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 Stress in Early Childhood

Stress in early childhood can be seen by the result of any unwanted changes in child’s life. Any sudden change for which the child is not ready can lead to stress in early childhood.
This sudden change can usually due to any negative impact in relationship, sudden death or change in atmosphere in which the child is unable to be adjusted himself. This atmosphere change could be by the change of school, hostel or transfer of parents.

Causes of Stress in Early Childhood

There are a number of aspects that can lead stress to the children. It is very difficult for a child to overcome from the situation of Stress easily. If this stress is for a short time then it’s ok but if it remains for longer time then you should be worry about and help your child to cope up with the situation. As it can be very dangerous for a child’s overall mental and physical health.
These factors can be regarding to schooling, sports or any sort of nominal changes which an adult can face easily but it becomes tough for a child to handle. These changes lead their negative impact on child’s emotions, feelings, safety, and security.
As the children grow they learn how to deal with the stressors, but till they are kid, it’s our responsibility as a parent to help them by our guidance to deal with.
Stress in Early Childhood, a mother and a baby
Stress in Early Childhood
These stressors can be numerous, some are described below:

1.   Changing of School, hostel or Home

Changing of children’s living atmosphere can lead to stress as the atmosphere is new to them and child needs some time to adjust in.

2.   Performance in class or in sports

Every child is different and having different qualities in them. Child may worry about their performance like grade in class or homework, performance in sports. This can also be a factor of getting them stressed.

3.   Bullying by Friends

This usually happen when either child changes his school, home or he underperform in academics or in sports.

4.   Family Problem

If child’s parents get divorced or separated, child can face stress. Sudden death of a family member or of the person who is near to him, it can be a stressor.

5.   Money Problem

When you are fighting and struggling in your life for money, it can be a cause of Stress in your child, if he knows the situation.

6.   Neighborhood

Sometimes your neighbors also plays a wide role in your child’s stress relation. Your child can feel unsafe or unsecured as per your neighbor’s some malicious activities. You need to keep on monitoring about the activities of a person to whom your child behaves unusual.

7.    Changes in Body

Sometimes children do not adjust themselves as per sudden changes start appearing within their body, weather the child is a girl or a boy. Slowly they adjust themselves accordingly.

8.   Health Issue

If a child is facing any health issue, it can play a major role to produce the stress. You have to handle them with care.

9.   Negative Thoughts

If a child is overloaded by any sort of reason weather it is study, homework, sports, family issue, some negative thoughts start producing itself in his mind. You have to close monitor to your child and help him to deal with.

10.   A new born comes in the family

Whenever a new born baby comes in your family, the elder child start feeling of loosing his pasassion in the family. This leads to produce stress in them. You need to wash the brain of your child and let him feel, he is secured and his position in the family is also secured.

Child Stress Disorder Checklist

Children are very innocent, they could not realize what is happening with them. But you as a parent responsible to monitor their activities, and suspect weather they are under stress on not. And how severe is their stress level. Below is the child stress disorder checklist, you can judge your child based on it:
  • Headache
  • Irritation
  • Restlessness
  • Sleeplessness
  • Increased or decreased appetite (usually decreased)
  • Less involvement with family or friends
  • Stomach can also disorder
  • Anger
  • Crying
  • Unpleasant behaviour with others
  • Agressiveness with youngers
  • Not involvement in favourite cartoon also
  • Fear
  • Wants to stay with you or don’t want you to let go away
  • Not willing to participate in any game or physical activity
  • Doesn’t laugh on any funny joke also
These are some common symptoms given above in a child stress disorder checklist, you can judge the stress level of your child accordingly.

How to Cope up your Child with Stress

Being a parent you should help your child to cope up with stress. Following are some tips you can follow:
  • Make your child feel he is special for you.
  • Involve yourself also to play with.
  • Go for a movie or on a drive along with.
  • Make your home safe and secure for your child.
  • Spend some time together.
  • Try to ask about worries.
  • Go to school and consult his teacher about this problem and ensure school staff should also take care.
  • Prepare your child prior if a new baby is arriving.
  • Keep your child informed if you are going to transfer, so that your child also get mentally prepared about.
  • Ask, if anyone is bullying, trained to react on that situation.
  • Close monitor your neighbors and to other persons your child meet up with.
  • Play child’s favourite music.
  • Give some sweet and juicy fruits to eat.
  • Offer to have some icecream.
  • Gift your child anything he likes.
  • Encourage your child to involve in games and physical activities.
  • Ensure that your child take a sound sleep.
If you are not seeing any positive change following these tips, then you should consult a pediatrician or a child specialist immediately.
These are some tips you can judge stress in early childhood and manage the causes of stress in your child and you can help your child to cope up with stress by judging the level of Stress according to child stress disorder checklist.

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