Relationship Between Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes USA 2021

What is the Relationship Between Obesity and type 2 Diabetes, it’s a big question. As we all know that Obesity is the mother of diseases, thus somewhere it plays a big role in the rising of Diabetes too. Here we study in detail why both Obesity and type 2 diabetes are interrelated?
These two diseases are very common worldwide and over 80% population is affected by these two in majority. To study about the Relationship between Obesity and type 2 Diabetes, we have to understand, what is Diabetes? in depth.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease of imbalance function of our endocrine system. There are so many glands in our body that produces several hormones, which are responsible to perform several tasks in our body. This whole system accumulatly is called Endocrine system.
Amongst all the glands, there is a gland, called Pancrease, that produces Insulin hormone. This insulin hormone’ s function is to control the sugar level in our blood.
But sometimes the production of insulin in pancrease either stops or very less than the normal, and then in this situation sugar level increases in our blood and this is called Diabetes.

What are the 3 types of Diabetes?

There are numerous reasons of getting Diabetic. Which are described under:
1st type, If you have a family history of type 2 Diabetes, then the risk factor increases by 7-8% in comparison to the normal person. And it is because of their genes.
2nd type, if you are under weight born, in studies it has seen, in your adulthood, your body increases glucose intolerance and type 2 Diabetes. However, in studies in U.S. it is found, if you change your lifestyle and includes some exercise in your routine then this risk delays.
3rd type, the third reason reason of type 2 Diabetes is Obesity. Your increasing body weight risks higher of affected by type 2 Diabetes. Body weight is actually measures by BMI (body mass index). If your BMI is above is above to 30, means you are overweighted, and if it increases upto 30 and above, then you are in a high risk of getting type 2 Diabetes. 
 Diabetes Type.        Risk factors 
1st. Type             –  Genetic, family history of Diabetes 
2nd. Type             – Low birth weight, menopause, pregnancy
3rd. Type               – Obesity, less physical activity 

Relationship Between Obesity and Diabetes 

Here we discuss about the Relationship between obesity and diabetes in depth. It has been observed that, Sometimes our body becomes insulin resistant, however the reason behind the insulin resistance is not yet confirmed. Thus the glucose produces in our body, by the digestion of food we eat, starts mixing in our blood in more quantity.
It is mostly seen that the person having type 2 Diabetes, majority of the fat accumulates in the tummy area and the person takes the shape of an apple
In several studies it is found that fat cells present at your abdomen area produces pro inflammatory chemicals, which leads to develop insulin resistance in your body. Thus your body losses it’s ability to response to the insulin.
If your body develops insulin resistance or less insulin produces by the pancrease in your body, in bothe cases glucose content increases in your blood. To control your blood sugar, it is necessary to perform physical exercise more to spend or burn the the excess amount of sugar to control your blood sugar level.
Due to the obesity you do not perform or less perform any physical activity, thus the fat cells start getting into your blood and leads to less responsive your body body to the insulin and losses the sensitivity to insulin. Then your system gets into a confusion and insulin does not activates and finally your blood sugar level goes higher and causes Type 2 Diabetes

How can Obesity and Diabetes be Prevented?

It is confirmed by the studies, that obesity and diabetes are interrelated. When we start either taking low carb food or do exercise to loosen our body weight it leads to cut down our blood glucose level also. As in both the cases, ultimately glucose level goes down, because when we do more physical activity and taking low carb food, then our body starts giving the fuel to body itself by consuming the excess glucose deposited in the form of fat.

FAQs about Diabetes. 

Q1.  What are the 4 symptoms of diabetes?
Ans. Following are major symptoms which seen first.
1. Urination very frequently. 
2. Numbness in hands and legs.
3. Feeling hunger every time, even after eating.
4. Tiredness and body ache all the time. 

Q2. How do you reverse Type 2 diabetes?
Ans. There is a myth around the world that type 2 diabetes can not be cured. Where as nature had given tremendous of herbs, which have the property to cure so many diseases permanently by Ayurveda. And all are described here in depth.
Q3. What foods can reverse diabetes?
Ans. There are numerous herbs which can be added to your food that have the property to cure diabetes. And their way to intake is also quite different.  They are:
1. Fenugreek seeds 
2. Bitter guard
3. Jambul fruit 
4. Aloe
5. Turmeric
6. Cabbage
7. Bottle gourd
8. Coconut
Q4. Can diabetes go away?
Ans. Yes, Diabetes can be cured permanently by Ayurvedic treatment. Just you have to Add some vegetables and herbs in your meal and you can live rest of your life without medication.

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