Why Does Hair Fall Out in the Shower- Scientific Reason & Solution

 Whenever you take shower and look at the sink at last you would saywhy does my hair fall out in the shower” in such a great volume. You get scared and start finding the solution to prevent your hair fall immediately. 

If you are the one and finding reasons and solution to prevent your hair fall, then you are at the right article, keep reading to the end— to find out why does my hair fall out in the shower” — the reason behind and the solution in ayurvedic way. 

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Topics we’ll cover here:

Stages of hair growth | Reasons of Hair fall | Self help guidelines to reduce hair fall | Home remedies | Ayurvedic treatments to prevent hair fall | Supplement to prevent hair fall 


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What are the Stages of Hair Growth?

Hair are made up of protein named alpha keratin. Hair Growth starts from inside the hair follicles, which we know as the root of hair. This is the only living part of the hair, all nutrients passes to the hair through dermal papilla cells present in the root. Rest of the hair strand is non living part.
There are three stages in the cycle of hair life:
1. Anagen:
Most of the hair (about 85-90% ) is in this stage. This is an active stage of hair, they grow and strengthen in this phase.
2. Catagen: 
This is the maturing phase of hair. After this stage life span of hair is completed and it’s moving towards decline.
3. Telogen: 
This is the last and final phase of hair cycle. Now hair will be shed off from the scalp. And this stage covers hair to degenerate around 5-10% of total hair volume.
If you shed off hair strand about 50-100 daily, it is normal as hair completed it’s life cycle and now they have to fall, it is clearly mentioned on Wikipedia.
Hair follicle
Hair falls, when they are in the telogen phase, but when this cycle disturbs then more hair go into telogen phase and you notice more hair fall.
Sometimes it’s nothing to worry but in some cases you need an expert advice. Depending on the triggers that have increased your hair loss.
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Reason of Hair Fall Out in the Shower

There are various reasons to hair fall out in the Shower, and if they fall out in the Shower means all that hair strands were at the telogen phase. While you are shampooing or conditioning, normally you rub a bit your hair… and hair falls and you look them on your sink clinging.
Again repeating, only those hair fall out in the shower which are at telogen phase. More hair fall…. means more hair enter to telogen phase.
 Here we have to find the reason, why more hair enter to telogen phase. We will discuss it below:


Stress is the fore most reason to enter a large number of hair to telogen phase and ultimately fall out. Whenever you face any emotional or stressor condition, not exactly then, but after 3-5 months you will see a cluster of hair fall out in the Shower, in your comb or even in your hand.
Not only in stress, it occurs after delivery, after any severe illness, medication, extreme weight loss. And this phase of hair fall starts after 3 months, when you feel now you are fit and fine.
As these hair went into telogen phase when you are disturbed either physically or emotionally and they have to shed off now from your scalp.

How Long you face Hair Fall Out in the Shower?

Well we have to understand the underlying causes first of all that triggers telogen effluvium thus hair fall and try to resolve them. After resolving the issue it will last upto 2-5 months.
But some times telogen effluvium continuous for years also, if the problem is not resolving and the patient is  physically or emotionally stressed for long time.

Self Help Guidelines to Reduce Hair Fall

There are some guidelines, you can follow yourself to prevent your hair fall out in the Shower, which I am going to describe below:
✔ First of all you keep yourself cheerful, just imagine what a big role hair plays to enhance your beauty and it’s your duty to protect them because you deserve to look beautiful. When you feel happy, your hair also looks lively.
✔ Hair Loss indicates imbalance activities in your mind.
✔ Another reason is cough. If you suffer from cold perpetually, you face Hair Fall and grey hair at early age. Let the cough, do not, accumulate in your head and don’t take your cold lightly. It could be the major reason of your hair fall. Just get rid of it as soon as possible.
✔ Treat your sinusitis without negligence.
✔ Just make sure that your digestive system work properly and keep it healthy.  As poor digestive system do not or less supports the absorption of nutrients present in the food you eat. This may be a hidden reason behind your body facing lacking of nutrients. Thus your hair too, and they start falling due to deficient supply of nutrients to them.
✔ Keep your liver healthy as a healthy liver leads to a healthy gastro digestive tract.
✔ Take a mild massage of your head regularly. It increases the blood circulation in your scalp and helps to revitalize it.
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Home Remedies to prevent hair fall out in the Shower

1. Aloe vera:

Aloe Vera is being used since the ancient time for the treatment of hair fall. It hydrates the scalp and helps to unpinch the hair follicles which are blocked due to excessive oil clogged in it. It is rich of antioxidants, you can extract aloe Vera gel from it’s leaf and after blending apply the pure form of this, 2-3 times in a week. If aloe Vera is not available to you, you can use shampoo, conditioner containing aloe Vera gel as a main ingredient.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut is one of the most effective component that provides nourishment to the hair as It contain fatty acid in it. This fatty acid penetrates into the root of hair and provide them extra protein and reduces protein loss from the hair.
Although researches are being conducted on the efficacy of coconut oil to treat hair fall. You can Coconut oil on your scalp and hair overnight or few hours before shampooing, if you have oily hair type. If your hair type is dry, you can apply it after shampoo also.

