101 Trendy Almond Shape Nails Designs 2022- French & Acrylic Nails Ideas

101 Trendy Almond Shape Nails Designs 2022 ideas explained, Including French Nails & Acrylic Nails Ideas with Nail care to retain nail health by using easy to follow tips are also explained. 

You will not only get the almond shape nail design idea but you’ll also get the idea to keep your nails healthy, along with trendy fashion easily at home, by using some easy to follow tips, which will be desscribe here lately. To get all the information, do this 4 minutes read to the end.

So let’s get started—

What Shape Is Almond Nails

As it describes it’s shape itself by the name almond, Almond shaped nails are similar to the real almond shape. These nails are flattened to the finger and turn to soft pointed at the end. You fingers start looking enlarged and slim by almond shape nails.

Luxurious multicolored beige brown manicure with animal design on long nails.

You can get this shape perfectly, if you’re having long nails. But you can pair your short nails also to get this shape. And if you are having your nails too short then also don’t loose your heart! You can get almond shape nails by using acrylic nail extentions. All queries are going to be briefly explained here one by one.

The images you will find here in clusters, you can download the images to take a brief look of all and select the best as per your choice and idea.

Can You Do Almond Shape On Natural Nails

Yes, ofcourse! You can do almond shape nails on natural nails , just you have to wait untill it elongates a bit. Then you have to cut them starding from the edges and long pointed to the end. As long your nails as beautiful shape you will get on your natural nails.

Awesome nails and beautiful clean manicure. Nails are natural. Manicure is made using nails drill machine.

Trendy Almond Shape Nails Design For 2022

Beautiful woman’s nails with beautiful french manicure ombre peach and white

Short Almond Nails 

You can have Short almond nail designs even if you have short nails. You can paint them by solo colour or in combination of alike or contrast colours. If you have too short nails, you can use acrylic nail extensions to get some elongated and perfect almond shape nails.

Woman with black manicure and pattern. Black matte female manicure on nails.

Black Almond Nails 

Black almond shape nails looks perfect if your skin type is fair and bright. It can match with type dress and with any colour composition of dress. As black is all time favorite colour you can creat any innovative creation by combining it with another colour as shown in the image.

Nail art

White Almond Nails 

White almond nails look awesome. You can make stripes over it or just solo white would look nice. Use some nail stones or tiny butterfly art to stick on it as shown in the image to get an outstanding appearance.

Colorful nail design with peach and golden nail polish. French manicure on a knitted orange background.

French Tip Almond Nails 

French tip almond shape nails are different coloured nails on the tip and paired with different colours on the whole. Must try contrast colour combination for perfect french tip looking.

French manicure on the nails.Manicure gel nail polish. Spa and Manicure concept. Female hands with french manicure.

Long Almond Nails 

Long almond nails are all time favourite nail design. These can be experimented differently with innovative ideas. Since you have a big canvas to play with create any art or just keep it solo.

French manicure on the nails.Manicure gel nail polish. Spa and Manicure concept. Female hands with french manicure.

Nude Almond Nails 

Nude almond nails are painted by very soft nail paints as it appears to be non painted. Or you can use transparent nail paint on it. If you simply keep your nails clean then also it will look awesome without applying any paint on it.

French oval manicure with a striped gradient in pink tones. Summer flower nail design close-up.

Pink Almond Nails 

Pink colour is also very popular as valentines colour. It is very common and looks beautiful on everyone’s hand, you can try the shades of pink from light to dark, as per your skin tone and see which colour suits perfect to you.

Female hand with red gold nails is holding a red decoration on orange background.

Red Almond Nails 

Red almond shape nails are usually tried by married womens, or on any occasion like marriage, wedding. As it’s a very bold colour and looks pretty on anyone hand. You can experiment by making stripes, waves, glitters anything to look a bit stylish.

Beautiful pink manicure with leopard design. Female fingers with long round nails and pink gel polish

Cute Almond Nails 

You can do any colour combination which you like on your to get cute almond nails. Light and soft colours goes better on this type of nail design. You can apply different colours of nail paints on every or single nail to make some different.

Manicure with rhinestones in the shape of hearts and pink balls on white and red nail Polish on a white background.

Sweetheart Almond Nails 

A combination of light colour on the overall nail and with dark colour at the tip of the nail. Then create a sweet little heart shape with another nail colour will give a perfect sweetheart almond shape nails. You can use Rainbow colour for better experience and looks.

Closeup top view of two beautiful female hands with perfect professional classic women’s pink manicure on nails

Natural Almond Nails 

Natural almond shape nails are the nails which are naturally elongated and turned pointed tip shape by cutting the edges and pointed top without any additional acrylic nail or false nail.

Attractive manicure on women’s hands. Natural finger nails with stylish nail art.

