Black-Owned Sea Moss Brand Secures $600k “Shark Tank Deal” | Gibson Weight Loss Journey

Alexiou Gibson is just 30 and the CEO and founder of ‘The Transformation Factory.’ He made the revolution in sea moss by making a range of varieties and flavour of C mos he has become the first entrepreneur by doing this with innovation.

Gibson now just finalized the deal on Shark Tank by $600,000 which is a great amount. He made a history and are revolution in health supplement industry by introducing sea moss as a vegan health supplement and also in various different flavours.

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Making the brand by Gibson weight loss

Actually the journey of this innovation started by the research done by Gibson for his own problem of excessive weight. Around 10 years ago he was told by his doctors if he wouldn’t be able to lose his weight then he could not cross 30s in his life.

After hearing this Gibson started the journey of weight loss for him to survive. Then he started doing exercise, started having healthy food and keep on researching on ancient foods which were used at that time to make people healthy without any medication.

Black-Owned Sea Moss Brand Secures $600k "Shark Tank Deal" | Gibson Weight Loss Journey

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Then he found sea moss which can be useful for him in his weight loss journey and started adding it in his meal and lost his 500 pounds. After losing this much weight Gibson started thinking it can be revolutionary and innovative idea if he could be able to make available sea moss as a supplement in different varieties and flavours for other people.

This way “The Transformation Factory” originated and now it became a well known brand in sea moss industry. And now this Black Owned sea Moss brand secures $600k Shark Tank Deal.

Gibson says sea moss can heal and strengthens the immune system. As it is a powerhouse of minerals and nutrients given us by nature. Our body requires 102 Minerals and sea moss itself contains 92 out of all. It can be used by adding in any of your beverage, tea, coffee, smoothie or in your food. Gibson himself gives sea moss to her grandmother by mixing it in her coffee to give her extra strength.

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