3. Onion Juice

Onion juice is also a natural stimulater of hair growth by enhancing he blood circulation, applying on the scalp. Although, it is very stinking, if you can bear the smell of it, you can take the advantage of it too.
All you have to do, just blend 2-3 onions (remember, the colour of onion should be deep red), squeeze it and apply it’s juice in root of hair…. leave it for atleast 15-20 minutes… wash with a mild shampoo.

 4. Lemon

Lemon juice stimulates the hair growth and hair quality. And it also protects your scalp from any fungal or algae infection, which could be the cause of your hair fall.
Squeeze out the juice of fresh lemon, dilute it with water (do not apply concentrated lemon juice) apply onto your scalp.. leave it for at least 15-20 minutes then wash it normally.

5. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds also helps in hair growth and in the prevention of hair fall.
You can soak one spoon of fenugreek seeds overnight and drink it’s water in the morning. Then you grind these soaked fenugreek seeds to prepare a paste. Now apply it on your scalp and wash it after at least 2 hours.
It will provide smoothness to your hair and strengthen too.

6. Almonds

Almonds provide inner nourishment to the hair as theses are antioxidants and containing omega-3 fatty  acids. Thus almond plays a good role I hair growth.
Soak 5-6 almonds overnight and peel them in morning then eat them. This should be done everyday to get good results.

7. Fish Oil

As we have seen omega-3 fatty acids help in hair growth from inner side of the body as essential nutrients and protein.
You can take supplements containing fish oil as thier ingredient as it will prevent your hair loss and give them good volume and strength too.

8. Seasonal Citric Fruits

Add some more seasonal citric fruits in your diet, like aamla, guava. They contain natural food protein which helps to prevent hair loss and nourish them.

9. Spinach

Spinach is a very good source of iron and plant protein which gives strength to the hair follicles and improves thier health. Thus stimulates hair growth and prevent hair fall.

10. Banana

Banana is a rich source of biotin. Biotin is kind of protein which is very essential to grow hair. Add at least 1-2 banana daily in your food to get volumetric hair and stop them falling out.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Hair Fall

There is an ayurvedic herb Bhrigaraaja know as keshraaja or ‘king of the hair’. It promotes the growth of hair on the head and makes them black and lustrous. 
It is the best known herb to effectively stop and reverse balding and premature greying of hair. It cools the brain and helps calm the mind from excessive activity, thus promoting sound sleep.
Bhringaraaja is taken internally in the form of powder. Mix one spoon of it’s powder in a glass of plain water and drink. 
And it is used externally also in the form of Bhringaraj oil. Massage your scalp with Bhringaraj oil. It is an excellent rejuvenator.


Supplements to Prevent Hair Fall

There are several supplements available in the market, which are effective in prevention of hair fall and hair regrowth. Some of the best supplements are described below :

1. Divine Locks complex supplement 

Divine locks is one of the best supplement that stimulates the regrowth of hair. It is consist of plenty of variety of sea weed. A d these sea weeds are being used in the traditional medicine throughout the world since long time ago.
Divine locks is manufactured in USA under FDA approved facility and is GMO Free. 
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Why Does Hair Fall Out in the Shower- Scientific Reason & Solution


2. Restolin

Restolin is another supplement consist of all natural and ayurvedic herbs. It stimulates the hair growth and is very effective in preventing hair fall.
It is also manufactured in USA under FDA approved facility and is GMO Free. No added harmful chemicals or any addictive component in it’s composition. 
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Why Does Hair Fall Out in the Shower- Scientific Reason & Solution

3. Hairfortin

Hairfortin is another supplement that has been consist of ingredients explained by the monks.
It is again manufactured in USA under FDA approved facility and is GMO Free. 
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Why Does Hair Fall Out in the Shower- Scientific Reason & Solution


Here I explained, in detail,why does hair fall out in the Shower.  To improve your hair quality try self help guidelines and home remedies explained. And just be creative yourself mix ingredients all together as much as you can to get good results. 
Keep in mind nothing is going to happen overnight, you have to follow them at least 3 months in regulation to get noticeable results. Keep yourself positive and stress free, it will give you additional advantage in your treatment.
The supplements suggested are reviewed at various platforms and sources available on the internet. Consult your physician to consume them.

Data sources

All the data explained here is taken from the reference of several books,  trusted sources available on internet like wikipedia, healthline, aafp.org, PubMed and some other websites.

I am a nutritionist, keep on researching on Ayurveda and naturopathy since years. Shares, effective Remedies and treatments in ayurveda. You will find all remedies & authentic research based Product Reviews for any disease or illness and for beauty. I'm dedicated to giving you the best of knowledge in natural way.

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