Check whether your piercer is using piercing gun for pierce your ear. If yes, ask to your piercer to use disposable sleek pointed needle instead of using gun. As blunt attachment of piercing gun leaves instant trauma to your cartilage which sometimes is unbearable.


Snug Piercing Placement 

After cleaning process done your piercer will mark the location for you to choose and approve as per your choice, so that you would not have to face any regret after getting piercing done. Location will be marked from entrance and exit both you can choose any of your your preferred jewellery weather a snug ring or a hoop.

Snug Piercing Age

You should be at least 16 years of age while going for snug piercing and carry your ID card along as you have to show your ID card to proof your age. It could be your driver’s licence, birth certificate or your passport.

Snug Piercing Price

You will have to pay around $40 – $90 for snug piercing including jewellery and it will depend upon the location of pierce centre. If it is located at any posh area then the cost may increase.

But one thing keep in mind that they offer a package of piercing if you go for any body piercing or some nodifications to be done. They include piercing service, a piece of jewelry and sometimes aftercare too in their package. You should clarify with them all the services and compliments they provide and select the best suitable package for you, which you really need to.

Snug Piercing Jewelry 

Before choosing the design for your ear piercing jewelry make sure it is made up of gold, Titanium or stainless steel. Any low quality metal to be avoided and completely neglected to avoid infections. When your piercing is new it’s just like an open wound. Any contaminants can get it infected so quickly. So be cautious while choosing piercing jewelry for you.

You have two options to choose between for snug piercing jewellery which are:

1.  Curved Barbells – Curved barbells / snug piercing hoop is a piece of jewelry which is slightly curved and attached ball on both the ends. One ball is fixed and the other ball is removable. It is inserted just after the needle when piercing is done. After detaching one ball of this jewelry the pointed area inserted inside the hole and exits from another and locked by the detached ball.

This barbells jewelry comes in many designs balls are in the basic jewelry. There could be too many designs for you to choose amongst. But keep in mind do not choose any design which is pointed, as your piercing is new so swelling will increase and the pointed area will hurt you more and it could increase the complications too.

2. Snug Piercing Ring – This ring shaped jewelry will cover and wrap the entire anti helix pronouced cartilage area. Ring could be the second jewellery not the first just after getting your anti helix pierced. As it will wrap around the pierced location and if swelling increases it will get tight and will push your skin back. In this situation complications will increase where as barbells jewellery gives the free area to breathe your skin and to heal quickly.


Snug Piercing Pain 

Snug piercing is amongst the most painfull piercings and will get the rating 7-8 out of 10. Your piercer should be tricky and experienced enough so that it can take place just after the cleaning process as quickly as you can not understand what happened to you. 

Snug Piercing Healing Time 

For snug piercing healing time may vary person to person, as everyone’s having different mechanism and body response time. But on an average it will take around 3-4  months to heal up completely. Sometimes it may feel that it is healed up completely from the outside but inner area tooks longer time. 

Before stopping aftercare and changing your jewelry, consult your piercer to ensure whether completely healed up or not. 

Snug Piercing Aftercare

  • Don’t use dirty pillows 
  • Avoid using headphones and even touching your telephone receivers and handsets to your ear.
  • Be cautious while wearing a cap if you are living in a cool area.
  • Don’t change or play with your pierce jewelry.
  • Keep your hair tied so tbat it could not tangled with your jewelry. 
  • Clean it with saline solution 3-4 times in a day with the help of a cotton ball.
  • You can use saline solution spray also to avoid touching.
  • Don’t rub your ear after bath just tap to dry it.
  • Avoid applying perfumes as it’s chemicals may hurt.
  • Be cautious while shamppoing your hair, best to use any mild shampoo.
  • If swelling increases with puss like yellow fluid secrearion from snug piercing, you should take the consultation of a doctor and may be some antibiotics will be prescribed for few days to dry your infected snug piercing.