Blue Almond Nails 

Blue almond shape nails are cool looking nails. You can use bold colour if you are going out for an evening or for official purpose you can use Icy blue colour which will perfectly go to your profession.

Manicure of different colors. Multi-colored nails

Summer Almond Nails  

Summer almond nails are soft and light colours with any equal is soft colour contract design it can be floral, stripped or any of your favourite design. You can create anything in the combination of light and cool clours.

Medium Almond Nails  

Medium almond shape nails are neither long nor short. It goes perfectly on professional or on working women’s hands. Use any metallic colour solo tour or in combination for perfect look.

Beautiful womans hands with spring summer floral nail design. Trendy green color manicure close-up

Green Almond Nails 

Green Almonds can be leafy green, pistachio green, sea green, bottle green any of the colour, these are with same type of dress combination goes well. Use any nail stone to give it a different look.

Holiday Inspired Art

Graphic Almond Nails  

You can try any graphic design to stand differently in the rush. Try square, triangles, spots with different colours. Also create different designs with different colours on each nail. Take some innovative and trendy idea to do something different on your almond shape nails.

Nail with a pattern of yellow orchids on a long shaped nails.

3D Almond Nails 

3D almond shape nails are also more likely to graphics almond nails. These are new in this fashion trend and you must try. Take an idea by the pics shown here.

Matte Almond Nails 

Matte almond shape nails are not shinny. Mostly bold nail paints used for this like maroon, brown. You can also stick sparkling stones on it.

Pastel manicure on female hand with flower Hipsofilas

Yellow Almond Nails  

Yellow almond nails go with same coloured dress well or you can try contrast colour combination with confidence. Remember, if you are confident then any thing you wear will become a fashion. 

French manicure with pink shades and white dots on a brilliant background.

White tip Almond Nails 

Pair any bold solo nail paint on almond shape nails with narrow or broad white coloured border.

Denim blue manicure with rhinestones and sequins.

Glitter Almond Nails

Glitter goes well with any coloured nail paints. It looks different on any occasion or celebration. Take an idea with photographs given here for your reference. 

Acrylic Almond Nails

Acrylic almond nails are artificial nails available in the market. These are of different sizes and colours. You can choose any set amongst them all to on your nails, as per the occasional situation.

cluster of almond shape nail design

How To Care Nail At Home Naturally

  • Keep your nails clean.
  • Apply moisturizer on it to avoid to drying it up as dried nails break up fast.
  • Trim them time to time.
  • Use a sharp cutter and filer at the time of manicure so that splits could not remain as it can damage your nails.
  • Avoid using harsh nail paint or any harsh chemical. As it can damage your nails and make them rough.
  • Do not rub anything on your nails to remove your nail colour. Instead you should use a good quality of nail thinner with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Add boitin protein and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet. These are very good to keep your nails healthy and to your hair too.
  • Don’t forget to wear gloves while cleaning up utensils or washing clothes.
  • Don’t bite your nails by your teeth.
  • Use Almond oil or any other Essential oil to moisturize your nail to grow them fast and healthy.
23 almond shape nail designs

How Do I Grow My Nails Into Almond Nails

  • You have to grow your nails long for a perfect shape. Although it may look you weird and awkward to having such big nails. But don’t worry, it will not look as long and ugly after shaping up into almond shape nails.
  • Push cuticle back with the help of cuticle pusher at the time of manicure to get a little wider nail.
  • Start applying filer from one edge and equally to the other edge of nails. Then slightly make an elongated U curve. 
  • Follow these steps on your each nail slowly and carefully to avoid nail breakage, deshape and splits. Noe apply any of the nail art by taking the inspiration of above given ideas.
20 almond shape nail designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Do Almond Shaped Nails Break Easily?

Ans. Almond shape nails are sophisticated if they are long. Then you’ll have to take extra care of it to avoid breaking. If your almond nails are medium or short then chances are less of breakage in comparison to long.
You can follow the instructions and nail care routine described above to keep your almond nails healthy and beautiful. 

Q2.  What Nail Shape Is In For 2022?

Ans. Nail shapes are in for 2022 and trendy are flattened nails, oval nails, round nails and almond shape nails. You have to find at the time of trimming your nails which shape suits you perfectly as per your hand shape, your finger shape and your skin tone.
You can consider the advice of a beauty salon practitioner at the time of manicure that which nail shape will suite you the best.

Q3.  Are Almond Nails Trendy?

Ans. Yes, almond nails are trendy as of now and this shape is evergreen and all time favorite to fashion lovers. The reason behind is, your fingers look elongate and slim. It attracts more. You can try any nail art on it as you get a big canvas space. When you feel, you’re looking attractive, passively it increases your confidence as well.

Q4. Why Do People Have Almond Shaped Nails?

Ans. Almond shape nails elongates the appearance of your finger and slimmer too. By having it your hand looks more pretty, attractive, slim and enlarged. 

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