Natural Home Remedy For Ear Piercing

  • Go for a morning walk or in your garden early in the morning look for dew drops on some clean leaves. Collect these dew drops and apply on your ear piercing location. Follow it for few days and your piercing will heal up naturally.
  • Take one spoon of mustard oil and add a pinch of termeric warm it and apply this warm mixture on your ear piercing location with the help of a cotton ball. It will reduce swelling, redness and iching.
  • Use warm salt water to clean it as salt will prevent the infection of bacteria. Tap dry it with towel, do not rub.

Snug Piercing Pros And Cons 


  • It will change your look.
  • You’ll start looking more trendy fashion lover.
  • You will get another new place to on a new jewellery. 


  • You’ll have to care your snug piercing for atleast 6 months.
  • If you are living in a cool area where you have to wear cap on your head then don’t go for it. As you can’t cover your ears untill your piercing heals up.
  • Snug piercing heals faster in warm places in comparison to cold.
  • If you are working on your mobile vigorously then don’t go for snug piercing as you cannot put your ear headphones and even cannot touch your mobiles or telephone receivers to your ear untill your Slug piercing heals up completely. In this case your work will suffer, you should choose any other location like helix piercing or double helix piercing.
  • You’ll have be cautious while shampooing, sleeping, combing and even while changing your clothes for 4-6 months. 

So if you are prepare for all these precautions to take care then deffinatly you can try and get your snug piercing done.

Snug Piercing At Home

You can get your snug piercing at home with a sterilized sharp pointed needle. But don’t try it yourself if you are faint hearted as it hurts like anything you can’t imagine. Piercers are so tricky to do it. Choose any experienced piercer to avoid infections and after complications. 

Snug Piercing Precautions

  • Ask your piercer to do not use piercing gun because it’s blunt instrument gives sudden trauma to your cartilage which is sometimes unbearable.
  • Use sterilized and disposable sleek pointed needle to get snug pierced.
  • Ensure that piercing location is cleaned up and sterilized.
  • Piercer should be experienced and tricky so that piercing take place so quickly.
  • Ensure that piercer must wear gloves on hands to avoid any infection.
  • Follow aftercare for at least 4-6 months as advised by piercer.
  • Avoid touching earbuds, headphones, telephone receivers or even cap to newly snug pierced location.
  • Use mild shampoo better to prefer any baby shampoo because it’s mild by most of the brands.
  • Keep clean and dry your ear piercing location.
  • Consult your piercer before stopping aftercare instructions.
  • Select the jewelry made up of stainless steel, gold or titanium only. Neglect another metal as to avoid swelling, redness and iching.

What Is A Faux Snug Piercing 

Faux snug piercing is a good option and alternative for those who are having flat ears and snug piercing can not be done. In Faux piercing two parallel piercings done. One is on the helix another is on the conch just parallel to the helix piercing. It looks similar to snug piercing from front, but both are different holes while in a snug piercing the hole is same to put one jewellery in it. Whereas in faux piercing you can insert two different jewelries to each hole.

Sleeping On Snug Piercing 

In snug piercing, you can either choose your stomach or your back to sleep on. You can also use travelling pillow which is hollow in the center. Use that hollow space to fit your ear in the center to avoid touching it to any surface. Use clean pillow to avoid getting infection to your snug piercing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Painfull Is Snug Piercing?

Snug piercing is one of the most painful body piercings. If you have less tolerance to pain then don’t think to choose snug to be pierced. You can choose any different area like earlobe which will hurt a less.

Do I Have The Anatomy For A Snug Piercing?

The ear cartilage just after the helix should be pronounced enough to make bridge between your outer edge of ear and towards the ear hole rather than flat ear. If your ear is alike then you can get snug piercing done. Snug piercing is the best option for those having protruding ears rather than flat.

Are Snug Piercings Worth It?

Definitely if you want to stand out of the crowd and like funky look then you can get snug piercing done. It will make you the centre of attraction amongst the people.

Can You Wear Earbuds With A Snug Piercing?

You cannot wear earbuds in conch piercing, forward helix piercing and in snug piercing. As it may get your pierce area infected by bacterias and if may hurt your pierce wound too.

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